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Who Are They?

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i am new in london........and really happy to see so much sikhi here.....but one problem i have seen in the last 6 months is - who are the people (wearing the ghaini clothes) who come to your house (knocking on everyone's house) asking for money for gurdwara or doing ardas .......the first time the man came and we didn't know whats up . we opened the door and he start saying he is here to collect some money for some gurdwara (dont remember its in india or here) and we knew at that time that he is gonna ask for money and of course its not a problem because guru granth sahib also teach us to donate some money (although i am not working) i was gonna give him....my dad ,mum and I was at home at that time ...after saying this he said "GO IN, AND SIT " :0 we were shock...he quickly take off his shoes (which were quite a cool white leather one) he kind of push us inside the sitting room and he stood infront of the baba ji's photo and did ardaas. so we had to stand with him of course. then he sat on the sofa himself and started giving blessing which we didn't need from him cause afterall we are gursikh and we always go to gurdwara and we dont know who he is and what he is doing in our home...we didn't want to shout or be rude to him cause on the other hand if he is really a giani from some gurdwara its gonna be really bad. then he ask for our donation...we gave 10 pounds which we thought is more than enough ......but we got to know he is a BAKANDI when he said THIS IS TOO LESS....HOR DAVOH....i wanted to shout at him but seeing him quite old i calm myself down. then dad said we dont have much money and we are new here this and that...we finally nicely forced him out......if he was a gursikh he wont ask for MORE. besharam.......dont even know if he is amritari or not also.

now today ......after a few months.......another group came (3 younger men in white giani clothes) but this time ........we hold our hearts and did not open the door for them because we know these are all bekandis.......whats going on here?? who are they?? i dont understand why no one kick them?? if i was alone and this was the first time i see these kind of giani and open the door i dont know what would have happen(i am a girl)........then we saw them knocking on all the other houses but no one open the door. SIKHS ARE BEGGING?? sharam karo......

i am sorry if i hurt anyone but i am a gursikh and not meant to hurt anyone but just wanna share my experience and incase someone haven't heard of this can be alert.

I have seen people representing the church to come and give u brochures telling about jesus but i never see them forcing you for money . they really are here to tell u about jesus not for money. WHY our sikhs are like that??

and may be someone can tell us if those were not SIKH if i am wrong.

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These people are crooks. No Gurdwara as far as I know will tell people to go and beg for donations. While I was in India a guy similar to the one you described arrived at our door and said that he was collecting for some Langar at Hardwar. We are 250 miles aways from Hardwar so why would these people expend all the money in travel costs just to carry out a collection in a village in Ludhiana district? All these people needed to do is to go to the villages around Hardwar and ask for ration items like flour, oil, dal etc. They would get it in any village by the mountainfu. They are just crooks and these same people come over to the UK and start asking for money. They rely on the fact that as they are in Sikh bana, no Sikh would deny them money. I don't know whether these guys are professional beggars but there used to be an old guy in Southall who I have seen go around asking for money. The best thing to do is to say to him that you give give maya to Guru's golak and then just close the door. If he hangs about then he is just wasting his time otherwise he will note that you weren't that gullible and will not trouble you again.

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Guest confusingh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Bhen ji this method is not a part of our religion AT ALL in fact it goes against our beliefs... we are not a religion which uses missionary practices or individual aggresive donations... VAND SHAKO indeed, but not on the means of somebody knocking on your door and you feeling inclined to give it out of regret or sympathy, it should be done out of sachaa mann and pyaar for Guru ji, this is wrong what they are doing... ALSO about the ardaas I've seen alot of Gianis who actually fail to understand, doing ardaas infront of an artist's depiction of what they believe Guru ji looked like, pictures are fine for historical representations, but doing ardaas in front of simply a painting is against the fundamentals of Sikhi, a Sikh should only do ardaas in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj to Akaal Purakh and nobody or nothing else... this in my opinion is misinformed idol worship, you seem like a good Gursikh to be questioning what these people are doing and in doing so may make your own personal beliefs stronger. I have seen such acts also, however being guys we acted a little more aggresively and had less sympathy, what right or authority do these people have to be saying THEY can only do ardaas and without knowing the source of donations it would be wrong to give money to them...

Ultimately, this is not a Sikh practice by any means I believe all jathas and Gursikhs will agree with this view of both the ardaas and asking for money... wrong wrong wrong, do not be fooled by these con artists, even if they are Gianis can they not ask for donations in the presence of Sangat in Maharaj's hazoori what are they hiding and what is the urgency to go door to door for money... there is no logic in this approach nor is it acceptable in Sikhi. I hope I've helped answer your question and wish your journey as a Gursikh sister to be full of joy and pyaar from Waheguru.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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They are aliens from another planet. They are trying to raise enough money, in order to get a new engine for their space ship, so that they can go home. They are just in disguise, they will go through any measure to get their spacecraft parts. They could get violent, but we outnumber them, so they wouldn't stand a chance against us. They are space pirates!

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We live in pretty shameless times. Me and the wife visited Hong Kong last year and took a day trip to Stanley Market. We were part of a tour and when we got off the bus the tour guide told everyone not to give money to the 'sikhs' because they are all con men.

About half an hour into the guided walk we ran into our first sikh. Like the Romanian gypsy's in London they were grabbing hold of peoples hands offering to read their palms....tell their fortune. :o

And there we have it......I went to Hong Kong reading about the history of Sikhs there 100 years ago...a history of them being honourable soldiers. I went, I saw and I came back home knowing that our reputation there now is as charlatan fortune tellers.

Once were warriors.... <_<

Old articles about sikhs in England in the 1930's and 40's often mention the fact that the sikhs are a nuisance going door to door reading residents fortunes. Those sikhs were the bhatra sikhs. The sikhs at Stanley, Hong Kong are also bhatra sikhs. Not that it means anything. I'm just saying. Doesn't mean the guys knocking on your door are too.

Might be though.

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Happened to my massi some singh came round knocking on the door, my little cousin answered must be around 12ish, the gani (singh) grabbed his hand a put on a kara, then asked my massi for money. Massi just gave the money. I would have resolved it with a good fest in the face !

They do it because they know they can get away with it, people dont know how to have faith and tell them to spin off too !

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right, guys this issue is massive, its in every area and takes various forms:

- some asking for donations concerned with gurudwara funds to

- some asking for donations to fund terminally ill family members etc

the list goes on and becomes very imaginative.

in commuties where apneh are not close its easy for these sorts of people to swindle money, as they punjabi lokh are very generous in regards to giving dhan/financial support if a basically a good blag is played out.

so lets not become internet warriors and do something... positive.... (like we done in our are)

- compile a log of these people, simple descriptions, names given, causes etc etc

- take pictures if necessary, althought they will probably run

- communicate with each other then report this to the police and inform the local sangat

- take what ever necessary steps in order to prevent them coming back

simple steps: COMPILE, COLLECT, COMMUNICATE AND ACT - CCCA (should make that a new government scheme name lol ahhah)

this will also ensure pakandis like this are caught out in other areas before they know, might have a few nice suprises for them....

god bless, and thanks for baljitk for starting this thread....

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oh yes, i remember from your kara...... that man gave a green MALA to my mum after getting the 10 pounds so that he can ask for more money.

and singh n ting ji......were u telling this hong kong story because u knew i am from hong kong?? haha

but what u say is true. but let me make it clear...its just because stanley is a place which only VISTORS will go.....so these bakandi now only wait there and some other places where there are alot of visitors. and its very less now...but they dont wear giani clothes which i have seen.. and yes all the chinese know it also. they just stop you and ask for your hand ....the chinese are sick of them. but not much seen nowadays cause people know about these liars. they make all the sikh besti.

the other thing is u mention about batra (alot of batra in hong kong) this is not true as i know. i only know 1 or 2 ....after 28 years there haha alot of gill i know....

everyone's hard working in hong kong......open hearted...caring....i hope no one will mind i say.....people here are really different...

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I think they are trained in Benares. This one guy caught me in Ealing once. Gave me his "mystic meg" crap and then opened up a filofax with like hundreds of pictures flipping away until he came to a picture of Dasmesh Pita and stuck it in my face and asked for a "dhan".........

I saw that same geezer ALL OVER LONDON over that year. He had Pagh dhara and everything. I said to him that he should get a proper job but he said that this was his job and he had been trained at Benares.......

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It's really wierd how everything is happening in this world today. i just a pauri from guru granth sahib ji. please read the definitions

Awsw ]

gj swFy qY qY DoqIAw iqhry pwiein qg ]

glI ijn@w jpmwlIAw loty hiQ inbg ]

Eie hir ky sMq n AwKIAih bwnwris ky Tg ]1]

AYsy sMq n mo kau Bwvih ]

fwlw isau pyfw gtkwvih ]1] rhwau ]

bwsn mWij crwvih aUpir kwTI Doie jlwvih ]

bsuDw Koid krih duie cUly@ swry mwxs Kwvih ]2]

Eie pwpI sdw iPrih AprwDI muKhu Aprs khwvih ]

sdw sdw iPrih AiBmwnI sgl kutMb fubwvih ]3]

ijqu ko lwieAw iqq hI lwgw qYsy krm kmwvY ]

khu kbIr ijsu siqguru BytY punrip jnim n AwvY ]4]2]


They wear loin cloths, three and a half yards long, and triple-wound sacred threads.

They have rosaries around their necks, and they carry glittering jugs in their hands.

They are not called Saints of the Lord - they are thugs of Benares. ||1||

Such 'saints' are not pleasing to me;

they eat the trees along with the branches. ||1||Pause||

They wash their pots and pans before putting them on the stove, and they wash the wood before lighting it.

They dig up the earth and make two fireplaces, but they eat the whole person! ||2||

Those sinners continually wander in evil deeds, while they call themselves touch-nothing saints.

They wander around forever and ever in their self-conceit, and all their families are drowned. ||3||

He is attached to that, to which the Lord has attached him, and he acts accordingly.

Says Kabeer, one who meets the True Guru, is not reincarnated again. ||4||2||

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