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i reacken if your surnane is SINGH

then call it VAN HELL...

. rolleyes.gif






please call him/her a name which u can not cut down/make shorter..

my parents called me 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,0,11 letters long and up to now NOBODY has called me

by my name not even my parents cos it such a mouthful EVERY ONE CALL ME raju..............

where that came no one knows...

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right ur gona get all my outta UK bache (family) names:

Harkirat Singh

Upkar Singh

Daljeet Kaur

Dilraj Singh

Mantej Singh

Japjeet Kaur

Ravneet Singh

Gunveet Kaur

Bhavneet Kaur

Nimrath Kaur

Gehareen Kaur

Fateh Singh

Ardaas Kaur

Harmail Singh

Amanjot Singh

Gurvinder Kaur

Gursimar Kaur

Preetam Singh

Sukhpal Singh

Sukhdev Singh

Jarnail Singh

Kartar Kaur


These names are just made up (or remembered) while waitin for a bus:

Bhadhar Singh <<< i think thats a sikk name for a baby Singh

Naamras Singh / Kaur

Salok Singh / Kaur

Gursikh Singh / Kaur

Gurmukh Singh / Kaur

Naamdath Singh / Kaur

Sukhdath Singh / Kaur

Jarnail Singh

thats all...for now... grin.gif Congraztz tho Bhenj!! best tell us what you name baby Singh / Singhni'h!!!!

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Fateh to all

Im expecting a little Singhani or Singh end of this month, and just wondered if sangat could suggest some baby names, dunno what letter cos still have to take hukamnaama, but can't wait so er posted this cos it'll help so pleaaase post any names..they gotta be reaaaaally cool though, lol, lots of competition nowadays! :)





I suggest :

Simranjit Singh / Simran Kaur

Prabhjot Singh / Prabhleen Kaur

May you be blessed with a healthy child with good karmas..

Bhul chuk maaf karni ji!

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wooo my name keeps appearin!

i think da names aman, suman, jeevan, bhavan, bhajan are all good. lol, i seem 2 hav a thing 4 names endin in n.

names endin in a sound quite pretty 2 4 girls.

but u shud b careful wot u name a kid cos of da way it may b pronoucned by goreh, plus sum names r a bit old fashioned so if u usd them it soundz a bi wierd lol

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Beautiful Sikh Names

A: Kaur: Agamjot

Singh: Akal, Agamjot, Akaljot

B: Kaur: Brahmvir

Singh: Brahmvir

C: Kaur: Chamkaur, Chitleen

Singh: Chamkaur

D: Kaur: Dhann

Singh: Dharamveer

E: Kaur: Eshleen

Singh: Eshvarveer

F: Kaur: Fateh

Singh: Fateh

G: Kaur: Gianleen

Singh: Gianveer

H: Kaur: Harnam

Singh: Harnek

I: Kaur: Indirpreet

Singh: Ikroop, Indirveer

J: Kaur: Jangjeet

Singh: Jangjeet, Japbir, Jasveer

K: Kaur: Karampreet, Khushpreet

Singh: Keerat, Karam

L: Kaur: Livleen, Livpreet, Livroop

Singh: Livtar Livpreet

M: Kaur: Mastveer

Singh: Mastveer

N: Kaur: Noor

Singh: Narveer, Noor

O: Kaur: Onkar

Singh: Omaha

P: Kaur: Prabhnoor, Premleen

Singh: Prithvi, Prithviraj

R: Kaur: Roopjot

Singh: Ranveer

S: Kaur: Saroop

Singh: Sundarveer

T: Kaur: Tegh

Singh: Triman

U: Kaur: Ujjalroop

Singh: Udai, Uttamveer

V: Kaur: Veer

Singh: Veer

Y: Kaur: Yadleen

Singh: Yadvinder

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