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Do you have to sleep with your kirpan?

When is it ok to take of the kirpan?

just wondering bout u Sikhs who have taken Amrit


Yeah sleep with the kirpan on.

It is never ok to take it off. We might justify saying its ok to take it off while traveling by air... but it isn't okay... it is sumthing we are being forced to do.

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i've been told to treat the kirpaan as APART of our own body... sum1 once said to me 'do u take ur arm off when u sleep'... i's the same thing... kirpan is the most important part of your body.... should never come off... unless in dire circumstances i.e. the one mentioned above - airplane...

anywhoo... if ur amritdhari.... should be kept on u at ALL times... and must be respected to the utmost....

hope that helps..

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it wont melt away if it reacts wid H2O LOL.gif

I recently read a book of Rehit Maryada. It ses taht if u washing ur boidy, tie the kirpan up onto ur head.. n wen washing hair tie to your body (NOT on2 kachera!!)

anyway i also read that wen u part frm ur kakar u shouldn eat/drink. i min its lyk u wont be happy 2 part from a body part will u? same wid kakars huna..

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Do u take it off in the shower?


i tie my kirpan around my dastar.... i also wear a mini kirpan on a string around my neck ... so i usually have 2 kirpans on me at all times... unless i'm doin kesi ishnaan where i only wear the one on the string... 'cause then my other one gets rusted...

for bibia who don't wear dastars... i know that most of them wear the string kirpan around their neck when takin a shower...

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