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Stereotypes about Sikh guys

Guest Sikh

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4 minutes ago, justasking said:

yea mostly punjbis killin punjabis but they did wipe out a crew of somalis who tried to set up shop in surrey general rule is  do buisness wit other races but make them bottom feeders or crash test dummys

What goes around come around. That whole generation is going to wreck itself banging like that. Messy. Low level. 


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1 minute ago, dallysingh101 said:

It's a tricky slope. 

Whoever dominates those industries have financial power, and hordes of the indigs up their ar5e.  

There are ways to compartmentalize and be trusted. It protects you the most. It's a no win game. You're selling the drugs for the man and he's going to pick you when you're ripe. 

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We'd be better off running private security and paramilitary firms and just knocking off these criminals on the side. 

And there are ways that we can create gangs that actually are gangs but they don't have to rely on crime. 

Like running an actual protection service not racket. 

Ganging up and working for money, then cooking Langar together. 

Just because you need to hustle doesn't mean you have to graft. 

What do these kids need?

Nihang Faujs. 

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