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Sikhs Attacked At Nottingham Semi Fianl By Pakistanis


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Bachan from a Brahmgiani Mahapursh

"Until we are united, until we stand under the saffron Nishaan Sahib (Sikh religious flag), until we have unflinching faith in Siri Guru Granth Sahib, Khalsa Ji, we shall certainly get beatings."

Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale

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[b]"In Birmingham however, I heard bout some singhs getting slapped up during the Pakistan victory celebrations. "[/b]

True, I heard similair stuff happended in Leicester. It seems the Pakistani strength is more in the northern areas, but Birmingham was traditionally punjabi sikh, and its sad to hear MUSLIM power is growing here.


Pakis are all the same. I was at Lords the other day and these young pakis were very vocal, shouting pakistan zindabad and allah hu akbar......, one gora had objection to it and subsequently had alteracation with this paki mob who shouted and chanted at him as he was a upper stands and soon complained to police ................

I was particluarly surprised to see the police reaction who witnesed eerything and yet didn't remove no paki as they were stirring major trouble. One thing's for sure, Pakis play the racism card very well.

My sentiments exactly the Police seem almost uneasy to approach the Pakis, I honestly can say they saw Pakis yell at the Singh near the burger stall,

"take that rag of yer head or we'll rip it off" and they saw the Singh have the Pakistani flag put over his head and beer poured over it head and did NOTHING

On a positive note I spoke to someone from Notts county cricket club and also emailed them , and they are going to take action,to make things more Secure in the future

GillAUS said it PERFECTLY :

Some of the replies this thread has gotten has astounded me.

All those people writing comments such as 'oh he was wearing an indian top/flag, he deserved it' or 'oh he was drinking a beer, he deserved it' should seriously get their heads out of their backsides.

Firstly, leave it to God and Guru ji to judge the individual's Sikhi - that's not for us to do.

Secondly, like it our not, such people are also Sikhs. We should be helping other Sikhs out, not deriding them for their individual practices. Hey, maybe if you help them out, it could give them some encouragement to become better Sikhs?

Come on guys, with this kind of attitude, no wonder these Pakis think they can get the upper hand!

Wake up ppl.

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A so called singh going to a south africa vs pakistan cricket match wearing an indian top with beer in his hand is poor judgment at the very least, its asking for trouble. It's like a man utd fan going to a arsenal vs liverpool game but deliberately wearing a man utd top in the stadium to spite the team he hates most. But eitherway a racist assault is a racist assault and it comes down to pakistani muslims being ultra nationalists. Any country they reside in they will always back pakistan first than the country they was born in but for those of Indian ethnic heritage/origin they appreciate and want to assimulate into the western countries they are born into or reside in and not rock the boat with the indiginous population.

You can see an example of this when india won the 20/20 world cup last time in southall broadway you had a few indian supporters out in the streets, most british indians chose to stay at home and couldnt really care who won but for pakistani muslim's its like war, even if they didnt even play india they want any excuse jeer and rub their celebrations into "the enemies" area's to seek to intimidate and provoke a response by going on mass to the non-muslims, particularly area's where indian's reside in large numbers.

This is a growing problem and the solution is obvious ...unity and proactive action against aggessors but until an important Sikh leader's own family isnt harmed and attacked by the pakistani muslims then our so called leaders will not rally and encourage Sikhs to take action. I remember when hizb-ut-tahir used to operate in colleges and univeristies in london and how they would unify muslims to attack non-muslims via literature and physical violence. And Sikhs took action, older Sikh leaders (who have since passed on) were encouraging Sikhs to fight and show their strength in the streets and Sikh youths did by forming gangs and atttacking pakistani muslim businesses in southall and homes in slough after attacks on Sikhs took place from people who lived in those area's. Now we have leaders whose generation doesnt have a stomach for a fight and rather innocent Sikhs are intimidated and attacked than take proactive action against the aggressors.

For those who harp on about a Sikh not being a Sikh who doesnt have uncut kesh, then the argument also can be made a Sikhs is not a Sikh who doesnt keep shasters and use them when you see oppression and attacks on your faith. The 5th kirpan is not spiritual gift Guru ji, its a call to arms... to always be armed and ready for action otherwise dont wear the khalsa bana and pretend to be in Guru ji's fauj.

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Good points cool water , but u need ot remember that the guy who was told he would have his turban ripped if if he didnt take "that rag of his head" was NOT wearing an Indian top just a turban.The Sikh girls who were sworn at were NOT wearin India tops either.

Ps : If u read AK47 Jatha Lion's post he has stated Sikhs got "SLAPPED UP"in Birmingham during Pakistani celebrations!

I agree with this point that you made :

"This is a growing problem and the solution is obvious ...unity and proactive action against aggessors but until an important Sikh leader's own family isnt harmed and attacked by the pakistani muslims then our so called leaders will not rally and encourage Sikhs to take action."

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Check out the Videos posted by AK47 Jatha lion on page 3, ( pak celebrations in Southall) they are sickening, at 5.28 these Pakis are itnimidating an Indian -Sikh lady , yelling Paki zindabad in her face, wavign a fist in her face whiel she is in her car , puttin his fist in her car.

Where were the Police these monkeys are standing on top of buses and bus shelters damaging govt property!

Did u see them intimidating the Singh in the silver merc?

they also bang on an indians car

What happened to LAW and Order?

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This muslim-sikh federation is a joke, its islamic facists trying to hood wink the Sikhs into siding with their political causes in kashmir while pakistani muslim bigots in the uk are given a free hand to intimidate any non-muslim, partiruclarly hindus and sikhs they come across UK cities.

I would say If you feel passionate about this issue then write to your mp's and to the police head and local govt and get them to take action on this sort of behaviour. Since 2004 when Sikhs celebrated vaisakhi during the annual "vaisakhi cruise" in southall... all the roads are blocked off, police everywhere then how is it the pakistani muslims are allowed to get away with blocking the roads on mass and allowed to bring disorder to the streets of uk during any celebration they have whether its cricket match, eid or pakistan's independance day.

Things clearly need to change and only pressure on the police and political ministers can solve this. It is actions by pakistani's like this that force non-muslim asians to look at forming alliences with the anti-islamic political extreme right wing camps of the BNP.

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