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i can;t get up at amritvela =[

i tried going to sleep really early to get up at 2-3 a, and i tried sleeping as little as 2 hours.. and nothing works. yes i have an alarm clock, but when its time to get up, i just can't.

it's leading to alot of self hate.. please help?

EDIT" also any shabads to g t up at amritvela, any tips, etc to help... thanks guys.. i really wanna get up at amritvela but can't. hence the negativity.

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dis might sound well obvious but ardas? but it has 2 cum frm da heart

get ya frnd 2 wke u up or try doin it wid sum1 else? sleep on the floor?

sleep wid da window open n dat way ull b so coild dat ull shut da window n get up but shut it afta u finishd?

mke a chart or sumit like say if dnt wake up 2day dats no chocolate or sumit dat u like?

try doin xtra bani b4 ya go 2 bed

say 2 ya mind dat it aint gna luk 2 gud on ya karam widout amritvela it shud b like ur breakfast or ya intake of food shudn reli b missd

i duno prbli no help sori if i sed sumit wrong

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Try sleeping with your window open, don't have too many pillows (too comfortable - or u could sleep on the floor), sleep with the curtains open (less dark) and put ur alarm clock sumwhere away from your bed so tht u have to get up to turn it off. Worked for me. Oh yeah nd don't forget to do ardas - gd luck bhaji :@

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- AMimRq vylw scu nwau vifAweI vIcwru ]

a(n)mrith vaelaa sach naao vaddiaaee veechaar ||

In the Amrit Vaylaa, the ambrosial hours before dawn, chant the True Name, and contemplate His Glorious Greatness.

- isPq slwhx AMimRq vylw ]

sifath salaahan a(n)mrith vaelaa ||aa||a||

Ambrosial hours are the correct time for His praise.

- Awid purK Awdys kr AMimRq vylw sbd AhwrI]

aadh purakh aadhaes kar a(n)mrith vaelaa sabadh ahaaree||

Bowing before the primeval Purusa, in the ambrosial hours they chew the Word (gurbani).

- nwm dwn ieSnwn idRVH swD sMgiq iml AMimRq vylw]

naam dhaan eishanaan dhrirrh saadhh sa(n)gath mil a(n)mrith vaelaa||

Sabdabrahm, the Guru is attained in the holy congregation by remembering the name of the Lord in the ambrosial hours.

- hir Dnu rqnu jvyhru mwxku hir DnY nwil AMimRq vylY vqY hir BgqI hir ilv lweI ]

har dhhan rathan javaehar maanak har dhhanai naal a(n)mrith vaelai vathai har bhagathee har liv laaee ||

The Lord's wealth is like jewels, gems and rubies. At the appointed time in the Amrit Vaylaa, the ambrosial hours of the morning, the Lord's devotees lovingly center their attention on the Lord, and the wealth of the Lord.

- hir Dnu AMimRq vylY vqY kw bIijAw Bgq Kwie Kric rhy inKutY nwhI ]

har dhhan a(n)mrith vaelai vathai kaa beejiaa bhagath khaae kharach rehae nikhuttai naahee ||

The devotees of the Lord plant the seed of the Lord's wealth in the ambrosial hours of the Amrit Vaylaa; they eat it, and spend it, but it is never exhausted.

- bwbIhw AMimRq vylY boilAw qW dir suxI pukwr ]

baabeehaa a(n)mrith vaelai boliaa thaa(n) dhar sunee pukaar ||

The rainbird chirps in the ambrosial hours of the morning before the dawn; its prayers are heard in the Court of the Lord.

- nHwvx AMimRq vyl vsn su dyisAw]

nhaavan a(n)mrith vael vasan s dhaesiaa||

Taking bath in the ambrosial hours he remains enrapt in the region of the Lord.


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i know how you feel, i am really struggling, with the long days and studying, and im trying so hard, but it keeps going wrong ... good luck to you too xx

and when i have got up, i barely survive the day :@ xx

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try not eating anything heavy before bed. at least 2-3 hours before.

do ardass.

amritveela is in our karma. sometimes we c an't get up due to lazyniess, bad habits which we can fix. other times, we need to do heartfeld t ardass, maharaj pleasee change the lekh on my forehead, please bless me with amritvela. do seva to help gain this dat; clean shoes and wipe dust of sangat's feet on forehead, wash dishess etc. and do ardass fr ti.

another thing, don't start out so ambitous. try waking up at 4 am instead of 2 or 3. if you're mind is still bad, then tell your mind, we'll only wake up for 2 minutes, and if we feel like it, we will go bacvk to sleep after. get out of bed for 2 minutes, sleep after if you want. next day, add on 2 minutes, day after that add on 2 minutes more. the whole point is that when we first start this amritvela sadhana, we are trying to create a habit. the creation of the habit is more important than how long you stay up at first.

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try doing this wake up one day at 7am then the next day wake up 6am then day after that wake up 5am each day nock a 1hr off i was told this might work i dont now if it will work beacuse i cant wake up self i got the same problem blush.gif

see if it work I will also try if this works


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