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Makkar,Jathedars,Jathedar Damdami Taksal Atttend Funeral Of Surinder Kaur Badal


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Just watched ptc news channel(badals news channel,822 on sky, will be repeated at 5pm today)

Jathedar akal takht and Jathedar harnam singh dhumma(damdami taksal)

attended funeral of surinder kaur badal. Jathedar harnam singh dhumma (damdami taksal) praised seva of surinder kaur badal. We all know that akal thakth

jathedar and makkar(sgpc -president) would attend funeral and are always going to support badal. However jathedar harnam singh should keep

distance from any political parties. All panthic jathebandiya like taksal and akj should not attend or have links with political parties and do as much

parchar of gurmat. Badal also recently attended smagam of akj but jathedar bakshish singh(akj) left smagam when he found out badal would be coming.

It is dissapointing to see panthic leaders supporting badal. I think definitely here in uk we are more clued up when it comes to politcs in punjab. All

you have to do is type badal in google and see images of badal parwar visiting sirsa dera, ashutosh etc.

Maybe somebody in uk can send jathedar harnam singh giving him information on both parties captain(congress) and badal(akali dal) on their

anti-panthic stuff they have done. If jathedar harnam singh were shown pictures of badal visiting deras it would be interesting to see his response.

This post is not really attack on surinder kaur. She is gone now and her karams will be judged by dharam rai. It must be difficult time for badal family, losing wife

and mother is always difficult.

This post is directed at panthic leaders to wake up. Ive lost hope in sgpc and akal takht, their under control of badal.

Im 100% sure if sant jarnail singh bhinrdawale were here, he would of spoken out against badal(akali dal) and captain amarinder singh(congress) meeting

ashutosh, jhoota sauda leaders. No way sant ji would have stayed silent. Jathedar harnam singh needs to follow example of previous jathedar Sant Jarnail Singh,

be fearless and speak out against anti-panthic forces, regardless of what political postion they hold.

Job of giving tankhah(punishment) for violating maryada is job of akal takht jathedar. But if jathedar is attending and speaking at programs organized

by wife of sukhbir singh badal, how is he going to give tankhah?! jathedar should visit all pinds(villages) of punjab and be reviving sikhi, giving assistance to

gianis, kirtania, kthavackaks who are spreading gurmat teachings.

We all need to to do ardas to maharaj to free our panthic organisations, sgpc, akal takht from political parties, otherwise we will never achieve khalistan, freedom, justice etc

maharaj kirpa karo!!!! make our leaders, jathedars of takhts and jatha's, into fearless lions like sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindrawale and bhai fauja singh ji!!!!!

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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

bhai sahib khalistan-zindabad ji its good to hear that Baba Thakur Singh Ji wouldnt even share same room with badal.

this current situation in panth is so frustrating!

I once heard katha of harnam singh on sikh channel, it was on sooraj parkash. its clear harnam singh has knowledge

on sikhi. same goes for jathedar of akal takht gurbachan singh, to get to jathedar of akal takht im thinking you must have certain

required amount of knowledge on guru granth sahib and certain done amount of seva. which makes it so confusing as to why

harnam singh and jathedar gurbachan singh would side with an individual who is so anti-panthic?!?!

after reading Guru Granth Sahib ji, reading jeevan of Guru Sahiban, Char Sahibzade etc How can you stand with someone such as

badal who has done so much damage to panth?!?!

The only excuse I can think of is that harnam singh doesn't have information on things badal has done. I wonder if there are any singhs

on this forum who know harnam singh and can send him photos of badal visiting deras and other anti-panthic stuff. Then see what

response harnam singh gives. If he still stands by badal, then he is definitely not worthy of being jathedar of damdami taksal.

Baba Thakur singh ji had bhagti, Jathedar Jarnail Singh Khalsa ji Bhindrawale had bhagti. They were true panthic leaders.

Sache patshah! kirpa karo! we are in desperate need for a leader of the panth! Sache patshah! kirpa karo!

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

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Bhai Sahib Jee

Giani Harnam Singh is not worthy to be called a mukhi of taksal, and he is NOT the mukhi of taksal, Baba Thakur Singh Jee wouldnt even sit in the same room as badal or even go anywhere where he would be.

Dhumma isnt even worthy of being a vidiarthee of taksal, let alone mukhi.

I agree, i don't get the right vibe from Harnam Singh, i really hope Sant Jarnail Singh really comes back soon.

In the mean time what do we do though, just wait, or work to improve conditions in Punjab?

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Did Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa go to the funeral of Gurbachan Singh, the Nirankari leader that was shot dead in 1980? Sant ji was all for sarbat da bhala and he never went to the funeral.

You are comparing apples and oranges here... anyway got one perfect example of bhai ghaniya ji feeding the enemies, bandaging them on the battlefield...here we got an dead woman who probably died of her karams (it just show no one is immune from karam and lekh),...also this is an woman who not in the battle field nor she declare an war against panth but indirectly harm the panth because of badal influence on her,,, so going to her funeral is understandable just like how gyani thakur singh ji patialawale (student of sant kartar singh bhindranwale) went to rulda rss dude funeral asking for sarbat da bhalla...if bhai ghaniya ji didn't gave up his gyan of sarbat da bhalla towards enemy in the battle field then why should we?. Sikhi is more than just following bunch of ultra orthodox youths running around on here or on panthic.org making an issue of nothing.

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Stating the truth and not associating with bad people doesn't mean you don't believe in Sarbat Da Bhalla veerji. By going to the funeral it is showing the jathebandis support Badals. The Badals are well off in terms of money (therefore don't need help) and don't really believe in Sikhi because they believe in various cults that basically go against fundamental teachings so going and praying (or should i say getting photos with the badals) doesn't do anything, nor does it send any good 'sentiments'.

Amir bande da koi dharam ni, sirf paisa. Doesn't matter how much you butter them up, at the end of the day politics and money $ is what floats their boat. The people who showed up, if they had the best interest of representing Sikhs, should know this.

We all still believe we should help even our enemy, even if he is trying to kill you, IF they are in need and to recognize the human race as one as it is the hukam of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

If they didn't attend the funeral, nothing would have happened, but the fact that they did attend sends a message that they support the Badals over anything or were scared to attend. By attending they did not show sarbat da bhalla because they simply don't believe in Sikhi and they are not in need, they don't care if someone is there and prays with you, their dharam is only paisa and power.

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