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the human form is special because it is the only form in which we can realize God,

God is real and the point of life is to become conscious of him while living,

as the above posters have said it is best to contact a brahmgiani to answer such questions as only they truely know.

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I agree with Valli Singh. This is the life where we can meet God and be one with Him. After alot of wanderings, we finally have a chance to attain salvation. Even devtays need to attain human for to attain salvation. Anyway, a quote from Bhagat Ravidas

Bahut janam bicuray tey madhoo, ih janam tumharey likhey.

Kaho ravidass as lag jivoh, chir beheyoh, dashan dekhey.

-I have been seprated so long from you, My Lord, This life is dedicated to You-

and one more from sukhmani

Firat firat prabh aiya, bareya tau sarnai,

nanak key prabh benti, apni bhagati layeh.

-I have been wandering countess lives, now, I have a chance to see You, OO Lord-

I believe, we have the HIGHEST luck to be born a sikh and follow it. Firstly, we have a Guru to guide us. The guru spells out in a very simple way how to be one with God. And the words of the Guru is from God itself!

Second, our guru says no need to go through fasting, rituals to attain salvation. So, I fo not need to pack up and go to the jungle.

Coming to think about it, every other religions have flaws, grave flaws. Kabeer have said, Ilam says God is in Mecca. But Kabeer says, He is all prevading. Also, in SGGS, it is said, the Moslems keep 1 month to be holy (Ramzan),..What about another 11 onths??

And American-european people have a goo life? Trust me, I spoke to many and many cant find the inner peace (great example was the beatles, where they have to go to a Guru in india).

Sagal srist ko raja dukhia, har ka naam japat hoye sukhia.

One can have all the money, but without Naam, no inner peace is found.

The beggars in India... It' suprising, but they are very drench in Maya. Poverty. I feel sorry for them. But Maya have enticed them. A real bramgiani is the one who do not have any money, but doesnt beg, but still remains happy.

I know one sant who used to live in Malaysia (sant sohan Singh ji), whise worldly possesion is his clothes, a bed, a clock a radio and a book. He lived in the gurdwara. That is a role model. And trust me, if we measure, i think he is poorer than the beggars in bombay.

So, the karma is not whether you are a beggar or not, but whether you can attain god in this lifetime.

To remain dead while alive, that is true karma.

ps- Valli Singh, thanks for correcting my Gurbanee. thank you so much.

Warm Regards.

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The whole world goes around in circles, chasing after mayaa. Gurbanee says, why chase something when you are not taking it into the next world? What is for sure (death), people think it is so long more.

Donald trump, Bill gates, all are rich. Kings of the world. But the peace they obtain (which a saint gets) is none. Let me tell you a story:

Here in Malaysia, there are many politicians, and money is high on agenda. There is few i know are so engulfed in money that it is so hard to leave. Being moslems, they think by going to mecca at the age if 50 or 60 or 80 removes all their sins.

So, there is this one. When he wss on his death bed, be was shiverring. (The story told by my mother who is a nurse at that time). He refused to die. what the shaman (magic man or bomoh is called in malaysia) did was to take all his money in his safe, stuff it into his pillow and handed to him. He smiled, but as he was about to die, he stated shaking violently. Like how when someone is sleeping and you move his shoulders on top of him. Older saints said this is death pullling him away. And the money remained here. So, moral of story, even in death, one can is humiliated.

People chase after money, looks and all, but the ego does not depart. And through ego, we have greed, lust, etc.

anyway, feel free to ask. We will help in all your queries.

Regards. wjkk wjkf.

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