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kaam is not needed. preet, prem, and piyaar is!

krodh is not needed, josh, and bir ras is!

lobh is not needed, lorch is!

moh is not needed, chaao is!

ahankaar is not needed, self integrity / 'tripat' is!

they ar called 5 EVILS / THIEVES for a reason.

we are to replace the 5 evils with daya, dharam, sat santokh and nimirta/veechaar.

we should control it, bring it to zero, and keep it at zero, and not let them utt ( 'get up' ).

only way to do this is through naam. do himmat, aka, try, then u become strong enough (mohkam, aka steadfastness) to come out on top (sahib).

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I don't remember or recall anything about Guri Ji asking Bhai Sahib Singh, Bhai Dharam Singh, Bhai Himmat Singh, Bhai Mokam Singh and Bhai Daya Singh to bring their wives, before they could take amrit or telling them their wives should now take amrit.

thats because the panj pyaare were not married.

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lol without kissing your marriage is going to die

I have seen many cases of amritdhari being divorced. Number one reason amritdhari being divorced because they think can their other partner is some sort of maya test- its ought break their sikhi like shaudra(low caste) is ought to get pandit break his penances. But at the end it comes down to perception.

If you cannot have bhog with your wife when other party gives clues then may be you shouldn't be in the gristhi jevani at the first place. One party living like behingum in gristhi jevan is big no, causes many issues. It's not recommended by mahapursh nor its recommended by senior gurmukhs.

But the key issue is - spiritual life should intertwine with your social life but intertwine not replace, thats key difference here..guru maharaj gave us order to live life socially and be in gristh jeevan for that we are given social puratan granths like- prem sumarag granth etc etc.

Prem Sumarag granth one of puratan and progressive granths- how to live life socially.singhs have to remember - for the most part- female having bhog with their husband..its more feeling of deep love towards their husband..singhs himself should not be attached with bhog (be nirlaip be still engage) as naturally we tend to be more kaami but singh should engage in bhog with their singhani to keep her happy so she does not feel frustrated inside.

You could also look at your own self or perception very carefully and honestly with your bibek buddhi and test yourself, if your perception is based on western standards of bhog birthi (fullfilling your desires), without any question you are kaami you are slave of panj choor, but if your perception is sabh gobind hai sabh gobind hai and showing affection then its fine he/she comes under- "sabh gobind hai sabh gobind hai" then your mind is becoming part of higher dristhi kaun (perception) of sabh gobind hai..!!!

So coming backing to the topic to make it sound kissing after marriage is evil is being influenced by protestant sikhi (wrathful christian god waiting to wimp us like taliban with a stick) at the end of day it depends on perception- i think most of us have wrapped our head around rules so much that itself have became a roadblock and have back fired miserably- no point running away from your fears and shove them under carpet- one day it will revolt and come back out ugly and haunt you...these roadblocks could only be broken if one is honest with themselves and try to do inner khoj at the end one will find perception is everything in sikhi...I used to be like this when i first got into sikhi but finally got salvation from cultish/black and white mentality now by maharaj kirpa i see gurmat from eagle eye - full 360 degree view..maharaj bless with this amazing clear view of Gurmat from eagle eye, its a beautiful view worth living and die for over and over again until fully loosing yourself in Ik Ongkar..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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