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Call To Sangat: Have You Been Effected By These People?

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Fateh..can anyone share the outcome of the meeting?i think it's important for Sangat to know what was decided on Sunday so îf the couple from the midlands doing all these wrong things have been found guilty by the panth, we can keep away from the liars, hiding behind bana and to make sure no one else gets involved with them. This ghastly witch personality who looks scary and behaves inhuman, teling people they are possessed when actually she's the possessed one. Doing weird stuff in her freakyily scary house With cats and dogs running around and even says that her pets were her friends in her last life when she was jathedaar of some missl. whatever lady!

Tapped in the head but tapping her husband and some other gursikhs along the way, who used to be good guys doing seva etc but now look like her and do whatever she says. Can't even think for themselves after her brainwashing. Man, u feel for their families who probably aren't even aware that their sons and daughters are on the wrong path with nutters like her. Most of all I feel for her silly husband who is stuck with her..atlesst the others have hope that one day when their friends and family find out,they can be helped but husbands got kids so in a mess.

They Need to stop producing babies and get off their <banned word filter activated>' and get jobs like the rest of us and then they can feed their kids with their own earnings rather than looting and conning the Sangat with their funky projects! They think they are artists but r clueless about what art is..and sikhi..even I know the crap they preach is wrong and I'm not really a knowledgable Sikh.I've seen them and felt apprehensive about them since, and then found out what they did to my friend and then all this going on on here just opened my eyes and speaking to people who been affected by em.

If they were found guilty of doing wrong by the Singhs then they should definitely be kept away from the Sangat,and Uni talks and Sikh holiday camps for kids and should be monitored closely as they are so wrong lying to be something they're not.

Just makes u realise not to be fooled by fake lovethey show and their white bana.

Hope someone who knows will share what the results of singhs meeting was PLEASE

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There are many pictures of this couple but if we publish them, we are revealing their identities and this thread will be closed, As far as we know there is no YouTube video as such about them but th

Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh Keeping in line with the rules of the forum. We are re-posting this message and keeping personal identities as gupt as possible but at the same time tryin

Great post. With the knowledge and application of gurbani, not just the ritual reading of it, we become gurbani- and such rituals and superstitions mean nothing for we are beyond them- When we Truly A

Wjkk wjkf beant maafi for the late reply saad sangat Ji

The outcomes of the meeting were as follows: -

5 Singhs were selected to hear both parties over the course of two weeks, 3 meetings and several witness statements.

5 Singhs final decision ruled in favour of the families who brought forward the allegations.

After consulting with our legal team in the interests of public knowledge and concern, the meeting that took place on Sunday 12th February 2012 was a public meeting and sangat of Guru Har Rai Gurdwara were invited to hear both sides of the story.

As the outcome directly affects the Sikh congregation and everything that is about to be stated can be proved true in a court of law, therefore we are not defaming any character and are not breaking any law by publishing their names on Sikh Sangat or any public medium.

Therefore Kulwant Singh and Gursunder Kaur of Dudley, West Midlands, were found, by 5 Singhs were given a punishment of being banned from any form of parchaar or sewa and any Sikh camp for the next 5 years.

The 5 Singhs found that after listening to all the testimonies of all the families involved, including sangat from Europe, the actions of Kulwant Singh and Gursunder Kaur and the parchaar they have are involved in is NOT in line with gurmat.

They were also accused of producing a fake cholah apparently belonging to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, they were requested to bring all fake relics and artefacts to Guru Har Rai Gurdwara, in no more than two weeks.

One of the 5 Singhs also stated that even though the couple strenuously denied all accusations made to them, it was obvious that 10 families over three countries could not all be lying.

The reason we are posting this is that a condition has also been placed on the couple that if they are found to be participating in any form or sikhi parchaar and sewa at camps, the Sikh panthic jathabadis and sampardas will be calling them to account and they will be reprimanded.

So a benti to sangat that please do not invite this couple to any event or camp, as per to the hukam issued by 5 Singhs. It is hoped that during this time of solitude that couple can focus of their jeevans and sikhi and build their characters to a high standard.

The families involved would like to thank all those involved who help bring forward the truth and primarily Waheguru Ji for seeing justice being served. they also wish Kulwant Singh and Gursunder Kaur all the best in rebuilding their jeevans and hope that the outcome of this meeting will help bring a positive change to their lives so that in the future they are able to continue with gurmat sewa of the panth.

To ensure that we are no accused of making the following statement up, there is a video made of the spokesperson announcing the 5 Singhs decision and also the committee of Guru Har Rai Gurdwara, West Bromwich, Birmingham, who have been involved in this situation from the earliest stages, will also verify this as fact. As the original statementnwas spoken in punjabi, the above statement is a translated, summarised version, and we apologise if there are any discrepancies with the translation, as we have endeavoured to stick to that facts.

Bhul chuck maafi

Wjkk wjkf

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This is the hukamnama Guru Ji blessed the sangat with, when granthi singh did ardaas about this whole situation: -

WAHEGURU...... :-)

jYqsrI mhlw 5 ]

koeI jnu hir isau dyvY joir ]

crn ghau bkau suB rsnw dIjih pRwn Akoir ]1] rhwau ]

mnu qnu inrml krq ikAwro hir isMcY suDw sMjoir ]

ieAw rs mih mgnu hoq ikrpw qy mhw ibiKAw qy qoir ]1]

AwieE srix dIn duK BMjn icqvau qum@rI Eir ]

ABY pdu dwnu ismrnu suAwmI ko pRB nwnk bMDn Coir ]2]5]9]

jaithasaree mehalaa 5 ||

koee jan har sio dhaevai jor ||

charan geho bako subh rasanaa dheejehi praan akor ||1|| rehaao ||

man than niramal karath kiaaro har si(n)chai sudhhaa sa(n)jor ||

eiaa ras mehi magan hoth kirapaa thae mehaa bikhiaa thae thor ||1||

aaeiou saran dheen dhukh bha(n)jan chithavo thumharee our ||

abhai padh dhaan simaran suaamee ko prabh naanak ba(n)dhhan shhor ||2||5||9||

Jaitsree, Fifth Mehla:

If only someone would unite me with the Lord!

I hold tight to His feet, and utter sweet words with my tongue; I make my breath of life an offering to Him. ||1||Pause||

I make my mind and body into pure little gardens, and irrigate them with the sublime essence of the Lord.

I am drenched with this sublime essence by His Grace, and the powerful hold of Maya's corruption has been broken. ||1||

I have come to Your Sanctuary, O Destroyer of the suffering of the innocent; I keep my consciousness focused on You.

Bless me with the gifts of the state of fearlessness, and meditative remembrance, Lord and Master; O Nanak, God is the Breaker of bonds. ||2||5||9||

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My God, so much nindiya on this thread.

Fareed, if you have a keen understanding,

then do not write black marks against anyone else.

Look underneath your own collar instead. (6)

Sorry ji but truth isn't nindiya..nindiya is when u lie and twist and make up stories about being mata bhag Kaur etc as these people were doing. The poster has only posted the truth!

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Sorry ji but truth isn't nindiya..nindiya is when u lie and twist and make up stories about being mata bhag Kaur etc as these people were doing. The poster has only posted the truth!

I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about people thinking it's okay to pass judgement on the couple and slander them. What they have done may not be acceptable, but does that in turn make it okay for us to say whatever they want about their nature or their personal lives? It doesn't.

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I don't know these people, but it seems clear to me that the person is suffering from 'split personality disorder' and should be on medication 'asap'. I hope people who know them can support them to seeing a doctor and taking medication, the 5 Singhs should have recommended that and hopefully understood, that it is a mental disorder issue.

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Vjkk vjkf!

I disagree..if it was a mental problem then how can she know she needs to deny ever saying all the things she did to panthic leaders and the 5 Singhs, yet actually she's been going round country to country saying it to the Sangat that she is gifted and dasam duaar open etc..to say its a mental issue would be an excuse bhai sahib.

However if it was proven that she is loopy in the head, she would be sectioned under the mental health act before on medication.,she's caused people to get divorced and all sorts snd I'm yet to know of another mentally ill person who has managed to do that to others

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People with mental health disorders do alot to other people, cause alot of grieve within families and outside. If she believes she was a fearless warrior, then it she really should be on medication, before she hurts anyone.

Has nobody, considered taking her to the doctors?? she really needs help, rather than condemnation. Mental health disorders are complex and people suffering from them, say all and do all sorts of things. A doctor will make a ref feral to see health professional who will be able to help her.

Apologises, I really don't know much about this:-(

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Gurfateh Ji,

Massage from the 5 Singh’s and the Sat-Sangat,

This is a Humble request from the Five Singh’s and from the sat-sangat, that this issue has been resolved by the grace of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji’s Five Singh’s and Sat-sangat ji according to gurmat assools, therefore we humbly ask everyone to respect this and refrain from commenting on this matter any further so please DO NOT post any more messages on this topic regarding this issue. Thank you

May Waheguru’s blessing shower on everyone….

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I answered 'not really, I feel like I have the flu' then she asked the nurse if she was checking my temperature which she replied 'yes'.  +2 View gallery   A year-long investigation into UK maternity care has found that `systemic racism´ is experienced by Black, Asian and mixed ethnicity women  'The doctor was still concerned, she said the patient looks pale (I think she noticed this because she was South Asian) and asked the nurse to check my temperature again, it had soared!'  After being put on antibiotics and with an assisted delivery, she gave birth to a baby girl.  She added: 'I later learnt that I had suspected septicaemia and it was captured just in time with the antibiotics drip. I believe that doctor saved my life and my baby's life.  'I think if I were a white woman, my constant request to check my pain relief (epidural) would have been validated. I felt like [the nurse] thought I was either strong enough or I was exaggerating.'  Another black woman said she was repeatedly refused strong painkillers.  She told the report: 'I kept asking them to give me strong painkillers because my stitches were not dissolvable and they had to remove them after five days and it's the c-section stitches that got really infected and my wound started bleeding.  'So I was in a lot of pain, but they were completely refusing to give me strong painkillers.'  Melissa Brown, a midwife and officer for Birthrights, told the BBC that maternity services were facing huge challenges. 'We did hear positive examples of maternity care, but there is racism and racial discrimination at a structural and individual level which is putting black, brown and mixed ethnicity women at harm,' she said.  'There are many complex reasons for poorer health outcomes for ethnic minorities, and racism and discrimination is definitely playing a role.' 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    • If you think I'm talking tatti, then fair enough. But go listen to ANY Katha performed by the panth's great sants, mahapurash, gianis, kathavachaks of the past 60 years, and you'll not hear anything negative about Mohammed and Islam as a valid belief system.  You'll hear criticism of Islamic PRACTICES or rituals performed by those who say they're Muslims, but you'll NEVER encounter a fundamental disavowal of the validity of Islam as a path to God. Then how can we utilise Sikhi to dismantle Islam when it's always remained in it's good graces?  Didn't Sant Jarnail Singh say that a Muslim should be a good Muslim, a Hindu a good Hindu, etc? There was no, "Muslims should leave Islam" or "Islam is false." Even in relatively recent Sikh history our leadership has sought to make bridges with Islam. What part of Sikhi can we use to stand against Islam that doesn't make it seem like we're just making up 5hit to combat them? Our religious leadership hasn't ever given us ANY ammunition against them. Why?
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