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A True Sant- A Humble General

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Baba Thakur Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale was the one who guided Khalsa Panth after the horrific happenings of Bluestar and 84 Riots. There are people who think that Babaji lied to panth about Sant Jarnail Singh ji and mislead Panth. I would like to share some bachans and vision of Baba Thakur Singh ji, which he had for Panth. He was the most humble, loving and blessed son of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, who despite all the slanders and abuses of people stayed firm in his faith and carried on his mission. People, who don’t know his greatness should read these bachans and look in their hearts, are we anywhere near Babaji’s kamaai and Love for Sikhi.

1. In 1985, when Singhs of Taksal requested Babaji to take charge of Taksal and Gurudwara Gurdarshan parkash and hold a Shaheedi Samagam for Shaheeds of Bluestar, Babaji gave bachan to singhs that Sant Jarnail Singh ji is in Charhdi kala, we’ll hold Shaheedi Ardas for Shaheeds and Charhdi Kala ardas for Sant Jarnail Singh ji. All the singhs agreed to this and accepted Babaji’s leadership. The day bhog of Akhand Paath was held, there was Sangat in an area of 30 kilometres around headquarters of Taksal. Babaji asked Singhs that how many families of Shaheeds have come. Singhs replied Babaji we have thousands of families, its better if we give Rs.1100 and Siropa to each because we don’t have much money. Babaji smiled and said Singho, Shaheeds have given their life for Panth, we can do at least this much for them, Guruji will send sewa himself for these families. Within minutes, situation had changed. When the honouring started, it was money raining. Envelopes filled with thousands of rupees were coming from within Sangat and each family was given Siropa, medal and financial assistance in thousands. (This was a small example of Power of his Bachan)

2. When Bhai Manbir Singh ji Chaheru, General of KCF was killed in a fake encounter on 8th August 1986 and his body thrown in river, news reached Babaji. KCF was the Jathebandi created by Taksali Singhs to carry forward struggle and all had great love and devotion for Babaji. Babaji got serious for a moment and then did bachan ‘’ they have killed my General, now its time of theirs’’. Next day,On 10th August 1986, Gen. A.K. Vaidya was shot dead by Bhai Sukha-Jinda in Pune.

3. DGP of Punjab Police, Ribeiro was the one butcher police officer who started fake encounters in Punjab. He was at top of Hit-list of Jhujharoo Singhs. Mission was planned and singhs carried out necessary preparations. One singh, who was part of this mission met me in UK and told me this thing himself. Before going for mission, singhs went to take blessings of Babaji. Babaji closed his eyes for a minute and than said ‘Singho, dusht di kamaai baut aa, par fer v koshish kar lavo’. (The Dusht ribeiro has lot of good deeds and bhagti left, still you can try). Saying this Babaji blessed singhs. Next day 5 Singhs dressed in Punjab police uniform reached Ribiero’s residence. He was sitting in lawn in front of his house having tea with his wife. Guards on duty were unarmed by Singhs on pretext of search and tied. Ground was clear, and Singhs reached in front of his table and opened fire from their guns. Bullets hit Ribeiro and his wife and they fell down from their chairs. Singhs, assuming them to be dead, returned. But next day's newspapers shocked Singhs. Ribeiro had been ‘seriously’ injured and was in hospital while his wife was also critical. General Labh Singh had said that time in anguish ‘We should have cut off his head and sent it to Delhi’. When Singhs returned and told Babaji this thing, Babaji said ‘To kill a Dusht, you should have more kamaai of Naam than him, for this very reason Sant Jarnail Singh used to order Singhs to do Jaaps of Shabads, Chandi di vaar jaaps and Chalisa. Second option is you should wait till his good deeds and Bhagti finish and then it’s easy to finish them’.

(And today people boast of doing actions or killing dushts but cannot do so; reason is they don’t have bhagti like Sodhi or Baba Manochahal.)

4. Simranjeet Singh Maan was in Bhagalpur jail. In 1989, General elections were held in India. Baba Thakur Singh ji did Sampat Akhand Paath and Ardas for victory of Maan. He was in jail; still his party won all the 13 parliamentary seats of Punjab. He was freed from jail and brought to Punjab. It was a victory for Sikh freedom movement and now all the MP’s were Pro-Khalistan. But in these times , its very difficult to contain one’s haume and pride of power. Some of Maan’s assistants like Raam Singh asked him to make distance from Babaji, as Babaji was not ready to announce Santji’s Shaheedi. Maan started talking wrong about Babaji and started slandering him. Sangat told Babaji about this thing. Babaji smiled and said ‘ Singho, don’t worry. Guru ji is watching over our heads. He’ll protect our honour. He knows how much I did for this person and today this person is slandering me. Guru will do justice’. Babaji was so humble that he sent some Singhs also Maan to not create divisions over this issue as this was issue of Truth and falsehood, of Faith and Power of Guru and he should not use his worldly intellect in this issue. But Maan was so proud and pumped up by Raam singh and others that he refused to meet Babaji. Babaji said ‘The one who can give can also take back’. And what happened? The same Mr. maan who had 13 seats didn’t get even 3 seats in next elections. And today same Maan, who was once considered Greatest Leader of Khalistan movement doesn’t even get enough votes to win local municipality elections or a MLA seat. (The people who try to divide Panth over issue of ‘Shaheedi’ should think about it.)

5. In 1992 Punjab elections, all the Kharkoo Jathebandis and political parties of Akalis boycotted elections. Akalis did this due to a secret pact with Indian Government, but Kharkoo jathebandis were fooled to support this boycott. Only BTFK of Baba Manochahal called upon Panthis parties to fight elections. Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji personally met all the Akali Leaders and kharkoo jathedars to fight elections and support Panthic parties. But that time Baba Thakur Singh ji and Baba Manochahal were branded as ‘Agents of Congress and GOI’ and slandered. Babaji said ‘these people are going to push back movement by 20 years. Very soon this brutal government will finish all the Jathedars and millions of innocents would be killed, Movement will come to a halt and Punjab will be coloured in Blood of innocent Sikhs. If only these fools listen to me. They should fight elections; I’m ready to support Maan for chief minister, if he fights elections’. (This showed Babaji’s vision regarding Panth’s safety, how much he worried for Panth and sons of Panth).These words were echoed by Baba Manochahal too, But no one listened to them. Despite the boycott of elections by Akalis, Electios were held and hindus of Punjab voted. With just 22% votes, Congress came to power in Punjab and Beanta became Chief Minister and KP Gill the DGP. History’s most brutal massacre of Sikhs took place during these three years. Within a year of beant government, All the Jathedars of Kharkoo Jathebandis had been finished. Bhai Gurjant Singh of KLF, Bhai Sukhdev Singh of BKI, Bhai Talwinder Singh ji of BK and many others. Baba Manochahal(BTFK) was last to fall on 28th Feb 1993 and with his Shaheedi, Movement came to a halt, which is still in that position. Other leaders left Punjab and settled in Pakistan, where they are sitting till today.

If only Panth had listened to Baba Thakur Singh ji’s bachans , we would have reached somewhere near our mission, our aim. But egoistic and visionless leaders failed the Panth. What could have the lone Sant did? Truly as he said, movement was thrown back 20 years. Today’s generation will have to decide, recognize that who were Agents of Congress and who worked for Panth. Was Babaji or Baba Manochahal congress agent or those who called for boycott of elections that time?

There are many more incidents and experiences, which will be shared with Sangat from time to time. Only thing I want to say is, before slandering babaji or those who follow his bachans, these over-enthusiastic people should see what their so-called leaders, Dals and federations and other Jathebandis have done for Panth in last 17 years, after movement came to a halt. It’s easy to slander a Mahapurakh, but difficult to pay for those slanders. And yes, I hope very soon these nindaks of Babaji will go to Akaal Takhat and re-start Dharam-yudh morcha again for Khalistan. If they do it, we’ll stand with them, if they can’t, its better they keep their mouths shut and do something for Panth, instead of creating divisions in Sangat in foreign countries.

Sri Akaal ji Sahai

-Kamaljeet Singh 'Baaz Khalsa' (from facebook)

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More please

To me Baba Taker Singh was an ideal Khalsa. However my plea to those that are still promoting that Sant ji is in Chardi Kala, or arguing against those that say he is not, are only encouraging them to do nidya of Baba ji, but are also making baba ji look like a 'laughing 'stock'.

Believe in what you want, but do not highlight and promote thus giving people the opportunity to have a go at 'baba ji'.

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