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Singhs in movies: Johnny English


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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

another singh in a movie is in , james bond octopussy.... hes in the whole movie and dies at the end hes a bad guy :cool:

but at least hes representing, sorry dont no abou t johhny englsih

btw singhs in video games :wub:

grand theft auto 3, a singh is a taxi driver, red pug... mota... brown sweater ;)

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Guest SikhForLife

there were several singhs in the recent movie/// THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW

no big role.. just in the background.. but one could see them quite clearly

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there was a singh in league of extraordinary gentleman too i think

another 1 i remember was a comedy film, black guys go to cornershop and there u have 2 singh shopkeepers. theres a gora comes in with a pistol trying to rob shop n goes gimme all your money u pakis, something distracts the gora n singhs pull out massive machine guns out of nowhere, start shootin n wreck the shop n at the end they go in freshie accent, he shudnt have called us pakis, it was hilarious, its better if u watch if it.

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Taken From http://khalsapride.com/SikhSpottings/movies.htm

In the movie "Little Nicky", when Adam Sandler appears on earth for the 2nd time, he is crossing the road with a dog and a sardar in a black pugh is walking by, and a few minutes later a sardar in a red pugh goes by

In the movie "Loser" the main character is hitting on a girl in the cafeteria of a college. A sardar is sitting behind them studying.

In the movie 'A little Princess' , a movie made after the novel...a Sikh sardar man is a main character, almost a hero who gives her father the support to get rid of his amnesia and takes care of an old man and helps him move on after his father's death.

In the movie 'The English Patient' there is a Sikh from the British army that helps the two 'lovers'

In Tim Allen's movie,"Jungle 2 Jungle" an American Sikh wearing a white turban appears in a scene in central park, dancing with a group of people.

In the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" there were several Sikh men spotted. Although the Sikh men were playing bad guys, they still did a good job acting.

In the movie Rush Hour, there is a brief glimpse of a Sikh taxi driver.

In the movie NEXT FRIDAY, there is a sikh sardar sitting on a bench next to his corvette.

In the James Bond movie Octupussy, which takes place in India, there are a bunch of sardars in the streets and there were some fighting on the side of the villian against Bond. It was too bad that there were sardars on the wrong side =(, but it

was nice to also see 'good' sardars on the streets! They did have good fighting scenes though

other english films although made by asians: bend it like beckham, east is east and bhaji on the beach

also a film called my mother india, it won a few awards, talks about 1984 riots

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the movie , TERMINAL with tom hanks, in theaters right now, has like 10 sardars in it

one is a very good picture which is a direct shot of a sardarji in a nice suit, good pug, and full dhari getting his plane ticket, then tom hanks walks up from behind him

there are so many other shots of Sikh men with full dharis in other background shots, it seems a bit purposely done (which if it is, i am greatful to spielberg)

the good thing is that the entire movie takes place in an airport, with sikhs frequently seen--> leads to decreased fear/ignorance

also, its crazy funny, so go watch it

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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    • Was listening to Sant Ji's katha on youtube.  Sant ji stated apart from the traditional raags, there is nothing wrong if Kirtan is sung in other NON - Raags set up by our Guru Ji's.  His example: Think of poison in a bowl.  Drinking the poison then blaming the bowl is silly. The poison is bad not the bowl. Likewise, we will never call a bowl Amrit once it contains Amrit init. Sameway it's not the raags being good / bad... it's WHAT we put into those raags. How many times Kirtan was sung but on a track of sum Bollywood tune? It is happening in Gurudwara by Raagis! Youtube also has Kaweshri jatha singing history of 1984, on Dr Dre's - Still Dre track.  Rap instrumental/ Bolly tunes stand neutral. We can either put bad things and sing with our own remixes and lyrics... or we can recreate to sing Shabads of Gurbabi, kirtan and Sikh Prachaar over them. 
    • Everything in Gurbani points us towards the Atma. Atma and Parmatma are the same… Atama and Parmatma is the source that creates and causes everything… What have the following items got in common? A fan. A television. A fridge. A radio. A computer..? These things are powered by electricity. Without electricity these things are lifeless. It’s the electricity that causes these things to function… Atma is the source of energy that allows everything to happen.    without Atma, we are lifeless… Call this Atama RAGUNATH…call this Atma by any other name…the fact remains that it’s the life force energy… Dieties also have the same Atma as humans, but they still part of the creation, and not the creator…  
    • Hi I want to know who’s ragunath in gurbani Hindu claim this word appear for ram chandra if we read guru teg bahadur maharaj salok maharaj clearly rejecting ram gayo ravan geo but at the last pangti Kahu naanak īh bipaṭi mai tek ēyk ragɦunaaṭɦ ॥55॥ Says Nanak, in this calamity, the Lord alone is my support who is this ragunaath why would maharaj use ragunath as refrence for god?
    • Throughout history we have been tested and tried. We remained steadfast and resiliant. The events that took place in Punjab and outside of Punjab in the past years made it quite clear we are big players in the game which kept the world powers on edge. It started off with the drug pandemic in Punjab, to the uproar by Bhai Amritpal Singh to the Farmer's protest. Outside of Punjab the deaths of Avtar Singh Khanda (UK) and Hardeep Singh Nijjar (Canada) created a stir within our community. This was probably our first real opportunity to establish something but how quickly members of our own community forget history. We have been a threat to civilization in the past and this is probably what the world powers are concerned about. However, may we continue grow and learn through Gurbani and like Jaswant Singh Khalra said: 'May the spirit of equal rights Punjab continue to kindle'. 
    • This is why people used to get married earlier in puratan times. Think about it, nowadays you legit have to be brahmacharya at ages when you're supposed to be married and producing children, which historically speaking, is unprecedented outside of the Sants in Indic tradition. 
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