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Islamification Of Uk - Detrimental To Sikhs


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singh are u from southall??

I have lived in southall all my life, and yes ther is a large muslim community and they own almost the whole main broadway! There have only been a few incidents in the last 20yrs of racial violence amongst sikh/muslims.

and like I said there are mass muslim conversions, muslims have dominated most of the shopd but as said before boycott them!

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Replying to Islamification can only start once we Sikhs are ready to give a reply.

Not calling myself a warrior by any means, but the number of times I've heard so-called leaders telling the media that the Kirpan is a 'symbolic ceremonial dagger' really goes to show how far attitudes have changed in the last 300 years.

On top of that, the usual politics and bickering between ourselves is a MAJOR crippling factor.

Time for us to look back at our history, put aside the petty differences and gain a perspective on who and what we are.

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Looks like the LAST big PUNJABI SIKH town Southall is already on its way to Islamification DOMINATION :


A website of Southall (formerly known as LITTLE INDIA) should at least have one gurdwara, instead its got 2 mosques, a muslim community centre, a Pakistani Bus - TKC etc

Theres only 1 mosque in the pic 1st is TKC coach,then Himalaya Cinema,then Havelock Gurdwara,then Old Southall Mosque

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This is the 21st Century the battle against Islam is worldwide 'Samuel Huntingdon - Clash of Civilisations'.

The 'new' war is being fought on an economic, social and military front. If you watch the media carefully countries like Norway have already stated as part of it's security obligation that no foreign oil is to be relied on by 2020. President Sarkozy has stated there is no place for the Burkha in France. In the US there are organisations against 'gas guzzler' SUVs as they state foreign oil consumption funds terrorism. European countries have objected to Turkey membership. The way to beat this menace is to boycott economically Moslems shops, businesses etc. etc. The situation will get worse year by year until the State machinery gets involved.

Beating up a few Paks by young Sikhs is not the way forward, you need to engage the brain first which is a concept of Miri/Piri. In the times of Aurungzeb how many Sikhs were doing business with the Moslems?

My message without going to jail, without, stressing yourself out, without stopping yourself being a good Sikh is to boycott Moslem goods and services where possible. It is also time for Sikhs to give up the demon drink and meat especially halal and take up exercise.

Long Live the Khalsa.

Long Live Christian Britain.

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I dont understand why there is so much Islamphobia . Whats the big deal? There are perhaps 1 billion muslims in the world. Out this billion maybe less than 10 % of the Muslim population can be considered proper Muslims as they properly follow the teachings of Islam, and Im not talking about the <Edited> like Muslims. Im talking about the God fearing, Humanity Loving, Family orientated, Ehtical abiding Muslims.

I definently believe the <Edited> Islam which is rising is a major problem which needs to be confronted by the world. But this Islamicphobia has no place in Sikhi. Its the Christians who started this phobia/anxiety, because like many Muslims they believe everyone should be part of their religion. These worried Christians feel like they are losing the battle. Us Sikhs do not care about converting the whole world, so why are we worried and why are we so Islamphobic.

In regards to Sikh Conversions. In the first place most of these people were never Sikhs they never understood what they had, and that is mainly the Sikh communitys fault for not making an effort to educate them. If people want to chose a Religion which is based on a set of rigid rules that were intented for people who onced belonged to a Paganistic culture then thats fine. Sikhi/Gurmat is the food for the soul; this soul which has been sepereated from God for many life times. Eventually if these converts want to escape the suffering of Lakh Charasi they will have to take refuge in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

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right been reading a few posts, this one and the one about the indian cricket match, all im going to say it if u support indian cricket team u deserved it lol kdding :rolleyes: .

about the incident you to go remember when pakistanis are in groups they feel more confident ,as individual they like pijeeahn billian (wet/wine-ing cats), the more numbers, the better they play of each other - this sort of dog pack mentality is inbred in them .... expected. why dont people take pre-cautions.

but honestly it would do good for some 'sikhs' to grow up in scum areas amongst the racist of racists:

2 things happen

1) MAKE : u learn that the streets are shite place but u gota live day to day, tool up, learn that you got give and take simple. Learn about your forefathers, inspiration, become the best you can at fighting in all aspects. Learn you cant have it all, have a normal job, keep pyar with your close brothers whether they Singhs or moneh simple - live as a family.

2) BREAK: you run away from all the sh** blame it on your identity/religion or what ever you want. Change yourself to fit in with the normal crown become reserved, stay out of trouble types (by that meaning when someone brings it to you for no reason, you avoid it...)... First given opportunity you move area/live out in uni or something. LIve for yourself, be selfish basically.

Please note the above are two typical scenarios, they dont apply to everyone, nowdays Sikhs are to interested

- Educating themselves (academically) which is good thing but it dont teach you the values Sikhi does. Some might have PHDs from top unis but there street smartnes/ignorance is of a 5 year old.

- Money, as long as Im okay and Im earning top dollar screw the rest of the community I dont want trouble

- Status, as long as I have a nice car, nice bird and name that everyone knows me by its all good. I dont want to associate with those 'Sikhs' from poorer areas who always seem to be caught up in trouble!

- Police & Other authorities: Dont worry puth, the police will sort it out your dad knows a officer, NO THE POLICE WONT GET THIS THROUGH YOUR SKULL THE QUICKER YOU DO THE BETTER OF YOU WILL BE. Please note I aint encouraging anyone to disregard the laws of this country.

-Community & Upbringing - sod that why do I want to go and help others in my community Ive graduated from uni and want to marry the love of my life, Ive got better things to do.

Some parents will teach there kids: education and good life (money) simple as if any thing happens to someone within your community and they need a help stay away trouble could come our ways. BUT WHEN SH** hits their front door step they come running to the Gurdwara moaning why aint the youngters who look like the fighting type aint pulled out TANKS and AKS to fight lol.

Alot of you will disagree, but in most areas things like this go and will go on. In slough this is the case of most of the 'sikh youth', however there are some/many exceptions. But you will get some who say na everythings died down, its because they have never been involved mainly in what ever you want to call it.




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Man....Am I really living in the same country as some of you?

Given the north / south = pakistani / Indian divide in this country, its expected that that Pakistanis may give sikhs and hindus some grief in northern towns and cities...but here in the south I'm really not seeing the same things alot of you are seeing.

What exactly are you complaining of? Are you upset that sikhs have got out of deprived inner city slums and those inner city deprived slums have now turned into muslim ghettos?

Is that whats upsetting you ? The fact that muslims and taking over our slums.....taking our deprivation ?..........while we move out to nice neiighbourhoods and prosper.

I have never once in my entire life faced any derogatory remark from any muslim here in London. On the contrary, every day of my life I have heard my fellow sikhs refer to muslims as 'sullah' this and 'sulli' that.

Snap out of this victim mentality singho. Its not healthy.

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