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Well. I've been listening to H. G. Tudor for several days and I'm sold. I'm going to start paying for a few of his services as I can. I won't pirate his exact material, but whatever I buy I will pass on here in some form. 

Some things, like his personal responses and evaluations are individualized so that would only be so applicable to others. 

I'll share whatever I get though and we maybe we mix up our own little version for Paanthic uses. That's even legitimate in the spirit of religous, not for profit, educational use of copywritten material. 

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On 1/20/2022 at 11:11 AM, Premi5 said:

Is narcissism and being 'religious' or 'spiritual' mutually exclusive ?

As people suggested before, I personally feel that narcissism and being dharmic with it's emphasis on self-reflection, honesty and focus outside of just the individual can't co-exist. They are mutually exclusive. 

But any social setting where people can get status and 'respect' or 'fuel' for narcs, will attract them. They will manipulate their image to feed of the sangat.  

If a lot of narcs become this way due to some malfunction of the area(s) of their brains that normally feels/processes empathy and compassion, I think this makes them incapable of higher abstract thought to understand these things and how they relate to a spiritual worldview?   

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