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Mri Scan And Kakaars

Guest Question

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It's the same with X-Rays some countries are starting to make x-rays a thing of the past and work more off MRI's. With X-rays you can't have metallic objects with you. I think regardless of the type of kakkars you wear the medical professional may disagree to carry on with the procedure, even if you wear plastic or wooden kakkars for they will view it as foreign objects and for all they know those objects are hollow and filled with metal inside. Plus they have to protect their medical equipment which is worth sometimes millions of pounds/dollars. The procedure only takes a while it's a normal thing just like taking off a kirpan when you go on an aeroplane. You can do your nitnem again later on to reintroduce the kakkars. When it comes to medical examinations you ought to be comfortable plus their is discretion in examinations even when it comes to removing dastar for medical examinations.

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Speak to your doctor - if you do not want to part with your Kakkars, then perhaps an alternate scan, such as a CAT scan could be a possibility? CAT scans work with XRays, and are requested to be removed if they will obstruct the area being scanned.

It's a possibility, not a guarantee...never hurts to ask.

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Guest Radiographer

As a Radiographer I can assure you magnetic metals (iron based as an example) heat up during the MRI and are strongly attracted to the machine. Therefore those metals might cause skin burns, or lesions due to the powerful pull they are submited near the machine.

Never try to hide any information regarding MRI safety.

Do not guess - Ask!

If you aren't sure about something don't take a chance. Ask your GP/consultant/Radiographer and he will point you in the right direction.

When looking for a "loophole" you are putting your life in danger.

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Guest Amritdhari MRI

Can I leave dastar and/or keski and wear kacherra during my scan? I'm due one in a few weeks and the letter said I can only wear the hospital robe. 

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You don't have to but i don't see anything wrong if they asked you to do so. I went for this for some scan and i didn't remove it. 

I doubt they or you will have to take off keski for this. 

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