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Sant Baba Baljit Singh Khalsa Dadu Sahib Wale Arrested

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Haryana, India: Sant Baljit Singh Dadu of Dadu Sahib Gurdwara was today “arrested” by the police along with a large number of his supporters on the outskirts of Chandpura, where he was to inaugurate a three-day “Gurmat Samagam”, a religious congregation in the village gurdwara.

However, after hours of confusion during which his supporters protested against his arrest, tried to deflate tyres of police vehicles and raised slogans, a group of armed Sikhs escorted him out of the police vehicle and they walked a distance of 2 km straight to the village gurdwara, leaving the authorities dumbfounded.

The Sikhs started their congregation once Dadu reached the gurdwara. Earlier, addressing his supporters before courting arrest, Dadu alleged that the state government was discriminating against the Sikhs at the behest of Dera Sacha Sauda followers and had even been stopping them from performing their religious functions.

“The Haryana Government is suppressing Sikhs, who are in a minority in the state, to cash in on the votes of Dera Sacha Sauda followers in the coming parliamentary polls,” he alleged.

Contrary to expectations, Dadu kept his date with Chandpura village today and reached the outskirts of the village with hundreds of his supporters despite a heavy deployment of the security forces.

Dadu was to reach Chandpura at noon to address a congregation but he entered Haryana borders a few kilometres away from the village at 2 pm in a cavalcade of vehicles.

Dera Sacha Sauda followers had objected to the congregation and had also threatened to organise a parallel “naam charcha” after which the authorities had imposed prohibitory orders and denied permission to both Sikhs as well as the dera followers.

Elaborate security arrangements had been made today and a heavy police force and the Rapid Action Force had been deployed in and around the village to stop Dadu from reaching the village gurdwara.

DIG (Crime) Shatrujit Singh, Fatehabad Deputy Commissioner JS Ahlawat, Fatehabad SP CS Rao and SP (Crime) Sandeep Kheerwar led a large number of officials, who camped in the area since early this morning.

A large number of dera followers had also assembled in the “naam charcha” ghar of the village, making the situation volatile.

The authorities stopped the cavalcade of Dadu 2 km before the village and informed them about the prohibitory orders imposed in the village.

The authorities met a delegation of the Sikhs and told them that they would have to arrest them in case they tried to enter the village.

The authorities also told them that they could hold their peaceful congregation after the prohibitory orders were withdrawn.

However, Dadu refused to return and announced to court arrest. “The arrests were peaceful and there was no resistance from Dadu and his followers,” said the Deputy Commissioner.

However, once Dadu left the police vehicle and went inside the gurdwara around 7.30 in the evening, the authorities were left with no option but watch and hope that no inflammatory speeches were made from inside the gurdwara.

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Congregation Heat

Confrontation averted

Dera followers hold protest

Sushil Manav

Tribune News Service

Fatehabad, March 2

Thanks to some apt handling of the situation by the police and the authorities, an almost certain confrontation between Sikhs and Dera Sacha Sauda followers was averted today after hundreds of dera followers from the town and the surrounding areas set out for Chandpura, where Sant Baljit Singh Dadu of Dadu Sahib Gurdwara is organising his three-day “Gurmat Samagam” since yesterday.

The dera followers, who had left in about 25 canters and trucks loaded with stones and sticks to take on the adversaries, were intercepted by the police at Ratia and were persuaded to return to Fatehabad after Deputy Commissioner JS Ahlawat convened a meeting of the peace committee in the canal rest house in Chandpura village and assured the representatives of the dera that their concerns would be addressed by the authorities.

IG (Crime) Shatrujit Singh, SP (Crime) Sandeep Kheerwar and Fatehabad SP CS Rao have also been camping in the village along with a number of other officers to watch the developments.

Earlier, a large number of dera followers started assembling in the local satsang ghar of the dera since morning after learning about the start of the congregation in Chandpura.

“We have been let down by the authorities, who had assured us that Dadu will be arrested and the Sikh congregation will not be allowed,” alleged Narsi Dass Goyal, a local leader of the dera.

The dera followers, including a large number of women, started raising slogans against the authorities and sat in dharna on the national highway demanding the arrest of Dadu.

The dharna was lifted after SDM JK Abhir assured them that their grievances would be addressed.

However, the dera followers again came out of their sangat ghar at 2 pm and left for Chandpura in large numbers with lathis and stones filled in their vehicles, ignoring persuasions and warnings of the authorities.

As hundreds of dera followers were already sitting in the “naam charcha” ghar situated in Chandpura village since morning and many more were reaching the village from the surrounding area, the authorities were taken aback at the action of the local dera followers.

However, they were stopped and persuaded to return from Ratia after Ahlawat spoke to their leaders in Chandpura and assured action.

“We have been assured by the authorities that Dadu will be arrested under cases already registered against him,” said Narsi Dass Goyal.

Meanwhile, Jathedar Balwant Singh Nandgarh, chief of Takht Damdama Sahib, and Sukhwinder Singh Khalsa, president of the Guru Granth Sahib Satkaar Sabha, also visited the Chandpura gurdwara and addressed the congregation.

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We MUST get the real info in and out of Punjab by contacting friends and family as NO news is being broadcaste by state owned/private news/tv channels in India.




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I've just spent some time on Choota sauda websites, their documentary on their sites and some youtube videos of this guy.

I can see how he's managed to get these fanatical supporters on side. The videos claim miracles of converting deserted to areas of green vegetation. He has offered free cancer treatments and such, helping prostitutes and victims of domestic violence.

He has cleverly try to combine all 3 major religions, and become the living god of all of them.

His followers seem to be made up of very poor peasants and people from Adharmi backgrounds. -i.e. those who do not have a set religion passed down there generations.

I think we need to play reverse psychology with these guys. The very nature of cults and cultism, is that the followers are always fanatical. Their strength is increased when they are challenged, or opposed.

We need to make dozens and dozens of websites & videos counter-acting his claims. Highlighting his disrespect of other faiths as well.

His wrong doings, and rape charges and abuse of cash. The government and Government media has supported him, and always make him and his supporters look like the good guys, and Sikhs are the sword wielding nut cases.

We need to get more media savvy.

Its like Kamal Naaths visit to Uk. The Goreh were trying to find out why Singh are protesting. Obviously first thing they do is Google and nothing comes up straight away.

We should have all these domains, Kamalnaath.net/org/com/ etc. etc... and just have murderer, rapist.. killer.. totally character assassinate these guys.

Same with this ram rahim Walt disney cartoon character.

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Dera choota sauda targets unpard bibian and unpard people in general who would fall for such falsehoods.

I blame the SGPC who take lavish trips to places like New York and ride in limos while they do very little for keeping the Panth enriched in Sikhi.

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