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    • yh she walked through the fire and it didnt burn her, yet he still dumped her simply coz people were gossiping and it was harming his families honor.      not a very devta thing to do is it 
    • these cult followers don't realise that there is a definite hindu propaganda going on , like you need a dehdhari guru to explain Guru Granth Sahib ji else it is not possible to understand it for yourselves , make a donation, pay for your langar etc etc
    • thing is Sita did Agnipariksha and passed which proved her innocence and still she was kicked out of her home because the guy who was telling him of the gossip didn't trust his own wife and threw her out . Then there was a point at which he considered remarrying so I guess it wasn't so much of a heartbreak.
    • the thing that makes you question ramayan and ram is how his honor was more important than his innocent wife! he knew that sita was innocent and didnt let ravan touch her yet he still sent her back to the forest because his honor was more important! and he couldnt take the gossip    a real man sticks by his woman!  she was pregnant as well!        Hearing this, Bharda bowed to Rāma and replied, “Whether good or bad, I do not know. However, this is what people are saying in the marketplaces and in the city streets: ‘Rāma has performed an extraordinary feat by bridging the ocean and vanquishing the powerful Rāvaṇa. However, has it occurred to Him that He has brought home a woman who was abducted by the Rākṣasa king and forced to sit upon his lap? Does Rāma not feel disgust at enjoying a woman who remained with Rāvaṇa for almost one entire year?’ O Lord, these are the things people are speaking about You.” Shocked and dismayed to hear this, Rāma then asked the other ministers if what Bharda had said was true. They all confirmed it was so. Rāma was fully aware of Sītā’s complete purity and innocence, but He could not tolerate the shame of having to hear that people were mocking Him in this way. Rāma made up His mind to abandon His unsuspecting wife, and called for Lakṣmaṇa. “After killing Rāvaṇa. I also considered, ‘How can I take Sītā back to Ayodhyā?’ It was just to allay these doubts that I made the princess of Vidarbha enter the fire in the presence of all the demigods and ṛṣis. Vāyu and Agni declared that Sītā was pure, and within My heart, I also knew she was chaste, so I accepted her back. Now, however, rumors are spreading everywhere, and I am being blamed in My own kingdom. “O Lakṣmaṇa, a person who is the target of rumors suffers great humiliation and defamation. Ill deeds are always condemned, and that is what motivates the noble-minded toward good acts. I am ready to give up My life if necessary, to avoid public scandal. Indeed, I am ready to renounce You, My dear brother, for insuring My good name and reputation. Thus, what can be said of Sītā? I am drowning in an ocean of sorrow. Never before have I experienced such misfortune! ........................................................ ram then tells lakshman to abandon sita near rishi valmikis ashram near a river,  after finding out that ram has dumped her sita says:    Upon hearing of her cruel destiny, Sītā immediately fainted. Then, coming to her senses, she pitifully cried out, “Now I can see that this life was awarded to me simply for suffering. What great sin did I commit in the past? What poor girl’s marriage did I obstruct to now cause Rāma to cast me off? “I faithfully followed my husband into exile and remained content, despite innumerable hardships. O Lakṣmaṇa, how shall I be able to survive here alone? What will I tell the ṛṣis when they ask me why I was abandoned? What wrong have I done? I would gladly end my life by throwing myself into the Gaṅgā, but that would bring about the end of Rāma’s dynasty.” Valmiki Muni; Swami, Bhakti Vikasa. Ramayana — The Story of Lord Rama (pp. 533-534). Bhakti Vikas Trust. Kindle Edition.       
    • I have sant ji pic on my phone as a screen saver, my mums saw it and told me over and over again to remove it. She’s a radhasoami so I said I don’t have anything against your “baba” so why are you saying this. Then as usual we started arguing over it but I don’t want to remove the pic as it helps me to remember to keep my rehat and have a high moral life. Then a massive argument happened. I told her that her path is against Gurmat and that they preach on dehdhari guru not shabad guru. She didn’t admit it which was so ironic. She said that I was going to be a terrorist. I told her to name one thing sant ji did wrong and she never said anything. I then told her sant ji famous speech about how he said that If I am a terrorist for saving a girls honour then I am a terrorist, her response was that Yh you’re going to do that as well (she was being sarcastic, clearly taking the piss). She kept repeating that I was going to be a terrorist.  she was then saying that the panch shabad which is mentioned in Gurbani is the same that they hear and there is no difference in her guru and guru Gobind Singh which really pissed me off. I told her that you guys just twist Gurbani pangti to your own agenda. Then she just shouted to never speak to her again. I said ok 
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