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Photos Of Sants And Sikh Personalities


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Some may approve or disapprove of these photos. You may wish to make your views known but i thought i would share a number of photos with you that i have.

The following photo is of Baba Kuldeep Singh Ji of Hazoor Sahib who have the upkeep of the Shasters at the Takhat


Bhai Balbir Singh Ji being honoured by the prime minister of India Bhai Manmohan Singh Ji


Bhai Balbir Singh Ji being honoured by the president of India


The Mandir which the Lord turned to face Bhagat Namdev


Sant Sukha Singh Karnal Walae, Sant Davinder Singh Shahabpur Walae and Swami Parmanand Ji 'Giri'


Sant Sukha Singh Karnal Walae, Sant Davinder Singh Shahabpur Walae and Swami Parmanand Ji 'Giri' in the blooming fields of Shahabpur, Taran Taaran


Sant Sukha Singh Karnal Walae and Swami Parmanand 'Giri' at a samagam with a number of Swami Ji's followers in the background


Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt


A list of personalities in this photo. Giani Hardeep Singh Ji Hazoor Sahib Walae, Swami Parmanand 'Giri', Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawae Walae, Sant Avtar Singh Ji Badni Kalan Walae, Bhai Balbir Singh Ji Damdami Taksal, Bhai Resham Singh Ji Damdami Taksal


VERY VERY RARE - Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae standing with Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindrawalae


Sant Ram Singh Ji Nanaksar Walae and Swami Parmanand Ji 'Giri'


Sant Sukha Singh Ji Karnal Walae


Swami Parmanand Ji 'Giri' at a younger age


Swami Parmanand Ji 'Giri' and Sant Sukha Singh Ji Karnal Walae


Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt sitting in a boat


Hope you have enjoyed these

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my damily follows baba dalel singh ji's teachings and these pictures have never been seen :s

Waheguroo ji ka khalsa, waheguroo ji ki fateh

Follow the Gurus teachings, that way we cant go wrong. Look how many followed that Baba Maan Singh, if those people had followed the Gurus teachings and not people, then the panth will be in a better state. Enough followed the Baba Ranjit Singh even he made mistakes. Dont forget the guru is the only perfect one. These Babeh arnt to be blamed but it is us who pamp them up. Let them do there abhiyaas and now lets do ours, lets follow our gurus teachings.

I know you probably didnt mean to writen the above quote, but its something that I thought needs to be realised becuase a lot of people are falling in to that trap. Remember guru is perfect and we need to get inspired by following his hukam.

Sorry if anything said has hurt any one.

Great Pictures, love the one of Baba Dalel Singh. Ive actually had darshan of this GurSikh, beautiful. still remember that day!

Waheguroo ji ka khalsa, waheguroo ji ki fateh

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More photos, this time from Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt's Barsi which took place in November 2007

First of all Sri Maan Sant Gyandev Ji the head of the Nirmala Samparda, great vidvaan doing katha on the day of the barsi.


Some Photos of Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt








Some unknown Nirmala Sants doing Katha and Updesh Keertan




The sea of orange. Sadhus from Nirmala and Udasi Samparda listening to the Updesh and Guru Granth Sahib Ji da Akhand Paath



It is commonly known that Sant Dalel Singh Ji learned alot of Vidiya from Sant Harnam Singh Ji Jian Walae bu tthis is the photo of the Viakirt Sant whose place Sant Dalel Singh Ji was placed in to impart knowledge to the public


The Sadhu who took over from Sant Dalel SIngh Ji


A Sea of Orange on the day of the Akhand Paath Bhog








The Sri Maans of the Nirmala and Udasi Samparda with garlands of flowers around their necks



Sri Maan Pandit Sant Gyan Dev ji meeting the sangat outside the dharamsaal then leading the nagar keertan to the samagam outside in the fields due to the large gathering





Unknown Nirmala and Udasi Sadhus doing some great katha at the barsi of the mehima of Gur Granth Sahib Ji and stories about Sant Dalel Singh Ji








I believe this is Sant Teja Singh Ji from the Panchaita Akhara in Patiala


The Sri Maan Sant from the Udasi Samparda doing Katha. Very good i must say


Singh Sahib and Vedanti doing Katha



Lastly again Sri Maan Mahant Gyandev Ji doing Katha



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    • I am in big dilemma.  As we all know that waheguru ji everywhere. I also understand that it is important to go to gurudwara sahib as well. My question is that if i do ardaas at home or any other place other than  gurudwara sahib, will it be heard and acknowledged by guru sahib or it is always important to go to gurudwara sahib and do ardaas at gurudwara sahib for guru sahib to acknowledge it? I always do path and ardaas at home in front of harmandir sahib photo or hazur sahib photo  and then for important things i make a list and go to gurudwara sahib to do the ardaas there because i think that if i do ardaas in front of guru granth sahib then it will be more accepted by guru sahib. On the other hand i think that if i am doing ardaas in front of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib photo and redoing the same ardaas at gurudwara sahib, i feel that i am not respecting the authority of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib. Because of all this, I wait to find a quite time at gurudwara sahib when there is less or no sangat  so that I can open my list and read and do ardaas spend 10-15 minutes on average to do ardaas. If there are lot of people, i can't do ardaas due to people in the lineup and I don't want to block access to them while i am spending so much time doing ardaas. If i leave without doing ardaas then i am embarrassed, disappointed and sad and then OCD kicks in. Kindly help!    
    • Play/do gurbani, simran and keertan often, make sure you do your nitnem, use sarbloh and wear sarbloh!
    • process is to find a vichola and then the vichola talks between your family and theirs. The process should be similar to how rishta is done in India side!
    • No. If you read the histroy of Guru jis' times and even centuries later, usually marriages were done in childhood. Then when they were old enough to start their grihast jeevan partnership, the bride is brought over to her husbands's house in muklawa ceremony. 4-5 years engagement is silly. You get Anand Karaj now, and then after university she you do muklawa, that is much more in the guidelines!
    • you need to explain that even the devtay kept their kes, and is a part of the ancestors' culture, that sikhi is also preserving the kshatriya and dharmik cultures!
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