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Majority Of Uk Sikhs Upset With Yesterdays Live Show On Sikh Channel (And Dadu Sahib Wale) For Speaking Against Panthic Leaders And Jathebandia!

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Thanks for the detailed update and information Harmindersingh. The press coverage from BBC sounds very positive if this has happened. I agree with your points that both channels have been at fault, but it was that Sikh Channel discussion show when OPEN slander was done of the individuals you have named above which put me off and many others off. Also, Dadu Sahib did not need to know any background information about people sitting in a studio and naming certain leaders and slandering work of old organisations. It is common sense that is wrong and the words that were being used were wrong. Plus Sikh Channel made all the arrangements to call over Dadu Sahib and Raghbir Singh must have been in very regular contact with Dadu Sahib, so he will have been aware of the controversy over the last two weeks. In fact, Dadu Sahib even said during a telephone call-in from India a few days before that discussion show that "Sikh Channel should not listen to anyone else and carry on with D-Day" and he "makes an appeal to all jathebandia to get on board" - that is basically what was said. He was aware of everything. I have great sympathy for Dr Sadhu Singh who has got caught in the middle of this, he obviously had very good intentions and so did Gurnam Singh. They are not at fault. Even Mr Bal is probably not that bad, but it was the presenter that day and the panel who had a hidden agenda backed by a very bad set of audience from the International Panthic Dal. They should apologise. Please note that I am not personally against Sikh Channel (even Dr Sadhu Singh apologised that perhaps Sikh Channel should have had meetings with Sikh leaders about the event at an earlier date - very good of him) - it is just that particular discussion show and those in it that made matters a 100 times worse for everyone.

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But I think Amrik Singh Gill (and JOga Singh)has mistakes on his hands as well like sharing stage with Badal people and Akal takht Jathedar at Sangat TV anniversary.

But please be aware of Sangat TV unless it distances from Badal's clan.

In regards to that, also see the below post by another member:

Randhir Singh said that Sangat TV is dedicated to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib as it is the highest institution in the Sikh Panth. Also everyone seems to be jumping up and down about the Akal Takhat Jathedar coming to the anniversary programme but no one is aware that after the programme in darbar sahib, the Jathedar met with all the Singhs in the Gurdwara office and answered all the questions which were put to him. Bhai Kuldeep Singh Chaheru and Bhai Joga Singh were very vocal in describing their disappointment in the role of the Jathedar in the whole Vienna case. Just because something does not happen in front of everyone doesnt mean it does not happen at all..

IF ANYTHING, it is the likes of Dadu Wale who we need to be aware of. He not only shares a stage with Badal people, he gave Sukhbir Badal a siropa along with Sarna (he has openly admitted this today on Sikh Channel). He also is close with Dhumma who is Badals puppet. He is close with Jasbir Rode as they both set up the International Panthic Dal and we all know Rode is a sell-out who recently joined forces with Badal. Raghbir Singh of International Panthic Dal is the one who calls over Dadu Wala to the UK. It is all linked together. Dadu Wala not only shares stages with them, but is best freinds with many of Badals close associates, not to mention actually giving siropeh to Badal Junior and Sarna.

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