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Guest _moorak_

If anyone wishes to read about Sant baba Harnam Singh jee kili wali (1879 - 1980), read the book Ham santan kee rein by Dr Dewan Singh. Its a small book covering his experiences with many mahapursh in including Baba Harnam Singh of the neeldhari. In the book you will also learn about Sant baba Niranjan Singh Mastunaai, Sant baba visakha Singh, Sant Baba Basant Singh Johlawali and many other mahapursh.

There is also a Book called Pooran Sant on the jeevani of Sant Baba Harnam singh kili wali. I dont have this book yet. But the books mentioned in this post will help the sangat learn more about Neeldharis and the seva Sant Harnam Singh jee did.

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soohee mehalaa 5 gunava(n)thee ||

sUhI mhlw 5 guxvMqI ]

Soohee, Fifth Mehla, Gunvantee ~ The Worthy And Virtuous Bride:


jo dheesai gurasikharraa this niv niv laago paae jeeo ||

jo dIsY gurisKVw iqsu iniv iniv lwgau pwie jIau ]

When I see a Sikh of the Guru, I humbly bow and fall at his feet.


aakhaa birathhaa jeea kee gur sajan dhaehi milaae jeeo ||

AwKw ibrQw jIA kI guru sjxu dyih imlwie jIau ]

I tell to him the pain of my soul, and beg him to unite me with the Guru, my Best Friend.


soee dhas oupadhaesarraa maeraa man anath n kaahoo jaae jeeo ||

soeI dis aupdysVw myrw mnu Anq n kwhU jwie jIau ]

I ask that he impart to me such an understanding, that my mind will not go out wandering anywhere else.


eihu man thai koo(n) ddaevasaa mai maarag dhaehu bathaae jeeo ||

iehu mnu qY kUM fyvsw mY mwrgu dyhu bqwie jIau ]

I dedicate this mind to you. Please, show me the Path to God.


ho aaeiaa dhoorahu chal kai mai thakee tho saranaae jeeo ||

hau AwieAw dUrhu cil kY mY qkI qau srxwie jIau ]

I have come so far, seeking the Protection of Your Sanctuary.


mai aasaa rakhee chith mehi maeraa sabho dhukh gavaae jeeo ||

mY Awsw rKI iciq mih myrw sBo duKu gvwie jIau ]

Within my mind, I place my hopes in You; please, take my pain and suffering away!


eith maarag chalae bhaaeearrae gur kehai s kaar kamaae jeeo ||

iequ mwrig cly BweIAVy guru khY su kwr kmwie jIau ]

So walk on this Path, O sister soul-brides; do that work which the Guru tells you to do.


thiaagae(n) man kee matharree visaarae(n) dhoojaa bhaao jeeo ||

iqAwgyN mn kI mqVI ivswryN dUjw Bwau jIau ]

Abandon the intellectual pursuits of the mind, and forget the love of duality.


eio paavehi har dharasaavarraa neh lagai thathee vaao jeeo ||

ieau pwvih hir drswvVw nh lgY qqI vwau jIau ]

In this way, you shall obtain the Blessed Vision of the Lord?s Darshan; the hot winds shall not even touch you.


ho aapahu bol n jaanadhaa mai kehiaa sabh hukamaao jeeo ||

hau Awphu boil n jwxdw mY kihAw sBu hukmwau jIau ]

By myself, I do not even know how to speak; I speak all that the Lord commands.


har bhagath khajaanaa bakhasiaa gur naanak keeaa pasaao jeeo ||

hir Bgiq Kjwnw bKisAw guir nwnik kIAw pswau jIau ]

I am blessed with the treasure of the Lord's devotional worship; Guru Nanak has been kind and compassionate to me.


mai bahurr n thrisanaa bhukharree ho rajaa thripath aghaae jeeo ||

mY bhuiV n iqRsnw BuKVI hau rjw iqRpiq AGwie jIau ]

I shall never again feel hunger or thirst; I am satisfied, satiated and fulfilled.


jo gur dheesai sikharraa this niv niv laago paae jeeo ||3||

jo gur dIsY isKVw iqsu iniv iniv lwgau pwie jIau ]3]

When I see a Sikh of the Guru, I humbly bow and fall at his feet. ||3||

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Guest _moorak_

any pdf ?

Its not on the internet. Singh will be scanning pages soon from ham santan kee rein. Pooran Sant is a huge book... But hopefully someone will do that one soon aswell. Ill send the link soon as its scanned.

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Kam the video you present and I present are in clear contradiction with each other. So there is more to it than what we see in those videos. In the video where Sant ji is walking and directly sees the person bowing to him he gets out of the way. In the second video he is delivering a speech and is not looking at what is happening below him because hes focused on the sangat infront of him.

It can't be hes a hyprocrite because Sant ji was true.

It can't be he is doing it for show, again Sant ji was true.

Why do you think about the two videos and why they clearly contradict each other.

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Date of Birth-POH SOODHI DOOJ (2nd), BIKRAMI SAMAT 1934/18th JANUARY 1877

It was started by Sant Maharajji Kilewale(Braham Gyani sant Harnam singh ji).

Just to brief you guys, Sant Maharajji Kilwale did tapsya for 12 years(this is before India-Pakistan Partition) and finally recieved the Darshan of Dhan Dhan Satguru Ramdas ji sache patshah at the parkarma of Shri Harimandir sahib. Sant Kilewale Mahrajji begeed for GURSIKHI from Satguru Ramdas ji. And Satgur Ramdas ji blessed by saying,'You are my SIkh, there is no difference between you and me now(Tuhi Muhi Antar Kaisa)).

Sant Kilewale Maharajji did the Neev Usari(Foundation stone) of Gurudwara Kandh Sahib(in Batala, Dist. Gurdaspur) where Guru Nanak Dev ji got married.

Sant Kile Wale Ji's greatness lay in the fact that he directed everyone to the Living Eternal Guru (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and not to himslef. He insisted that he was just a SIKH of the Almighty Lord, anyone who wanted to achieve his level of spirituality should follow the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Many a times would he, for instance, stand up in respect of even an Amrit Kirtan.He would insist to stand up in front that anyone reading even a SAAKHI for example of Sri Guru NANAK Dev Ji

Apart from being an avid lover of Classic Indian Music, Sant Kile Wale Ji was himself a highly acclaimed and accomplished musician. He was extremely meticulous about the Raagas and Taalas (Rythm) that were played infront of him. He was also very particular about the correct pronunciation of Guru Baani

Sant mahraji told to whole sant,' I recieved Sikhi beacuse of Dhandhan Guru Granth Sahib Sahib ji, If you also want Sikhi, Do ardas infront of SGGSji with complete Nimrata and Nimana kira(insect). Maharajji used to tell number of times that Sikh should follow Rehat Maryada which is the first step towards sikhi and shouldnot showup or showoff that He/she is greater than the Non-Sikh.(Hoye Nimana Jag Raho. Nanak Nadri Paar).

Mahraaji also advised,' SGGSji belongs not only to sikhs but to whole Humanity'. Sikh should see SGGSji as atmik jot of 10 Patshahis not just a Holy book with Gurmukhi verses.

You guys can get detailed Information about this Sant kilewale maharaji from Book 'PURAN SANT'.

Sant Kilwale Maharaji used to advise that Time would come when you would not things of Rehat maryada like Kachera,Sela,Garwa, Nitnem banis. Therefore you shud memorise atleast Japji sahib and Anandsahib by heart and keep things of Rehat maryada very very handy l. For eg:- Atleast 3 white kacheras, 2 white parnas, One sela, One garwa alsways filled with Water in your bag. Never leave you head uncovered when you sleep. always cover it with white cloth.

Always wear Blue kamarkasa and Blue Chakuta.The Blue Colur signifies the believe in Peace and Non-Violence. The Chakuta (head dress)signifies a Child asking forgiveness from his Father, the Almighty Lord"

Items to be kept as part of Rehat

1. Garwa (a lotta).

2. Glass.

3. Sela ( a metaltipped stick to facilitate digging a

hole in the earth, but not to be used as a weapon.

4. Aasan (a square piece of woolen knitted or plain

cloth for sitting on and perfoming prayers).

5. Rosary -big / small.

6. Hand towels.

7. Kurta/ pyjama.

8. Blue kamarkasas.

9. Blue chakutas (scafs).

10. White short turban - two each.

11. Three kachairas (short trousers- change after bath).

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