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Do u take it off in the shower?


i tie my kirpan around my dastar.... i also wear a mini kirpan on a string around my neck ... so i usually have 2 kirpans on me at all times... unless i'm doin kesi ishnaan where i only wear the one on the string... 'cause then my other one gets rusted...

for bibia who don't wear dastars... i know that most of them wear the string kirpan around their neck when takin a shower...




Well, I have small kirpan on string with a kangha all the time with me. Second kangha in kesh. While taking shower, I have small kirpan and kangha on string and sleep just like that and put on big kirpan later.

Stay in chardikalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jio!!!!!!!




the kirpan on a string, isnt a real kirpan, its liek a 'model kirpan' a replica kirpan, but its not a kirpan, those things are pretty recent when it comes to being used as kirpans, i wouldnt recommend it... in the shower there are ways to keep ur big kirpan dry, if u cant manage get a 2nd kirpan of reasonable size for the shower...

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i don't think ur in the position to say what IS and ISN'T a kirpaan... the whole reason why people ( or at least me) wear the one around the string is because i don't want my big one to get wet and rusted .... the only time i take the big one off is when i do kesi ishnaan... otherwise i alwayz tie it around my dastar when i take a shower.. when i do kesi ishnaan i also attach my kanga to my string kirpaan... my shower kirpaan is still decent size... i's about 4 inches or so.. anywayz... tha's how i do!

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I know some singhniz especially.. dont know abt the singhs tho, but anyways they wear a belt TYPE kirpan. I seen one.. and there pretty cool. Instead of having your shirts with holes poked through them or ripped, this instead goes around your waist.. and its non-noticiable So ppl wont know if your wearing one or not BUT you are tho.. It's good if your like going to school or work.. or doing outdoor activities. :TH:

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i wear a 9-inch at all times... never had a problem when i'm sleeping or playin sports or nething...


Well.... it may not bug you if your like an adult.. but for a pre-teen or younger it would be a promblem cuz tehre way to big for them.. especially while sleeping! Just a comment from my experiences..

Bhul Chuk Maff!

Fuati jio

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