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Sadistic True Story From 84

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I don't know if its fictional or not, because the reality was a lot more worse. Each time I read about such accounts of what happened to Sikh bibiyaan in Delhi in November 1984, I freeze, and at the same time my blood boils. Its hard to explain what I feel, because no one will ever understand. All of you born in Sikh families are bloody lucky, because all of you have the option to hate Hindus, even though hatred is unSikh, and even though there were some few Hindus who did help Sikhs out, but nonetheless you still have that option to hate the entire Hindu community.

I don't......for obvious reasons...and that is what kills.......

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hating hindus is not an option veer mehtab singh, for anyone.

the hindu community's silence on a huge scale to the tyranny unleashed upon fellow human beings is disgusting and a blot on their quam, but to punish them for it with violence is terrorism. it is their choice to remain silent or hail the perpetrators as heroes, just as citizens of pakistan hail aurangzeb and babur as heroes.

their vichaar just doesn't mix with our vichaar. simple as that. we are just not on the same page.


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Gross story!

Made up.

Gross to put so much effort into writing a fictional story.

So she keeps Guru Granth Sahib in a brothel and thats "o.k"?? she after supposedly being a 'Sikh" still is addicted to Kaam??

A Sikh is compassionate not kamakazee about life, her machine gunning aids to people just adds more dirt to her not "revenge". Gross story to get Sikhs to think about gross stuff. Read history not fictiion. Real stories have respect to the person added which takes out too nasty of details, this story just opens the gate to the gateway drug, Kaam.


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