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Well that backfired! Indian minister, 48, drinks dirty water from 'holy' river polluted with sewage to show locals it's safe... before he's rushed to hospital after falling ill

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24 minutes ago, 5aaban said:

I get what you're trying to say. I don't like the bright, heavily decorated look of Chaddra that Bhangra people wear, it looks terrible. I don't support Bhangra, gigs or alcoholism at all. 

I like the look if its worn as an actual every day garment, rather than a decorated silly costume. And they weren't brightly coloured back in the days. They were usually all plain white or beige. 

Similar to this



I get you sis, but boy, that whole look has a legacy and history now (at least in the UK with street-smart people). It represents something very bad now.  And I know, it's doing the same damage in Canada and the US as we speak. It's just some UK guys were quick to see the issues compared to others I guess. 

I think we need to move away from Panjabi-ism and more into a Sikh worldview as a community. I think the former is woefully inadequate for our future in the 21st century, unless we want to remain third world, underdeveloped pendus who are incapable of developing themselves through their own merits and efforts.    


PS - I don't think most apnay ever had any real sense of decorum or restraint, when it came to choosing colours for clothing. They seem to think the more bright the better,and it's even better if they can manage to  coordinate their shirts colour with their paghs.............

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Disgusting! He's also rolling out a new initiative to clean up Panjab's rivers. The state of rivers in Panjab is very saddening. Ravi river is the most polluted in the world (although most of it

Our community really lacks educated/intellectual people. By educated, I don't mean having a PhD or speaking English but people who really understand our issues, how to approach them and think long ter

Well explained. I can't emphasise this enough but majority of Panjabis/Sikhs are driven by short-term gains. Many of the problems facing Panjab's environment and people are a result of their own actio

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On 7/26/2022 at 8:31 AM, proudkaur21 said:

what is surprising is that despite repeated warnings of Punjab becoming a desert, majority of the people dont care.  I guess this is what a dead conscience is.

People are slowly becoming aware but look at this documentary on water crisis, it barely has any views compared to songs which recieve millions within a day. Shows Panjab's priorities. 

The groundwater in Abohar region of Fazilka district has always been brackish, with high fluoride content. It is unfit for farming and drinking. People of the region are heavily dependent on water from Rajasthan feeder canal that originates from Harike confluence of Satluj- Beas rivers. Due to water pollution of Buddha Naala and hence Satluj and canal waters, the people of villages around Abohar are suffering damages to their crops, and there is a rise in the number of cancer patients. In Dharang wala itself, there are around 40 disabled children.

Water Crisis in Abohar: A Documentary on Social Cost of Toxic Waters

July 27, 2022 | By Sikh Siyasat Bureau


Punjab is facing multidimensional water crisis. South West Malwa region of Punjab is facing acute crisis of clean potable water. Ground water in this region is saline and not fit for use.

The region was largely dependent on canal water for drinking, irrigation and household use. But now canal water is contaminated with harmful industrial chemical and cities’ sewerage.

This documentary by Trolley Times shows on plight of people of Abohar.

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