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Bhai Iqbal Singh Hunger Strike Enters 38Th Day

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***Urgent Update***

Bhai Sahib's health is deteriorating now and therefore so its an urgent request to Sangat, if possible, to see them ASAP and also do ardas ...

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******** More Breaking

Threat by Delhi Police;
a Sub-Inspector of Delhi Police arrived at Jantar mantar and ordered bhai Iqbal Singh to pack up. he was irritated as he said that, " You have enough tims in protest here. It will be better if you pack up and move."
It happened when i had left the place but i was called and informed.
The Chief Minister has assured Sikh panth to look after their demands. Two MLA's from AAP arrived to handover the letter issued by Chief minister and undersgned by him.
They reqested to end up the FAST but bhai sahib requested them that they need to consult the Sant samaj and other Sikh organizations on their letter. The appeal to these jathebandis are already made.
Then why did the Delhi police needs to pressurize?
We are there and shall remain there. Police has the liberty to use force. We will show the world that even the peaceful protest by Sikhs is not permitted in india and every effort is made to suppress our voice.
And our voice is to free the Sikh political prisoners, aged imprisoned people and set up of fast track courts to give justice to victims of 1984 and punish the perpetrators.
Also to issue pass port to kins of those who fled from india in fear of their lives and took political asylum abroad. Why does india refuses to issue passport to them and their families who want to visit India to pay obeisance to their Guru at their religious places.
How could India deny them?
Some police officers like Sewa Das and Shoorvir singh Tyagi also participated in killing of innocent Sikhs whereas rest of Delhi police faces blackspot to help the death squads in killing of Sikhs and raping their women.
We do not seek any help from Delhi police but demand justice in India.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa

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*** Update
Bhai Sahib ji health has deteriorated and has since been admitted to hospital but bhai
sahib has refused to take glucose and any other medicine.
Bhai sahib will meet Sant-Samaj on Wednesday 29/01/2014 and hopefully end the hunger strike.
Please pray for bhai sahib !

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Bhai Iqbal Singh Bhatti's Hunger strikes ends as Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal supports his demands has he announced Special Investigation Team to probe November 1984 Sikh Genocide and has written to have Prof. Bhullar released.

While Sikh Institutions failed Bhai Iqbal Singh, Delhi CM comes to his rescue despite the fact Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere didn't come out in big support for Bhai Sahib. It is a big shame that Sikhs didn't rally around the person who was on hunger strike for 55 days for Panthic causes.

source: Daily Sikh Updates

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The snail got speed, thanks to Iqbal Singh Bhatti and AAP for their support and commitment which bores fruits now.
*****Trial court fast-tracks hearing, asks police to provide security to prosecutor:



A TRIALin one of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case, which has been on for the past 22 years, was put into fast-track mode on Friday. A sessions court declared that the proceedings in the case will be conducted on a daily basis from February 24. The court also directed the DCP (South) to arrange for the security of the special public prosecutor in the case.

The special public prosecutor B S Joon had earlier submitted an application alleging that police officers at the Nangloi police station had destroyed important records in the case in order to aid the accused.

The court had sought replies from the DCP (Legal) and the DCP (West) on the issue. Meanwhile, Joon on Monday had sought to withdraw himself from the case claiming that the security given to him by the Delhi Police had been withdrawn without any prior notice. He also mentioned that he was “under pressure” to not pursue the issue of destruction of records in the case.

On Friday, Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau took police to task for withdrawing protection given to Joon. Police said the security was withdrawn as Joon had retired as the director of prosecution on January 31.

However, Judge Lau said the removal of security at the time when the prosecutor was alleging destruction of evidence by police was “an interesting co-incidence” and appeared to be “an act of vendetta” on the part of police. The court directed DCP (South) to consider arranging Joon’s security on the grounds that he was still a special public prosecutor in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case.

Judge Lau also said the replies filed by the DCP (Legal) regarding the procedure on destruction of police records was not complete. A week’s time was given to the department to submit a satisfactory response.

Joon on Friday told the court that key evidence, including inquest reports, logbook entries, kalandras, non-cognisable offence register, were missing and he believed they were destroyed by the then SHO and ACP of Nangloi police station. Judge Lau asked Joon to submit in writing by February 14 the documents that he believed were destroyed by police and how these documents could be considered as an evidence in the present case.

The prosecution’s case is that two local businessmen and three police officers had directly encouraged and facilitated the killing of several persons during the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi in 1987. The case concerns five riot-victims who filed an affidavit before Jain Banerjee Committee seeking registration of a separate FIR in the case. The FIR was registered in 1991 and chargesheet filed in 1994.

Final arguments in the case were concluded in May last year and verdict was expected in August last year.

Source: The Indian Express, Chandigarh edition, Pg 3

Inputs By: Ajmer Singh Randhawa


Support Bhai Iqbal Singh Ji - France

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