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Vaheguru Mantra


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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakaal,

Dear all and Mohkam Singh Jee,

A true receiver is the person who has received true Naam exactly as the Gurus have suggested in Sri Guru Granth Saahib Jee. True Gurus have not once suggested that Vaheguru is the Gurmantra.

A true receiver sings the results of Naam. (bhagats sang the same songs that the gurus did at different times, this was possible due to the gyan that was uncovered within through bhagti- Through bhagti, the discovery of gurbani becomes ones own- The True guru is within ones heart and this Truth speaks to the blessed bhagat from within.)

Preaching is a fake business (dhandhaa).

A preacher may also become a true receiver of Naam with God's Grace.

Balbir Singh

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

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