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At many places it has been stated in Gurbani that we should have no ego or Haume.This seems to be an important concept in sikh philosphy. However, this carries withitself many questions as well.It is clearly stated that This Haume is also a gift of God.

If that be so, what is the big purpose of removing Haume.Naturally, if it s given by the GOD HIMself it shall be very difficult to get out Of it.

However since Gurbani also makes it clear that we should not have haume.The basic question that arises is as to what level of Haume should be have that is basic for living this life as a Grahsth. Living in a society would require to protect your interests. A bare minimum level of haume will always remain with us.

Kindly advise a sto how to establish the level of Haume that may be permissible even if we are trying for 4th pad.


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Haume is a gift as everything is in this world.Waheguru provided us with everything we need in this world, but then there are times when we go over board with things,

e.g haume- putting it in context with an everyday singh, he follows gurus rehit but then when he sees someone not able to do the same things he can he becomes full of ego, thinking he is better than that person and then putting this person down while forgetting waheguru.

So you see that too much of anything is a bad thing. Ego was put among this earth so that we could have the confidence do carry our actions out. Imagine if we had no ego, we would be hiding in corners afraid to live... so you see Haume is a gift as well as a curse... we must know how to control it... to have enough of it...

And as for controlling it -do seva ,especially things like cleaning people's shoes, don't talk too much and never forget waheguru...

Hope i answered ur questions

bhul chuk maaf


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Haha besoft ji, although i pmed u saying i wont reply to your threads they are always so good! I will reply to your original query 'how to overcome ego' This is different from the actual thread.

Ego is one of the 5 demons from kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, hankaar. Ego is the 'I' the 'Me' and this is a big down fall, one who is full of ego can not do bhagati.

The short term: one has to do sewa of the saadh sangat, this will bring down ones ego and the person will become nirmal but beware even when doin sewa one must not go into ego! With sewa one must do simran, this is the other way to lower ones ego.

Now when one reaches the panch (5) shabads he will beat kaal (devil) and the 5 dhoots (demons) gurbani says:


bani is from anand sahib.

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haumY ikQhu aUpjY ikqu sMjim ieh jwie ] (466-17, Awsw, mÚ 2)

Where does ego come from? How can it be removed?

haumY eyho hukmu hY pieAY ikriq iPrwih ] (466-17, Awsw, mÚ 2)

This ego exists by the Lord's Order; people wander according to their past actions.

haumY dIrG rogu hY dwrU BI iesu mwih ] (466-18, Awsw, mÚ 2)

Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well.

ikrpw kry jy AwpxI qw gur kw sbdu kmwih ] (466-18, Awsw, mÚ 2)

If the Lord grants His Grace, one acts according to the Teachings of the Guru's Shabad.


It was while doing ASA di VAAR that I came across the lines that I am sharing. I hope Guru Maharaj has given the answer.It seems every thing is possible in Turia Awastha.

Yes, why not one should , as suggested, do seva and simran to get out of haume or reduce it.

regards to all.

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Sat Sri Akal,

This is the question you shouldn't be asking us because none of us have overcome our own Ego's yet.

Ego is mentioned many times in gurbani because EGO is the most powerful evil.

Ego is what fuels up the other chors (kaam, krodh, lobh, moh) and ego is what keeps us away from God.

Ego wants to dominate God, it wants to be bigger then God. Everytime God speaks through us, our own EGO replaces the message in 0.0001 and then we listen to our own EGO instead of GOD. EGO wants to control you.

EGO cannot be beat easily, infact it is the most difficult thing in the world to beat. It is a gift from GOD, everything is a gift from GOD because God has given it to us, so its a gift. There is no such thing as our own. But Ego is a part of the game and in order to win the game we have to beat it.

EGO can be beaten by guru's kirpa only. Ego can be overcome if it is written on your forehead only. If you overcome your Ego, you are not one of us.

Ego can only be overcome through God's grace. There are many practice that help us control our ego and they are GOD's simran, truthful deeds, seva, becoming lowest of the low, treating yourself lowly than the rest, forgetting yourself and helping others and the most important GURU's blessings. "Serving the true guru, one overcomes their ego". Like Bhai lehna ji served Guru Nanak all his life, he forgot about himself and served Guru ji all his life.

"True Guru's heart is the home of God. So serve the true guru, fall at his feet, become his slave, that is the perfect deed".

When you completly defeat your EGO, there is no sense of "ME", there is only HIM (GOD). Infact, when you reach this stage, there is no sense of your physical body at all "ME" it only him "SUPREME JYOT" that does everything then. You're in deepest samadhi 24/7, sitting, eating, watching TV you're merged into him. Then you have defeat dharam raj as well because dharam raj watches over deeds that are done forgetting of God. but then it is GOD that does everything through your body, so dharam raj cannot judge us anymore. We are free of karmas then we are free of reincarnations. Then you're a living GOD on earth. But its nearly impossible to completly beat your own EGO.

It can only be done through God's grace and perfect destiny.

lowest of the low

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Sat Sri Akal,

Thank You for a long informative reply. However, the basic question is can we really live in this world without ego. I do not know myself .But your answer should be a good guide.

jb qy swDU sMgiq pwey ] gur Bytq hau geI blwey ] (101-15, mwJ, mÚ 5)

[since I found the Company of the Holy and met the Guru, the demon of pride has departed.]

In Gurbani there are many tuk's that one come across , like the one I posted above. The above shows the significance of the holy and as to how they play role in the removal of Haume ,translated as pride.

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It is very hard, almost impossible especially in this time (kal yug). But it is possible because there are people that have done it. Anything is possible with God's grace.

You just have to kill the mind, not yourself. There is a difference between what you need to live and what you want to live .

By surrendering yourself to the Guru and God, becoming a true bhagat of the Lord, it is easy for impossible to become possible.

lowest of the low

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I have the biggest ego thus i suffer :D

but here is what i have heard* a guy who studies and practices Tao(Taoism) say:

he explained Ego= Edge God Out=). basically God's out of the picture when there is ego. it's an hr long talk he gave on this topic...and it was beautiful!

it's when we say i am gonna do this but without seeing that it's by his kirpa i will do this...we get ourselves in trouble. thats when we get hurt...because we have to suffer from the consequences of what "i" did. need to see it as> I really don't have power to do anything...

we simply mudd/dummy/statue if there was no soul or "chi"/energy/ light in us.


This might be a long read and i am sorry if some of it doesnt make sense to u after reading once... i will try to use gurbani a little to make sense of it time to time.

these are the notes i took last year .. thought i would go over them and kinda write them in a proper manner but never got a chance...(even forgot about it)


I am

I have

I can

"By understanding ego, you can reach god's door"

Asa ki //: Hau vich ayia hau vich gaya....(should listen to it again)

Fear:...it's part of ego. whatever you fear of losing ...God's out of it..because we dont trust god.

Mostly we worry about losing people we are attached to

even thought as Gurbani tells us, we need to think of souls' we meet in this world as passengers on a train. they have different places to get off, their destination is different then us but for a bit they are going to be in the compartment we are in. if we fall in love with that person who is just traveling with us and think he will be with us forever it is our own foolishness right? because we dont try to understand the whole situation. it is easy to say good bye to someone when in "real" life we traveling with them because we already know its only for few hrs or days we gonna be sitting on a seat next to each other etc etc... we dont really attch ourselves to them in a way where it would be hard to depart...thus wedont lose control when u or that person leaves. its all about the mind how we set it to be. so attachment is kinda lead by ego."i" want that person to stay with me!

"battaaoo sio jo laavai naeh ..."http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=910 (Sukhmani sahib)

another thing he said was ....whatever you hold in your mind will occur in your life..THATS HOW POWERFUL God is...He lives in us. ...Mind=behavior= action. everything starts from the mind. by understanding gurbani we change our mind...thus our actions ...so we can walk on the path of truth(without the 5vices bothering us or taking control over us)

This is what made me think a lot. u know how guru sahib tells us to replace the 5 vices with virtues?(as psychologists of today would tell us that in order to change ur self or change a habit u need to replace it with something else...otherwise it will be very hard to make that change. its beautiful how guru sahib has just done that for us) Ego, attachment, lust, anger, greed...replace um with compassion, Truth, contentment, humility, love..all happen by his grace

and i heard this guy say a smiler thing.

this is what the person said:

when u edge god out you :

-bound and Limited (u limit urself...very interesting isn't it? u can't be what u are meant to be..."jin manaas te devte kiya"...nd in reality we have to realize who we are...limitless just like god?)

-u start to compare urself with others and then greed starts...with many other ego problems...u want more....or want better cars, big house, beautiful people in ur life whom people can see and be jealous of?

He said...replace these...

Feeling of existence (I) with > Nothing but just God exists

Attached to temporary with> attaching ur self to the Eternal

i forgot wht the opposite of this was but i jot down the positive part>...Love...love the world

when u see god is all pervading...ur Limited self will become unlimited

u will have Hopes and desires-but for the world...whats good for the world/god and will be more at peace

umm yea thats it guys...rest of my notes..i just cant read um cuz i wrote um down on a very small peace of paper and cant make out some of the words

is there a punch line? umm no not really

just read it and see what u think of it....and make ur own conclusions

just my random thoughts of what i heart last year

sorry if i wasted ur time...but i hope there is something u will get out of it. it was kind of hard for me collect my thoughts and make more sense of what i just wrote.

forgive me

listen, recite, discuss gurbani is wht i get out of whenevr i listen to people of faith and who have realized something thats with in

i just hope this helps someone here.

may guru sahib does kirpa on us and the talks/chats change into actions and hope our mind truly starts to think nd see things from guru sahibs perspective.

easier said then done blush.gif

wjkk wjkf!

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Thanks for the write up.It is very interesting but do not you think that the ego is a creation of GOD and all the things that GOD give us must have some practical reason so that we spend this life easily and in 'sahaj' form. If it is correct then why should we go back against the God's gift in the process of realizing HIM. God will never say ok. take these gifts from me and never be with me. He would do all that is useful for us. The five senses , the five gyan indri and ego and Maya are all tht may make us reach him else HE would not have given these to us.

What do you think? Is GOD not a well wisher.?

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besoft ego is not a gift from god, i requested in an early post why u presumed this. We discussed ego comes under one of the 5 demons that is in the trigun, gurbani says that one will not achieve sehaj in the trigun. Gurbani says the whole world wants sehaj but will never achieve it in trigun. Its all about chautha paad my friend. We both must get there there is no dukh or sukh there just saach. Guru says u wanna go there? First learn to die then come to me! ( I haven't posted the gurbani to each point made but as your a khoji you will know everything said is in line with bani!)

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haumY grbu aupwie kY loBu AMqir jMqw pwieAw ] (139-6, mwJ, mÚ 2)

You created egotism and arrogant pride, and You placed greed within our beings.

ijau BwvY iqau rKu qU sB kry qyrw krwieAw ] (139-6, mwJ, mÚ 2)

Keep me as it pleases Your Will; everyone acts as You cause them to act.


May be it is not a gift but a product Of trigunas but its ultimate source is HE HIMSELF.. Gurbani obliquely touches it in the way stated above.

It is true that with God's grace it can be removed the other way out is to dwell on Shabad that will again require to be in the fourth ,as said by you. Bt don't you think that seva [selfless] and simran can help reduce it.

What is the take of bani on the killing of ego? KIndly explain as to how to reach the turia? How to purify ourself and still keep on living in Grahsth.If you have some other thread please mention the URL .


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haumY mYlu gur sbdy DovY ] (121-8, mwJ, mÚ 3)

Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the filth of egotism is washed away.


I am posting another line. It would again require sabad that can kill egoism. It again will require the fourth state. May be you can tell some other method.

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haumY eyho hukmu hY pieAY ikriq iPrwih ] (466-17, Awsw, mÚ 2)

Ego exists by the Lord's Order; people wander according to their past actions.


Munjoth ji,

Finally I have the lline that was being searched. Dear, whatever we have is all his gift or as per HIs Hukum or will.If he wills it becomes hukum for us. We can have nothing. we came out of the womb and we cried ,it is said, on account of separation of the naam .[gyani maskeen ji] Even this act of crying is HIS doing.The fact that I am thinking something and am striking the key Board is also HIS wish.There is nothing that we can do.Gurbani says this as 'poor creatures'. We are poor creatores and we have nothing in our hands and control. We may try for something but if our pre ordained destiny does not permit , we shall not get it. Ultimately it is HIS grace. Is there any method prescribed that can invoke HIS grace.I have asked you many questions in the above posts. Kindly answer them serial wise.You shall have to locate them.


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