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Operation Bluestar or the Battle of Amritsar 1984?


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    • Any amount of bandgi we could ever do is no more significant than a young child running up to their parent at the end of school to show the painting they made. The painting is a few brush marks, nothing special. But still the parent praises their child and proudly hangs the painting on the fridge at home. Why? Because the painting was made with genuine love and innocence, even the child wanting to show their parent what they made was out of love. There was no ego of wanting to show themself to be the best artist. A mahapurkh did bachan that the ultimate aim of human life is not reaching sachkhand. The ultimate aim is to achieve union of our Surat with Gur-Shabad. Like a person stuck down a hole thinking their aim is to reach the top. Yes and no. Yes that is the goal, but setting that goal does not actually get them out. Their job is to grab hold tightly of the rope thrown down to them and not let go. Pulling them to the top is the job of the person who came to rescue them. While sachkhand is where we dream to go, the thing is, that place is so great beyond all comprehension or imagination. If we apply our logic of how to reach there we will definitely fall short and not make it. Your best guess of sachkhand won't even be 0.00000001% of how majestic or anand it actually is, for that's the place where all souls of the true bhagat, bhramgiani, sants even God himself reside. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj came to help us in kalyug by giving Shabad di daat. Our only real hope is to attach completely our Surat with the Gur-Shabad. There should be deep emotion, surrender and trust. It's the surrender of our Surat unto that Gur-Shabad which results in the soul embarking on Surat Di Yatra back home to sachkhand. Gur-Shabad is ALIVE. It's magnetized in qualities of the Satguru. Ocean of compassion, unconditional love, destroyer of pain, everlasting peace, liberator of reincarnation and so much more. We just have to lose ourself in anand of meditating on the Gur-Shabad, the rest is his kirpa
    • Explain the differing length of his beard over years and why he kept his face hidden. Wasn't it to hide different phases of his beard regrowth ?
    • There is a group of Singhs in the uk who met with Baba Ji in 1999 when they were doing Tap at Guru Ka Lahore. There are also pictures from this time as well. To say Baba Ji went into hiding to live another life is quite absurd. Ask those who did Seva of Baba Ji when they stayed in California. 
    • here's a discussion from 2014 to provide more context:  Pictures from his funeral in 2008, where his body was taken from midlands uk to Los Angeles note that beard is covered at funeral???    I was active in uk London university sikh societies throughout the 2000s.  I don't ever remember anyone talking about this Sant. Perhaps this was because the sikh socieites back then were anti-Nihang, including BOSS themselves?  (and that is why there were parallel groups such as sikh student) I still cannot judge, there is katha posted from this Baba on this forum on the discussions in the threads I posted. I just cannot judge, however as humans we make mistakes. Even sikhs are not perfect, so I cannot say anything on whether this stuff is true or not.... However, the meeting with Dhadrianwala is rather suspicious. As Dhadrianwala and his uk chela group Harinder and NKJ are involved in those accused activities. Guru Sahib suggests grihast jeevan for sikhs. Even mahapurakh had at least one wife, if not more. These modern sants and prachariks keeping no life partners is promoting a very poor example of sikh maryada, and I will even go as to call this anti-sikh! Although I understand some Singhs choose behingam celibate lifestyle, this has nothing to do with becoming a sant or pracharik! And then the lustful side affects we are seeing in certain personalities due to this supposed celibacy is just awful!!! What are they attempting to prove by misleading sangat into thinking celibacy is some kind of spiritual activity?
    • hi, I know someone from the USA in a similar situation. Please get in touch with me via private message, so I can get them in touch with you.
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