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Kirtan Is More Important Than Katha

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The bani of the second bhai Gurdas (Singh) tells us about khande ki pahul. Other than that Guru Granth Sahib Ji Di bani contains references to deekhiya, recieving gurmantar, becoming a Sikh etc. the particular form may not be written but there is clear mention of the concept of becoming Guru vala. If lecture katha is not in Sri Gurbani, then clearly we can receive param gat without it.

If you choose to accept utterances of Bhai Gurdas Jee (the second one), why reject other utterances of respected Gursikhs of history which reference the Saakhiaan of Guru Ji's times (as per AK47's posts)? Bhai Gurdas Jee (the first one) is known to have done Kathaa to Sangat. From these Kathaas, he wrote his Vaaran, of which we now do Keertan.

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Sri Harmandir Sahib Maryada is continuous reading of sri guru granth sahib jee and kirtan during day time and this been going on since our guru jees time. Maybe there is a reason for that.. I am not s

If you listen to the katha of Guru Nanak Dev Ji from sooraj parkash (or read it alone if that makes you happier) you will find sakhi after sakhi where maharajah visits places and does updesh I.e teach

A tough one but I feel uncomfortable prioritising one over the other. If katha is being pushed into the background because of a fear of being distorted by devious parties, that's not a reflection on t

Me stating that the literal sentence 'I have given khandi ki pahul' is not in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji or Sri Dasam Granth (yes, I acknowledge this), is irrelevent to any debate on the katha issue ...

irrelevant to this debate or not I have got the answer. Thank you very much.

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Examples of guru sahib and gursikhs delivering lectures or sermons or updesh or katha or sakhiyan etc have been shared. Please do read or research them to see whether they happened or not.

The need for katha to accompany kirtan is more important now than ever as we move further from our language and face doubts and challenges from society. Bhai dharam Singh zakhmi was a gem!! If you want anand listen to him doing kirtan n telling the sakhi with it. Pure bliss

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    • https://ommcomnews.com/india-news/offensive-photo-shoot-at-kartarpur-annoys-sikh-community Offensive Photo Shoot At Kartarpur Annoys Sikh Community   Offensive Photo Shoot At Kartarpur Annoys Sikh Community By OMMCOM NEWS On Nov 29, 2021    Share New Delhi:  A clothing brand recently came under fire after an alleged photo shoot at the Kartarpur Gurdwara in Pakistan. In the shoot, a Lahore-based model can be seen bareheaded, posing for the camera, compromising the sanctity of the place, Express Tribune reported. Pakistan Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and members of the Sikh community expressed annoyance over the fashion photoshoot at the Kartarpur shrine, Pakistan Observer reported. Chaudhry slammed the designer and the model for the photoshoot. “The Designer and the model must apologise to Sikh Community #KartarPurSahib is a religious symbol and not a Film set,” he wrote on Twitter. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management committee, also condemned the act, calling it “desecration”. “Pakistan court issued arrest warrant of star who did dance video at Mosque; same must be done against this woman from Lahore as an example of treating all religion at par.” “Otherwise, any talk of respect for Sikhism is hollow,” he said. In another tweet, Sirsa commented: “Such behaviour and act at the pious place of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is totally unacceptable! Can she dare to do the same at her religious place in Pakistan? Imran Khan and the government of Pakistan should take immediate action to stop this trend of treating Sri Kartarpur Sahib as a picnic spot by Pakistani people.” Meanwhile, the clothing brand, Mannat, has issued a clarification on the matter. The Instagram page has since removed the controversial posts and released a statement, the report said. “The pictures posted on our accounts are NOT part of any shoot done by Mannat Clothing. These pictures were provided to us by a third-party (blogger) in which they were wearing our dress. Please note that Mannat has absolutely NO role in deciding how and where the pictures were taken,” the statement read. “However, we accept our mistake that we should not have posted this content and we apologise to every single person who was offended by this. All the holy places are very sacred to us.” “The pictures and posts have been removed from all our media channels. Again, we apologise wholeheartedly for hurting the public sentiment. Believe us when we say we had no such intention.” On the other hand, Pakistan Punjab Police in a statement said that they are investigating all aspects related to this incident and strict legal action will be taken against those responsible. “Management of the concerned brand & model are being investigated. Worship places of all religions are equally respectable,” reads the statement, as per the report.
    • I know some parents who think it won't look on the kids' CV when applying to University etc and worry that they might not be able to integrate as well into society.  I don't know though. A lot of Jewish and Muslim children in North London do well and go to good university/courses.  I hope there are not problems with these projects because of greed of individuals running them. There are not even many 'Sikh schools in India or Punjab. The Christian schools in Punjab seem to be a lot more popular. 
    • Her name was Charlotte. 😅😁 Aside from that, bro, with genuine respect, I think the reality is somewhere between the middle of both our perspectives, but obviously a little closer to my end of the spectrum. 👌
    • First step. Let's identify the traitors in our midst. Let's identify the sectors they work in, who their masters etc.
    • You are completely wrong. It is some calculated, devilish plan These people are not remotely scared to be racist, they just don't like getting caught at it. This sh1ts been going on from way before you were born. There was pc stuff like that back then, the authorities still turned a blind eye, because these things were normal in their own culture back then, plus they liked using proxies to attack the panth.  Wake up bro, we are getting tagged teamed by them. I think you've got a soft spot for wasps. Don't open us up to even more than what they've done already because of it.  The way you constantly defend them makes me think that you're secretly having a relationship with one (or did have in the past).      I agree, but that doesn't excuse inaction on our panth's part.  That's just makes what could be turned into a minor issue, into a major one like it is now.  It's about minimising losses, and sending a strong message to outsiders as a deterrent.  
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