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Shabad In Dasam Granth?


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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Happy gurpurb! Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj!

does anyone have the translation for the shabad 'Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas' ?


Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Gurpurb di vadiyae!

I don't have a translation, however just for information sake, this shabd is not in the Dasam Granth. The series of shabds starting "Khalsa ke parshad kar sudh bid bos bandar" are the ones found within the Dasam Granth prior to the Shastar Naam Mala, commonly sung as "Inhe ke kirpa ke..."

Gur Fateh!


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'Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas' - isnt this shahbad in the Sarabloh Granth?

That;s what I've always been told (probably because most Amrit Kirtan Pothi reference it as such), however as Vijaydeep Singh has pointed out, this is not the case with the recently released Sarabloh Granth from the Buddha Dal.

Now for some this is simply a Buddha Dal issue, however let's look to original copies if we can get access, in the interim, it does pose an interesting paradox, for this shabd is frequently quoted by all Sikh Groups yet when it comes to other aspects of the Sarabloh Granth (within the same supposed section) such as Treh Mudra or Kes being a Kakkar, many are quick to point out that this is an unreliable text, yet they continue to chant this mantra to justify their other beliefs.

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Guest G.Kaur

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I received this e-mail today:


Jan 5th J

You think you have a hard life, read about one of the most inspirational souls that have visited this earth and still lives on


Send a card http://www.dgreetings.com/gurugobindsingh/

5th Guru Arjan Devji : “Pehlan maran Kabool, jeevan ki chhad aas. hao sabhna ki rainka tau aao hamare paas”, meaning - that, first, accept death, and give up all hopes of life, become the dust of the feet of all the creatures, then, and only then, come to us. (Sggs 1102).

Thus the nation initiated or founded by Guru Nanak in 1499 was given its complete shape and form by Guru Nanak in his Tenth form in 1699. The Qaum got its last lesson at the Baisakhi of that year. From 1699-1705 the Tenth Master put his Khalsa to several tests. In one battle after another, thousands of Khalsa laid down their lives at the behest of Guru Gobind Singhji to give proof after proof that Khalsa has overcome the fear of death. The Khalsa thus passed with glory and Guru Gobind Singhji became ecstatic when he wrote his Zafarnama or Letter of Victory, to Aurangzeb. In the same victorious and ecstatic mood Guru Gobind Singhji eulogized the Khalsa :

“Khalsa mero roop hai khas,

khalsey mein haun karo nivas,

khalsa mero mukh hai anga,

khalsey ke haun sud sud sanga”,

Khalsa is my own special form, I am ever p

resent in the Khalsa. Khalsa is part and parcel of my body, I ever abide in the Khalsa.

“Khalsa meri jaat aur pat,

Khalsa so ma ku utpat.

Khals mere bhavan bhandara,

khalsa kar mero satkara.”

Khalsa is my caste and honour, I have risen from the Khalsa. Khalsa is my main treasure, Khalsa is responsible for my honour.

“Khalsa mero dharam ur karam, khalsa mero bhed nij maram”

Khalsa mero satgur poora, khalsa mero sajan soora."

Khalsa represents my faith and deed, Khalsa is my distinct personal mystique. Khalsa is my complete True Guru, Khalsa is my brave and noble friend.

“Khalsa akal purakh ki fauj,

pragteo khalsa paramatam ki mauj.”

Khalsa is the army of God, the Akal Purakh, Khalsa has appeared at the pleasure of the Supreme Being.

“Jab lag khalsa rahe niara, tub lug tej dio maen saara

Jab eh gahe bipran ki reet,, maen na karo in ki parteet”.

Upto the time Khalsa maintains its distinctiveness, I shall shower all types of fame and splendour on it. If it (Khalsa) starts following the Brahmanical practises, then I will not recognise them.

“Atam ras je janhi, so hai khalis dev.

Prabh mai, mo mai, taas mai, ranchak nahen bhev.”

He who has experienced self-realisation is the exalted Khalsa, there is not the slightest difference between Akal Purakh, myself and the Khalsa.

“Save kari inhi bi bhaavat, aur ki save suhat na ji ko.

Daan dio inhiko bhalo, ur aan ko daan na lagat niko.”

I like serving only them, I do not appreciate serving others, offering made to them only are worthwhile. Offerings to others do not appeal to me.

“Judh jitai in hi ke parsad, inhi ke parsad su daan kare.

Agh augh tare inhi ke parsad, inhi kripa phun dhaam bhare.”

I have won battles by their grace, only by their grace I have done any good, by their (Khalsa's) grace I have overcome all wickedness, and by their goodwill only my house became virtuous.

The Khalsa about whom Guru Gobind Singhji offered aforesaid eulogies, and who is the ve

ry image of Guru Gobind Singh, is that body of realised souls whose ascendancy and sovereignty is mentioned in the daily Ardas of the Sikhs.

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

thanks for getting the translation gurjeet S/K!

when i heard this shabad on the radio, im sure the part 'khalsa mero janeh ki jaan' was mentioned, which hearing this amazed me! Urm, but in this part of the shabad I cant see in the translation which Gurjeet S/K has given.

bhul chuk maff,


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Khalsa mero roop hai khaas.

The Khalsa is my complete image

Khalse maih hau karo nivaas.

I dwell in the khalsa

Khalsa mero mukh hai ang-aa.

Khalsa is my chief organ

Khalse ke hau sadh sadh sang-aa.

I am always with the khalsa

Khalsa mero mitr sakhaa-ee

Khalsa is my closest friend

Khalsa maat pitaa sukhdaa-ee

Khalsa is my mother, father & source of all comforts.

Khalsa meri jaat ar pat.

Khalsa is my caste & creed.

Khalsa sau maa kau utapat.

My creation is through the khalsa

Khalsa mero bhavan bhand-aa-raa.

I dwell in the khalsa who is a storehouse of all my requirements.

Khalse kar mero satk-aa-raa.

I am honoured because of the khalsa.

Khalsa mero pind par-aan.

Khalsa is my body & breath.

Khalsa meri jaan ki jaan.

Khalsa is my life & soul

Khalsa mera satgur poor-aa

Khalsa is my full-fledged Guru.

Khalsa mera sajan soor-aa.

Khalsa is my brave friend.

Khalsa mero budh ar giaan.

Khalsa is my wisdom & knowledge.

Khalse ka hau dhar-au dhiaan.

I always contemplate the khalsa prayerfully

Upmaa khalsae jaath na kahi

Eulogy of the khalsa is beyond me.

Jihv-aa ek paar nah lahi.

I cannot fathom full praise of the khalsa with one tongue.

Ya mai ranch na mithe-aa bhaakh-ee.

I certify that I have not mis-stated anything in the foregoing.

Paarbrahm gur Nanak saak-ee.

God & Guru Nanak are my witnesses to endorse the foregoing truth.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sarb Loh Granth, (MS), 519-526.

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Gurpurb di vadiyae!


The series of shabds starting "Khalsa ke parshad kar sudh bid bos bandar" are the ones found within the Dasam Granth prior to the Shastar Naam Mala, commonly sung as "Inhe ke kirpa ke..."

Gur Fateh!

(AK 294) Savaiya

-Judh jite inhee ke prasaad

Inhee ke prasaad so daan kare

It is through the actions of the Khalsa that I have been victorious, and have been able to give charities to others.

-Agh augh tare inhee ke prasaad

Inhee kripa phun dhaam bhare

It is through their help that I have overcome all sorrows and ailments and have been able to fill my house with treasures.

-Inhee ke prasaad so bidiya layee

Inhee kee kripaa sabh satra mare

It is through their grace that I have got education, and through their assistance I have conquered all my enemies.

-In hee kee kripaa ke saje ham hain

Naheen mo se gareeb karor pare

It is through their aid that I have attained this status, otherwise there are millions of unknown mortals like me.

(mohaasaa) Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Dasam Paathshaah on Pannaa 1

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