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Intimacy With God?


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These days, whenever we hear a love song, the lyrics are always directed toward another man/woman, but can we apply these songs to God as well? Can we have that intimate relationship with God? If a man who was a saint were to hear lyrics from a love song (something like a girl saying to another guy "you make me feel complete", "you make me tingle with excitement, I'm complete with you" iunnno, anything) would that saint apply these lyrivs to the Lord? Or would he dismiss them? Would a man who has spiritually progressed share this sort of intimate relation with God or would he share a more 'macho' relationship with Him?

(also, any Shabads about this topic would be very helpful)

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I haven't got any of the satellite channels so I'm not privy to what goes on, so the only source of "Asian" news and culture I have access to is when I flick through the various Asian radio stations when preparing my lunch, etc.

Whenever a song comes on which goes something along the lines of "Rab toh pehla mein tera naa japu" or something equally blasphemous (lol), does anyone else cringe? I mean to place a woman BEFORE God is just.....well its embarrassing. Why elevate a fickle human to such status? I know its probably a half-serious declaration but I can't help but roll my eyes at this kind of stuff. Utter nonsense in my opinion.

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This is a shabad i learnt in Kirtan, and it contains these lines, which i have always thought were intimate and incredibly expressive (in bold):

Siree Raag, First Mehla, Second House:

He Himself is the Enjoyer, and He Himself is the Enjoyment. He Himself is the Ravisher of all.

He Himself is the Bride in her dress, He Himself is the Bridegroom on the bed. ||1||

My Lord and Master is imbued with love; He is totally permeating and pervading all. ||1||Pause||

He Himself is the fisherman and the fish; He Himself is the water and the net.

He Himself is the sinker, and He Himself is the bait. ||2||

He Himself loves in so many ways. O sister soul-brides, He is my Beloved.

He continually ravishes and enjoys the happy soul-brides; just look at the plight I am in without Him! ||3||

Prays Nanak, please hear my prayer: You are the pool, and You are the soul-swan.

You are the lotus flower of the day and You are the water-lily of the night. You Yourself behold them, and blossom forth in bliss. ||4||25||

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Surrender to God is true intimacy.

Surrender cannot be done just by talking. It must actually be done. As the river surrenders to the ocean and loses it's entity, it's taste and all it's limitations. Everything absolutely changes when she meets her lover, the ocean. So do it practically; not just in words.

Don't just repeat God's name but completely lose yourself in it.

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