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** Evidence Of Gravesend Granthi Drinking, Eating Meat**

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Forget the punctuation I'm using my iPod so I'm allowed mistakes anyway haters are my motivators!

'you are not god' when did I say I am?

'you are perfect' who said I'm perfect only god can judge me

You don't know anything about my life so really you shouldn't be commenting, that I should focus upon my life. We ain't talking about me or expressing opinions about me. All I did was voice out an opinion on here which you didn't like but that doesn't mean you can critsize me..

I don't like people who stick up for bad people hey don't hate me for it I'm entitled to my own opinion.

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I'm on my iPod touch too ( 100% serious), your punctuation has improved- thank you.

Your not God so you shouldn't be so quick to judge others, I haven't actually judged you, in fact I agree wholeheartedly about only Guru Sahib being able to judge us.

To clarify, I am not in any way shape or form supporting the bloody Giani, I think he should be off to pesh ASAP. All I said was exposing I'm via th the Internet/ tv etc is stupid and we have no right to do it because we ALL MAKE MISTAKES.

Anyways I'm shattered, I'm off to bed.

Goodnight m4ndy , take care blud.

Ps I'm not a hater. Im a lover, I love all :-)

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Just so you know you are the first person who has hurt my feelings on this forum I thought people were genuine on here no need to be mean :(

was that for calling you a fool? Read my other post, I'm pretty sure I said I was joking.

I love you really :-)

This forum isnt all that genuine either, it's good for the laughs tho, especially the Gupt section where people continuously rant about falling in love loll

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I didn't take that as a joke, I was offended by that. I don't expect people to be harsh on here, you could have said it in a nice way but you used harsh words to insult me, which I felt were wrong especially on the subject discussion.

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I just seen your two posts in the Gupt section. You gave good advice there so well done! :D I respect you for that.

I take things to heart easily if I think someone is having a go at me that's all.

Oh ok if were to insult me, what would have been your method?

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Evidence of Gravesend Gurdwara Sahib Granthi eating meat, drinkining alcohol and swearing, and also discussing corrupt officials in the committee

Recently singhs beat this granthi up due to him drinking and sitting on tabia and doing a raul, later the commitee supported the granthi and went against the singhs and have threatened to take the singhs to court. Currently <edited> has openly supported the granthi knowing of his misdeeds, and is standing against the singhs. Even though members of panthic jathedbandi including akj have phoned him to change his stance, but he still is going against the singhs of the panth and supporting this person.

Please watch the videos.

Part 1 - discussing the corrupt commitee - admitting to drinking black label, etc

Part 2 - Eating meat, alcohol

Part 3 - Eating meat, alcohol

I wonder what nihang singhs think of this? Do their granthis eat meat/mahaprashad?

Shouldn't thinking of sikh panth respect the views of each others jathas and dals instead of forcing view of meat eaters as bad people and bad sikhs?

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