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2 Easy ways of doing parchaar in Gurdwaras


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This is a great idea Chatanga. Well done. It is the small things like this that will make the difference, and will start the 'slow' process of turning our Gurdwarai into centres of learnign again. Pelase drop me an email in elusivefighting@gmail.com I will be more than happy to set this up at my local Gurdwarai.

Dhanvaad Khalsa Jeeo.

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Would like to bring this to the attention of cyber sangat again. Has anyone managed to do anything similiar in their gurdwara?

Brilliant initiative.

Back in the early noughties a friend and I used to print literature on basics of Sikhi and hold a stall every week at the local Gurdwara, this was also popular and it gave us the opportunity to engage with the sangat if they had questions. The Gurdwara committee was not too happy that the stall was gaining popularity over their own table, which was selling kakaars, books and CD's at usually inflated prices.

Changing displays or leaving ample print outs also works but you need buy in from committees. In West London they often resist youth placing even a notice on one of 'their' boards unless it has been stringently vetted, a separate parchar corner will be a miracle :angry2: . Still it is something I am willing to ask again after all these years!

Is the literature written by sevadars & do you have soft copies of the articles that can be shared?

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Apologies, i was looking for a topic which discussed ways of doing parchar in gurdwaras but couldnt find one, so have started this.

Here are some photos from our local gurdwara, on how we can do parchar in a non-invasive way.

We have had a lot of people use this literature stand. We basically made it ourselves, it cost us about £100 quid, cos the committee wouldnt pay for a new one, which would have cost about £250 (this was in 2005-ish). The response has been amazing, and lot of literature is being taken. We have 37 facings on this stand, although we have over 280 articles with a very wide range of subjects.

attachicon.gif2013-04-21 15.11.09.jpg

Below, this is a new venture, we were lucky in that these exhibition boards were being discarded, as some offices were be cleared out, and we managed to get these off them for free. They can be purchased in the UK for about £70 ish pounds.

We have been preparing an exhibition on monthly historical events that arent well known to younger Sikhs (i know, I know, some of you are thinking, "well that would be most things...)" and using the month as the theme to show them.

In March, we did "The Rawalpindi progrom against Sikhs, in 1947".

In April, we did "The annexation of the Lahore Kingdom".

In May we are going to do, "The Smaller Holocaust".

attachicon.gif2013-04-21 15.11.35.jpg

attachicon.gif2013-04-21 15.11.47.jpg

If anybody wishes to start these in their local Gurdwaras, then as long as you get the hardware, we can send you the literature to use electronically.

If you are lucky and your committee is helpful in buying new stands/boards etc, then that is great. Show them these photos, and see what they think.


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