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The Feringhis have looted the country and laid it waste


The people are harassed greatly, O People;


They have taken all the riches of India,


And have sent them to England, O People;


These dacoits are looting us day and night,


The poor cultivators are starving, O People;


Good pay is paid to the White-man


To eat drink and be merry, O People;


All the rest soldiers, Sikhs or Muslims


Have only grams to eat, O People;


The white men shrink back on the battlefield,


Standing at a safe distance they issue orders, O People;


To fight and get killed, we are pushed to the front,


In Egypt, Africa and Persia, O People;


The English are not a great power,


Fight and defeat them, O People;


When will ye, Khalsa draw the sword?


And slay the White-man, O People;


Make preparation for mutiny soon


To destroy the rule of the tyrants, O People.

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