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What Can Be Done To Inspire Youth To Go To The Gurdwara

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There needs to be a lot more programmes in English. Most Gurdwaras are run by middle aged men who have no touch with the youth. The youngsters do not all have good knowledge of Punjabi so more translations in English are needed.

This is one area that we are lacking in, by doing everything in Punjabi. I think we are the only major religion that is like this and IMO it need's to change.

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It's harder to inspire someone who's not interested, but we can to take advantage of the current platforms within the Gurdwara infrastructure.

  • Make effective use of the times most young individuals are forced to attend the Gurdwaras such as relative's Anand Karaj, Akhand Paath, Funeral, Gurpurb etc. Grab their attention by ensuring the sikhi2max projectors are on, literature is available. Have an unlocked library and mini-museum aimed at youth so they have somewhere to go when they are bored of the diwan instead of hanging around like spare parts in the corridors
  • Build a programme in our local Gurdwara to promote charismatic stage secretaries, granthis and kirtaniya. Strong and excited personalities on stage will attract attention, unlike boring mono-tone individuals with little charisma
  • Glossy literature, good book stalls, audio-visual displays should be up in the Gurdwaras during the weekends when footfall is at it's peak.
  • Set up a weekly youth discussion forum inviting all to participate in weekly discussions. Keep it real and talk about real issues not "fairy tales & miracles"

Ultimately, Gursikh Youth need to stop hiding behind the elders and grab visible opportunities in the Gurdwara administration. Find out how your local Gurdwara's constitution works and infiltrate the leadership. Nothing's going to be handed to you on a plate, you'll need seize the opportunities in order to drive the improvements...There's plenty of opportunities, plenty of vision... but there is lack of commitment from our own Gursikh youth.

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We also could do with more programs like the ipledge orange tour. It would be great if we could even get weekday deevans eg an hour of english katha on a wednesday. That way youth would want to go gurdwara sahib during the week and not just on a sunday because its the done thing. However personally I think most importantly we need to explain to youth what actually is a gurdwara sahib. Most probably don't know or understand that guru granth sahib je are our king of kings and that gurdwara sahib is guru jis court. These things need to be explained because unless they are most youth will remain lost.

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one thing that only some gurdwaras do, admittedly in a minority, is to only open the langar hall once the diwan is completed. This way the sanat have 2 choices, stay in the gurdwara and listen to the program, or go home. If they are their to attend a relatives akhand paath, thye are very unlikely to go home.

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