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Are You Ready Folks?  

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  1. 1. Are You Ready Folks?

    • 1. Yep, anytime soon?
    • 2. To take by next year?
    • 3. In near future?
    • 4 Never,mayb when older

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i keep saying next year next year. im such an <banned word filter activated> i cant beleive myself. I keep saying im gonna start practicing getting up at amritvela, but i aint doin jack, i barely get one japji sahib done nowadys.

I do that as well, I always say "I will do this" and "I will do that" but i never get round to it! lol.

But, your doing a fantastic job without knowing it. You’re trying.

Some people have the time and don't use it, and take each day for granted.

I respect you for trying, and I’m sure Guru Ji are also happy.

ive actually only recently started growing my hair and stopped eating meat but i hope to take amrit in the nxt 2 or 3 years

WOW, that’s fantastic! It's nice to see Sikhi flourish! Keep it up. :TH:

Good Luck for the future both of you! :wub:

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when amrit is taken...or any commited towards the Divine...dont 'think' if it turn out to be a 'profitable' venture..dont invlove ur mind in it...dont calculate the pros and cons of it....dont juss create a 'balance sheet' out of it...juss jump into it without thinking...dont thik of the consequnces...dont make a 'business' outta it...mind u.....ur giving ur head....and religion is for Gamblers not for businessman..who alwasys think of 'profit'............jusss plunge into this wordl and u will looose nufifin.

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ive actually only recently started growing my hair and stopped eating meat but i hope to take amrit in the nxt 2 or 3 years





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On 8/24/2005 at 2:40 AM, guruji's_student said:

AWWW... GOOD LUCK GUYS!!... with kirpa me took amrit 1 week ago ... trust me dnt delay it any further

make 2morrow 2DAY!!

I know this post and topic is from 2005, the year I was born. When I read forums like this, I cry alot because I still haven't been blessed with amrit. This daat is literally on my mind every day. Every day. I'm crying alot now because i really hope maharaj blesses this paapi with amrit. The joth in me dying for it. Maharaj kirpa karan. God knows how many times I have created a forum talking about me wishing to be blessed with amrit. My lots of pyaar to all those gursikhs that have taken amrit and keeping a rehat. Lots of pyaar to those that are like me crying to take amrit everyday. Lots of pyaar to everyone. Maharaj kirpa karan that everyone will be blessed with amrit.

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    • Anyone know the history behind the compilation of Rehraas Sahib. Was just wondering because to my knowledge it wasn't written by Guru Sahib explicitly as it was a compilation of many different banis. Also if someone should shed some light on the history behind why there are different versions, I know the British shortened Chaupai Sahib...   Bhul Chuk Maaf ji 🙏
    • This young nihang knows amazing shastar vidya. He says that when he does shastar abhiyaas, devi devte and shaheed Singhs teach him many knew techniques but the shastar vidiya knowledge of shaheed Singhs is much superior compared to devi devte. He also says that shastar vidiya is an infinite knowledge and one always keeps on learning new techniques.
    • We all know that many Gursikhs hv had darshan of all 10 Guru Sahibaan from Guru Granth Sahib ji. There is a young gupt nihang Singh who does lots and lots of paath of Dasam Granth Ji and Sarbloh Granth Ji. He says that he has had darshan of Dasmesh Pita and great Gursikhs like Baba Deep Singh from the saroop of Dasam Granth Ji and Sarbloh Granth Ji. Dhan Dasam Guru Darbaar! Dhan Sarbloh Guru Darbaar!
    • most treat their bibles like ordinary books , but true believers would have a clean place seperate from other books
    • Try to understand Sikhi philosophy. You can do.that 2 ways: read gurbani with english meanings so you can understand it.  And read sikh history especially about great gursikhs who have lived sikh philosophy.  I am telling you this truthfully,  no other religion has a great history or philosophy as Sikhi. Sometimes, I too get enticed by other religions, because having grown up with Sikhi, it seems mundane. But other religions look good from the outside but are khokhle, hollow and i have to come back to sikhi.  Come on, what other religion advocated for gender equality, freedom of religion and condemned slavery? And advocated for meditation and vegetarian? All the things modern ppl are rediscovering? Yes Hinduism fits the bill for most of these but they had serious issues. Anyways check out basics of sikhi youtube channel.  I think you would enjoy his debates with other religions and his street parchaar. Also google and read about sikh converts. Their zeal may inspire you.  And read books by great sikh writers. Most are available in English.  Writers like bhai veer singh,  karam singh historian.  Bhai randheer singh.  Bhai Ranbir singh. All of their books are available in English free online.  Just Google.   
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