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Could You Remove Kes By Asking The Panj First?


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this may sound stupid, but here it goes....

some people i have met in my life are one day keen to take amrit, i have no idea when as i am not them. but one of the reasons why they are not willing to take this step is either because they have a huge bush growing between their eyebrows or they have really horrible nose hairs, or some other reason in which in early life kids decided to tease and kinda bully them for it. because of the fact they were dissed when they were younger (say like 11), this has psycologically damaged them. because of having hair they wish they never had, (and they are now 19-20). they were wondering if they could get the panj piares permission to remove their hair (from the root) and then respectfully put it somewhere, on the grounds it would boost their confidence (should they decide to take amrit).

would they be allowed to confront the panj on this or would the panj just throw this back at there faces?

gustaphi maaf

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vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh !!

Well im guesing no ... as the panj pyaareh wil surely belive not to remove the kesh .. so it wil be wrong for them to tell somebody that they can remove their kes !! .. even if that means taking amrit after

as it wil be wrong.. and im sure they wud say NO!


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