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What's The Best Hair Oil?

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I use coconut oil for my hair....

Anyways for my body I use johnsons baby oil - does it really give white hair....you see sometimes when I am lazy I am not bothered to heat the coconut oil so I use Johnsons instead so I would like to know...

Also another thing I was talking about this to my friend. Basically we both use oil. She uses oil before she showers. So she keeps it in her hair for an hour beforehand and then washes it out. I however use it after I have showered so I do not wash it out. Whats the right way?

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Fateh Ji,

I think coconut oil is the best to use in your hair since when you apply it to your scalp it helps to rehydrate a dry and itchy scalp. The best thing to do is: hot the oil (this can even be heated by just simply placing the bottle on your gas heater or even the thavaa!! doesnt take too long to melt!) and then massage it to your scalp (preferably by your mum, yay!!). Then leave it for about 30mins or longa even and wash it out using standard shampoo. It is also said that you shouldnt you shampoo and conditioners in 1 since they are not good for your hair!! but newayz coconut oil does leave your hair feelin soft and scalp much more hydrated and dandruff free!! but rememba coconut oil does sumtimes have a tendency to turn white once it cools down, best to wash it as soon as you can!!itll save you alot of hassle!! :D

Fateh Ji

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Aamlaa rocks, rest all stinks...lol

naaaa JOHNSONS BABY OIL rocks..


wjkk wjkf

jonsons baby oil is only for the babies who are still in diapers.... lol. now i know why you love it so much...hmm hmm... hahaha

oh! i heard you are suffering from hydrophobia, so when you go and have a ishnaan in water? lol

wjkk wjkf

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Ghane mulayam kale baal

Khile khile matwale baal

Dabar aamla kesh tel!

Resham sa ehsaas jage

Chehra kitna khaas lage..

Dabar Amla kesh Tel.!

Ting ting ting ting ting tiding!

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