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Sant Mani Singh Ji (UK) Jeevni (biography)


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  • 9 years later...

Sangat ji, daas found this post on Facebook. Please do take some time to read ??

Inspiring story of an encounter with Sant Mani Singh Ji who was aged 17 at the time and known as Resham Singh.

He was the first one we met who really inspired and helped us. In about Nov 1987, we were 18 at the time and knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about God, except that God was the True Love. Our punjabi was rubbish, we understood none of the GurBani, we knew none of the rituals or ceremonies except what we saw our mum do at home and at the gurdwara - which was very boring and strange as far as we could gather. However we had become broken hearted and all we thought at that time was to meet God we had to give our head and get initiated. We had just started living away from home for the first time and had become very sad and lonely and reading Japji paat slowly along with the meanings in our little room at Uni. We just took Sikhi Pahul (initiation) at a local Gurdwara understood absolutely nothing of what they said or told me to do, but just inside we said to God we give you our head now, now you take care of everything. A few weeks later we were on the bus. trying to get to the Cape Road gurdwara where we got initiated, but missed the stop and ended up at another Gurdwara in smethwick. On the way home we waited at the bus stop and Sant Mani Singh Ji was also there. At that time his name was still Resham Singh. He was dressed like a Nihang in blue uniform, blue turban and 3 foot long sword. We greeted him and to our surprise found he spoke in english and could answer all of our questions. We ended up spending the whole day with him, we loved being with him. He was one year younger but knew so much, was very kind and had so much faith - almost crazy faith. He was trying to get to a religious programme on the other side of Birmingham, but didnt exactly know how to get there.

So we took buses and ended up walking alot. He talked and walked right across the roads without even checking if cars were coming or not, with me frantically looking both ways. At times he paused to see which way to go, and we said lets just ask someone, he said that he only had faith in the Guru and didnt need to ask anyone. So we kept following him and got there eventually. He told us he had spent some time in 1984 with Sant Bhindrawale and now he was back he was required to go to college, but he had no interest or motivation for that. We had no interest or motivation in doing our university course either at that time, but our Dad used to motivate us that its important to work and raise a family etc like the Guru is. So we told these kind of things to Resham ji, but he wasn't interested at all in pursuing that kind of life - he was already well on his path. He was so strict, he would keep his turban on when going swimming, he did not care at all what people thought of him or said to him about how he looked - he was true to his guru that was all that mattered. He told us that the Nanaksar Gurdwara had young monks who stayed there permantly and they were trying to recruit him too - but he just wanted to do His simran. He would go there in the early hours to do simran and they would bug him, so he was going through all kinds of tests. We bumped into Him a few times with Gods grace over the next year. He told us a sad story about one of the Gursikhs who he treated as a father - he was murdered by his own family. The GurSikh was devout and even knew that he was going to die in that way. When the time came his son started arguing with him at the top of the staris and pushed him down. He died, the son and mother panicked and bundled his body in to the boot of the car to dump it in a field, but they got caught stopped on the side of the motorway. He ended up with the keys to the house. He was already well engrossed in the world of relgious people and groups and was already on the way of going beyond it.

We saw him once again briefly at a camp, he was a Sant, very confident, he knew what he was and had a completely different aura about him - that was around 1996. After reading his lifestory below we now realise he had become a true lover of God he had realised SatNaam. Here is a quote from below.

"Muslim Sufis invented ninety-nine names of God that are so beautiful, but why not a hundred?
Ninety-nine looks a bit incomplete. There is a certain reason the hundredth name is kept silent and that is the true name of God, which of course can't be uttered. That is why Guru Nanak said 'Satnam'. Your name is thee truth. But in reality you can't utter it because it will lose its' beauty. It remains un-uttered at the deepest core of the heart. What is God's true name? Nobody knows that all the names are man's creation. The true name of God is the existence that surrounds you." !

We were so lucky to have been blessed with His sangat even for a blessed day at the beginning of his journey. Although we also remember him telling us that he had been a Sant in his last four lives as well. And when he had returned to India he had gone to people's houses who were past disciples and got copies of the photos of himself in those four lives. We think he died young in all those lives. We were also told that he knew he was going to die young in this life

Amazing soul, glad we crossed his path even for a day, we were so inspired to follow the path like he was 100%, full faith in Guru in even the smallest daily acts, no care for worldy money or job or status. But our destiny is our own, our path has taken longer, but he was already super blessed from past lives.


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3 hours ago, Akalidilsidaksingh said:

Could you ask them if they remember any incident or bachan with Baba Mani Singh Jee

Sadly they don't remember. They actually had no idea that he became who he became until I showed them. My grandmother only knew him as Resham Singh so this was way before he became Baba Mani Singh Ji. They did note he was different as he would always be walking around Smethwick in his bana. 

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