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Dosen't Everyone Just Love Paneer?

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I love it but it is seriously fattening!!!

Watch the cholesterol!

Actually realtively low fat - just like cottage cheese. It's how it's cooked that matters.........

Someone told me it was very fatty? I'm pretty sure it is high in calories (fat). But if you're vegetarian you could get away with eating it more regularly.

It is also a good source of protein and calcium.

I tried a new thing the other day. When you make your paneer fresh, throw in about two teaspoons of roasted jeera powder when your straining the paneer. You have to be REAL quick or it becomes crumble!

Quickly mix up the jeera with the freshly separated paneer (don't take more than 10/15 secs) then strain and squash the hell out of it like normal.

Jeera flavoured paneer!!!

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paneer dey bachey. I 'fink' all you have guts from eating all that paneer :rolleyes:

oooooooooooooooooooo someones watching their figure aint they?? :D


I gained a little last week actually :S

Gaining muscle without gaining fat is HARDDDD :(

Soya and tofu lovers should read this cos they ruin male fertility. Paneer all the way. YAY :D


Did you even read the whole article?

The researchers also found that soy food intake had the greatest impact on sperm concentrations among those who were also overweight or obese. This may be because overweight men already have higher levels of estrogen, Dr. Chavarro said.

"It's possible that when you already have very high levels of estrogen, an additional source of an estrogen-like compound may become an issue, but not if you're a lean man," he said.

This may explain why soy does not seem to affect fertility among Asian populations, for whom it is a food staple, he said. Obesity is not as common in Asian populations as it is among Western men.

In Dr. Chavarro's study, it was not clear whether the reduction in sperm count was a factor in the subjects' fertility issues, and he believes it is too early to warn people away from soy.

There have been two other studies on the connection between soy and sperm count. One, a study of 14 young men, found no change in semen quality, while the other, which followed 48 men, found that isoflavone intake had a positive effect on sperm count.
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Soya products are known for reducing levels of testosterone in men, which is why powerlifters and bodybuilders who know about this avoid it.

Tubelight: by Asian they mean Oriental - they've been eating soy for generations and probably adapted to some extent. Soy isn't common in the Sub-continent.

P.S: you need calories to build muscle, don't worry about being ripped until you have some size or you won't get meaningful gains. Also, paneer is high in protein, which you need.

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Did you even read the whole article?

mai pare ta ha se....as Matheen says by asian they mean oriental asians. And tht obese thing made me laugh...punjabi ppl are slightly on the fat side of things. lol I am joking incase anyone gets upset!

Plus soya contains estrogen and they know it reduces sperm count....but they don't know the mixture of factors like age, ethinicity which affect the overall fertility problem....but you see its deffo certain tht soya contains more oestrogen....

I guess the positive outlook on things is that the extra oetrogen hormone boost helps men not to be hairy...actually that might explain why chineese men don't have much hair. lol.

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