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And So The Kumbh Mela Begins

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Gurbani is clear what the true pilgrimage for a Sikh is. But on the flip side, the kumbh mela is a spectaular event and we should use the opportunity to do parchar of Gurmat and bring the people that

I don't know why khande batta da amrit is being compared as amrit water to sarowar water. Two completely different things!! Firstly, the khande batta da amrit can only be if the 'panj' are present.

That water is blessed, which has been put on this Earth by God. It is the affair of men to decide which water is holy and which is not.

I wish i could be there....fateh too all those blessed god minded souls having darshan and ishnaan.....

Bro go to Gurdwara sahib for your darshan of The True Guru and make sure you jump under your power shower before you do go, so that you get that ishnaan you wish for :-)

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Whilst tirath have its own significance (based on sharda and prem) in eastern dharams like hindus/samaj of sadhus take ishan in ganga, buddhist like wise and sikhs also do take ishanan in amritsar sarovar/many ithasik gurdwaras during tirath (where people got healed based on their sharda and prem during tirath). Gurmat sidhant puts naam/gur shabad as biggest tirath that one could have visited 68 tiraths but without naam, it won't give you salvation. But with that being said, tirath of places cannot be rejected outright, its good to do tirath of places take a dip in ganga(for hindus) and take a ishnan in amritsar sarovar than sitting home - playing xbox for example..lol..When we do in parchar of visiting tirath - taking dip in amritsar sarovar or many isthahisik gurdwaras sarovars, we must ensure in the same breath- we must emphasize while these tiraths/their ishnan are good have its own benefit-good/righteous action - the biggest tirath in Gurmat is Shabad/Naam.

All puratan samparda's including taksal in the past-sant bishan singh ji muralawale, used to ganga kumb mela to do parchar of naam Gurmat. In fact sant gyani gurbachan singh khalsa bhindranwale have full chapter on parchar of Gurmat in Ganga Kumb in original Sri Gurmukh Parkash can be downloaded from mahapurakh.com from page -353-369, titled- Bar Desh Parchar,Ganga Da Kumb, Sri Har Singh Ji Darshan. Sant gyani gurbachan singh ji khalsa bhindranwale writes few dohra's at the starting and the end:

Starting of chapter page-353 Dohra-

Ramdas Sri Satguru, Dashan Daie Kalyan
Amritsar Tirath Kairo, man bachant daie dan ||

End of chapter Dohra page-369

Chale Gang Snan Kai, Gurmat Kar Parchar
Amrit Diya Chakaie Bahoa, Eh Bismata Dhar ||

Likewise piara singh padam writes:

The old ones use to speak of that at beginning of the twentieth century Udasi, Nirmala Sadhus and Nihangs of Budha Dal all together use to take out a royal procession in Hardwar. Like this, the banks of Ganges river use to roar with the glory of Guru Nanak and all of India use to salute Guru Baba Ji.
Sikh Sampardvali, Piara Singh Padam, Pa. 27

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Sikhs do not believe in ritual purification. This Kumbh Mela is not for us.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 75
theerathh varath such sa(n)jam naahee karam dhharam nehee poojaa ||
Pilgrimages, fasts, purification and self-discipline are of no use, nor are rituals, religious ceremonies or empty worship
Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Prabhaatee on Pannaa 1343
nivalee karam bhua(n)gam bhaat(h)ee raechak poorak ku(n)bh karai ||
You may perform exercises of inner purification, and fire up the furnace of the Kundalini, inhaling and exhaling and holding the breath.
bin sathigur kishh sojhee naahee bharamae bhoolaa boodd marai ||
Without the True Guru, you will not understand; deluded by doubt, you shall drown and die.
a(n)dhhaa bhariaa bhar bhar dhhovai a(n)thar kee mal kadhae n lehai ||
The spiritually blind are filled with filth and pollution; they may wash, but the filth within shall never depart.

The following is is what purification is for a Sikh

Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1145
naam hamaarai majan eisanaan ||
The Naam is my cleansing bath and purification.
Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Malaar on Pannaa 1286
har sar theerathh jaan manooaa naaeiaa ||
The Lord is my sacred shrine of pilgrimage and pool of purification; I wash my mind in Him.
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