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Wicked Artistic Picture Of Khalsa Warrior

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I have read about a prophecy that such a painting did exist but I believe it was lost like this one! The prophecy goes on to state that a different painting depicts a spiritual warrior with a blue dastaar is the key to finding the wax crayon picture. It also says something along the lines that at the time two historians will rise and take it upon themselves to find out the truth and although some people will think these historians are mad, the truth will bring all to fall at their feet.
Everyone who visits this topic should be sure to save it onto their computer. This is history in the making.
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Start communication.

With the dawn of a new year I must take it upon myself to resurrect H4RPAL and breathe new life into this award winning thread.

H4RPAL if you don’t wake up by the next full moon I shall have won the race. That is unless you want to go on till January 2009 where we shall reassess the situation?

I shall make contact via the radio picture device within the next fortnight.

End communication.

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