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Do Only Khalsa Amritdhari Gursikhs Leave Reincarnation?

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I have been reading more into Sikhi and have started wearing a pagh.

I was previously a mona Sikh.

I have some questions regarding Sikhi.

I understand that our aim is to leave this cycle of constant life and death and to merge with God.

I was wondering what is needed to achieve this?

Does one have to take amrit to do this?

Or can anyone who meditates on god's name and does good deeds achieve this?

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Khalsa Ji, The root causes of re-birth are: Kaam/ krodh/lobh/ moh/ ahankar. Once we break the attachment, then w e can be liberated. That's the theory; the practical is to remove such thoughts, and t

I have been reading the comments on this topic which is very relevant for today's society. Many people have this question. Some comments have strayed away from answering the question in the topic head

Any sentient beings true essential nature is that of liberation even without the want, need and desire for. Any being can be liberated regardless of Sargun factor. Did a perfect God create perfect peo

Taking Amrit, for a Sikh of the Guru, is a minimum requirement. Once a Sikh takes Amrit he or she starts their journey and rehit is there to insure we live in Guru Sahib's hukam and paana because our minds waver without rehit and discipline.

With that said dont take Amrit lightly, you have to keep discipline and change old bad habits or earnestly try to.

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Congratulations on deciding to learn more about Sikhi.

One cannot achieve mukti without Guru Ji. Therefore one must accept Guru Ji as their Guru. Guru Ji gives us the Amrit, Gurmantar and the Rehat by which we live by.

When one takes Amrit they are accepting Guru Granth Sahib Ji as their Guru. The Panj Pyare collectively as Guru Ji's form, provide the Rehat, Gurmantar and how to say Gurmantar. Without going through this process, one cannot achieve liberation.

So my friend, I urge you to do more research on Sikhi, read more Gurbani, Understand Gurbani and Guru Ji will bless you with amrit and you can begin to fulfill your life journey.

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The Gurus were one with vaheguru, akaal purakh avtars all the light of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They were following with Amrit and even someone who had Guru Sahib's sangat would be changed into GurSikhs. Search YouTube for Guru Gobind Singh Ji and te goldsmith.

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So people have only been achieving Mukti in the last 600 years only?

Humans have been around for over 100,000 years!

The Question should Not be Who? Why? and Where?

BUT it is about HOW ??

This is what Guru Nanak ji began to teach us. That one can become gurmukh and jivan mukht in this very lifetime.

Mukhti before Guruji's time was ALWAYS about afterlife. Guruji took it a step further to say, - Why wait, why not NOW ?

Only a Guru da Sikh that abides, lives and breath by the shabad of gurbani can become jivan mukht (mukht whilst alive)

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Can you explain what this exactly is please ?

Could you also explain who was reincarnated into who ?

Charan amrit is amrit made by a guru dipping his toe in water and the guru purified the water and changed it to amrit.Guru gobind singh sache patshah knew that charan amrit will not be used after his form cause he was not gonna apoint any other living being to be guru so he made khandey bata da amrit..

The bhagats had a chance to be reborn in the time of the 10 gurus and they become gursikhs and they achieved mukti...For example bhai himat singh panj payara if im not mistaken was either bhagats ravidas ji or bhagat nadev ji.Bhagat kabir ji and his wife took human form in guru gobind singh jis time and took amrit from guru ji.There were other ones as well but i cant name any other one without going back to some granths to be ceartain.

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