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reactions of sum hindus

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Curious Man, you shouldn’t get too angry. I’m sure Kunti Putra is just a misinformed man. He’s obviously just heard the story from one side. Best way to convince someone is through tolerance and pyaar, and lets hope one day he sees the truth and acts like a true “Kunti Putra”.

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Sikhs have given nothing to Hindus.
:umm: Guru Tegh Bahadur sacrificed himself for Hindus in Kashmir, and this <banned word filter activated> says Sikhs gave nothing to Hindus.
Everytime the Muslims rise and persecute, Sikhs come and join with Hindus and as soon as they get a chance they turn upon Hindus.

When have Sikhs turned against Hindus?

Sikhs were instrumental in the British rule of India. Hindus should be mad at Sikhs for that. We forgived them, but they refuse to mend their ways.
:D Maybe he should be mad at his own folks for not doing something to be instrumental. Jeezzzz what a JEALOUS man :(
Sikhs do not want to share. They want to continue to sominate. They are afraid of being asked to treat Hindus as equals.

Sikhi is all about vand ke shakana out of our earnings. Sikhi sees all humans as equal to us no matter what religion and where they come from.

What a seriously misinformed murakh :wub:

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vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw!

vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!!

tru tru tru....i send him an email....

i said..... that u r yelling so much about marathas did that and so..... but remember...if sikhs wud have not been there ....marathas like shivaji wud not have been there...they all gained tactics from guru Hargobind ji....

and moreover ...if Sikhs wud have not been that time...u wud have not even been a Hindu....as u know how fast the whole of india was converting to muslims....

aah..and all this abt british empire stuff....out of 2% population of india(i.e. of Sikhs)...85% of sikhs fought against them....and ok just say rest 15% were in imperial army....but what has the rest 98% of population did.....

wht abt the imperial army deep in south...east ...west ...and central.... who let the britishers to enter and spread ...were there sikhs in bengal...were there sikhs in whole east india...were there sikhs ...in southern india....were there sikhs in central india...rajasthan...NO they were not in mojority....how could u say we helped the britishers to rise.....wht happened to all rajputs...huh??

just remember one thing ..today u r hindu....and proud to be hindu...only because the sikhs fought most strongly against the mughals....to save whom ..the hindus and downtrodden..... ???

if u still think i m wrong.....reply me....if not still reply...i m here not afraid...!!

Boley Soooo Nihal!!.... Satshriakal!

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