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Guest _singh ji_

wahguru ji ka khalsa wahguru ji ki fateh.

when i go to sleep i usually wear a smaller kirpan,remember thou to put the smaller one one before you take off the bigger kirpan so that way it never leaves your body,and when i take shower i put my kanga and kirpan into my keski and make sure it wont fall out then tie my keski around my stomach and this works for me and i know many singhs and kaurs who do the same. :nihungsmile:

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I believe that if you are spiritual enough you would understand the meaning of wearing kirpan all the time. If you can't understand the reason why kirpan as well as other 4k's to be worn all the time then i would suggest you to wait for amrit ceremony until you completely understand the reason behind it. Sometime its hard to explain the reasons behind such stuff because everyone here is on different spiritual level. So, if you really wanna know then follow gurus path and if god willing, you will be blessed with the knowledge. Iam not blessed with the knowledge but trying without complaining is the only the way to get the knowledge (works for me) :)

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sangat ji a question .. say if you need to show somebody ure kirpan can u pull it out toshow (obv not using it)



I don't know what rehit everybody here is following, but I choose to offer the utmost respect to my kakkars. For me (and this is only me, in the case of this forum) that means removing them with discretion.

For me it would be a BIG dishonor to my 5 k's if I regarded them as a hinderance rather than gifts. It would be an even BIGGER dishonor if I was harmed by my own kakkars. This happened once with my kirpan, it was a very close call. Since then I play sports with my kirpan nearby. I also woke up one time and I could barely walk, I had a major charlie horse and huge bruise from sleeping on my kirpan. This disrespect was too great and I decided to keep my kirpan near my bed. There is only one kakkar that IS part of your body and that is your hair. Only certain jethas and groups follow the super strict rehit of keeping the 5 kakkars at all times. The agreement upon recieving Amrit is to STRIVE to keep your 5 kakkars at all times. If we were not allowed to remove them with discretion it would be a kurehit, which it is not.

I will not debate this topic because my views come from my love for the Guru and my deep respect for my 5 kakkars. I already know how many disagree with my views, so I do not wish to hear it again. In other words I'm not here to debate, I'm just stating an opinion that has not yet been seen here. Good luck with your choice.

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