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Gurfateh Sangat Ji, I apologise if this topic has been discussed countless times before, I have read previous discussions and done by own research on this but have failed to any real conclusion and a

CS-First, my point was not about Reyat specifically or his innocence. The victims were the most innocent and your clichéd distortion takes us further from justice for those victims. But you want an an

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK5-aNPa1ss please watch this Ive posted this before......jasbir rode was behind the air india bombing....parmar got framed for it.....both countries were in on it.


did parmar or malik or bagri or reyat play roles in air india bombing

malik was main financier for bki

parmar went around saying air india planes would fall from the sky

reyat made the bombs

bagri said he would not rest ill he killed 50 000 hindus

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How dare you use Almighty God as an excuse for there being no Khalistan. God has allowed free will for man, on this duniya, then after that judgement/justice.

If you think God favours murderers and rapists of Innocents over our Sikh Shaheeds, then you really are way off base with God and Sikhi.

No one can speak for God, except his anointed prophets.

You have shown your position, you either support Sikh freedom/Self determination or you oppose it. You clearly oppose it.

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bobbymann75 how do I oppose Sikh freedom

I want a Punjab to be run by real Sikhs and not corrupt politicans

bobbymann75 do you believe in god

do you believe that god helps and has helped Sikhs when they are fighting for a good cause

do you think maybe god helped the shaheeds and rewarded them after but didn't give rest of the Sikhs a khalistan cause they didn't deserve it

do you think if lets say 20% of Sikhs had the hearts of shaheeds do you think that god would of given Sikhs khalistan

if 90% of Sikhs continue to allow corrupt politicans to run Punjab how would khalistan run

sikh4peace that's a good topic to talk about Sikhs killed in punjab

but this topic is about air india and you implied that bagri and malik are innocent yet say book soft target shows how indian govt did the attack

sikh4peace could you answer why soft target says talwinder parmar malik and their crew did air india bombing and were used by the indian


killing of innocent life be it 1 or 100 or 1000 deserve justice

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Veerji, judging from your 20 some posts on only this topic, I am not going to argue back and forth but I am sure and I hope that you agree that court ruling (law of your land) is more important and credible than the opinions of author of some book(s). Let's first agree on that and rest we can talk about this. Yeh?

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singh4peace the supreme court judge ian josephson who acquitted malik and bagri also said being acquitted does not mean malik and bagri were innocent

in Canada the legal system prefers to let a guilty man off the hook then send a innocent man to jail

judge had to follow the rules

the system isn't perfect and yes guilty men walk free

ian josephson said the evidence was strong but what destroyed the case were the witnesses

one being inderjeet reyat who ian josephson accused of lieing 27 times

as well as the star witness who malik had an affair with at the khalsa school admitted during trial she had a hard time testifying against him cause she still loved him and couldn't keep her story straight

talwinder parmar who said air india airplanes would fall from the sky

also cowardly surrendered like a sheep and was tortured and rated out his buddies yet some Sikhs want to call him a lion

malik has an affair with another women isn't that very anti sikhi I don't understand how some Sikhs consider themselves amritdhari yet support malik I think their sheep who were to scared to fight for khalistan

bagri said he wouldn't rest till 50 000 hindus were killed

and inderjeet reyat made the bombs

the judge who acquitted these guys also said they aint innocent

Canada America England have let murderers off the hook many times the most famous being oj simpson

singh4peace why did you use the book soft target to try to claim these guys were innocent when the book clearly states their guilty

plus in the trial the roles malik and bagri were accused of were

malik was the one who helped fund air india bombing by help paying for the plane tickets

and that bagri knew about the plot considering how tight he was with talwinder parmar and inderjeet reyat and that he was always with them

look at indo Canadian gang murders and how some of them have bin hard to convict cause the burden of proof required is so high

ron dosanjh and jim dosanjh were leaders of the Sikh youth federation and very pro khalistan and drug dealers

bindy johal a scum bag who got a lot of Punjabi youth hooked to drugs went on the news and threatened to kill ron dosanjh after jim dosanjh had bin murdered

he basically said he would shoot ron dosanjh between the eyes an few week laters that's what happened yet bindy johal and his crack head friends were

let off the hook

the guy basically told tv reporters he was going to murder ron dosanjh and how he would kill him

ron dosanjh got murdered the way the tv reporters had bin told he would be murdered

an still was found innocent so think about that when you think about the Canadian justice system

yes the leaders of the Sikh youth federation were drug dealers who got involved in drug war

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...ian josephson said the evidence was strong ...

However, quoting directly from the concluding sentence in Josephson’s judgment: .... ”the evidence has fallen markedly short...”.

329 people died. Do you think this is the context in which you should be practicing your story writing?

Did you read the case? It reads like a textbook example of a witchhunt. It is stunning that almost every prosecution witness did not get investigated and charged, and there wasn’t further accountability for whomever approved the charges for the case to proceed. But who needs to read when we have journalistic voodoo and cheerleaders like you to continue the storyline.

The following applies not only to you, but the masses that think like you. Your post is replete with tired fictional analysis, clichés, and void of any context. This arises partly from your own garbled thinking and partly from you surrendering your thought process to the decades long media and political indoctrination around this case.

The most sickening part of masses sharing your limited spin is that 329 people were killed. Those like you claim to be their defenders. However, due to the lack of critical thought on your part, you become masses supporting political distortion that ensures there is no justice. Whoever is responsible for this mass murder, you and your ilk are unwitting protectors. Shame!

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Everybody knows about India's involvement, but some people will only blame Sikhs. Why not ask for the arrest and conviction of Indians instead of just Sikhs? Look how quickly people were out to compare the Malaysia airlines to Air India, now new evidence is out that it flew for another 5 hours. If Sikhs had the technology to build bombs as sophisticated as the ones used in Air India why were they never used again against Indian targets.

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    • I would highly recommend doing one thing at home. Once a week, pick any week, do kes ishnaan and make Kadah prasaad at home.  Many here may / may not agree with me, but make it according to Taksaal Maryaad is the best way as it's the traditional way of preparing it, going back to Guru Ji's time.  Nothing too difficult. Get Iron Kadahi (fryer) and iron saucepan (make sure it's NOT Non stick but classic or normal iron) 3 steel bowls (caulia). Butter, flour, sugar in equal measures. Pop equal measure of water per serving (so let's say five ingredients are 1kg that'll be 5kg water) in the saucepan let it boil on high heat first then low after adding sugar in the hot water. Then let butter melt in the kadahi before inserting flour, mix and keep on medium heat. IMPORTANT! At this stage start Japji Sahib the paat very, very slow. Then do Jaap Sahib. The flour mixture must go dark brown. Add the heated water mixture then stir until the mixture looks golden brown.  Cover the Kadahi with a white cloth and leave on a table placed with a cloth. As it's cooling down do Anand Sahib (40 Stanzas) then do Ardaas. Whatever you ask for your situation will become 1000 times better. After Ardaas and before distribution of Prassad to all family members, you can even do more Baanias over it (Chandi d vaar 5 times is favoured) this up keeps the degh and gives it an extra umph. However, Mool Mantar and Gurmantar too is good enough. Some will even get a steel thali and five steel bowls to take out for panj pyaare. This too must b covered with a white cloth. However, a few mins later the prasaad in the five caulia can be inserted back into the main bowl.  NOW the Prassad can b distributed to fam members, friends, colleagues etc etc.   
    • Academic who tried importing child sex doll from China avoids jail after police found child abuse images on his computer following customs tip-off Malcolm Young was put on the radar of Northumbria Police buying the sex doll  61-year-old's purchase was intercepted by Border Force officials, raising alarm  Following an eight day long trial, a jury found Young guilty of all five counts  An academic has been caught with child abuse images after buying a child sex doll from China that looked like his ex-girlfriend. Tech professional Malcolm Young was put on the radar of Northumbria Police when he attempted to import the 3ft2, flat-chested doll, with clothing and accessories, in 2017. The 61-year-old's purchase was intercepted by Border Force officials who told detectives of their concerns about the package.     Officers visited Young's home in the East Woodburn area of Northumberland to question him about the doll and seized his computers and phone.   The electronics were reviewed and officers uncovered indecent images of children on his computer that Young had tried to delete. Young, of East Woodburn, Northumberland, was charged with four counts of making indecent images of children and one count of tax evasion, concerning the doll. He denied his guilt and tried to convince a jury at Newcastle Crown Court that he purchased the small doll, not based on its likeness to a child but because it resembled an athletic female body type. Prosecutor Graham O'Sullivan told the court: 'He said he had ordered a doll that looked like an ex-girlfriend, that he had cancelled, and had not ordered any child sex doll.' Young had also claimed that the deleted images found on his device were not his but may have been made by people visiting his home while attending parties. Following an eight day long trial, a jury found Young guilty of all five counts. The court heard the charges related to one Category A image, the most serious, two Category B and 35 Category C. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, suspended for two years, and was ordered to carry out rehabilitation and has been subjected to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. Also, he must pay £9,480 prosecution costs. At his sentence hearing today, Christopher Knox, defending, said Young, who had been living in Spain and has a boat there, made his money through tech industries. But Mr Knox added: 'He has had a very successful career that has been totally destroyed. 'He won't be able to be employed by anyone ever again in the fields in which he has excelled.' Judge Stephen Earl sentenced Young to 18 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with rehabilitation requirements. Young was even photographed with former Prime Minister who came to the opening of his company e-Therapeutics. The judge said Young had 'lost a lot', including a 'chancellorship at the University of Newcastle', due to his offending and added: 'His fall from grace is long and hard'. The judge added: 'This whole issue came to light as a result of the fact the defendant had ordered what can only be described as a child sex doll.' Judge Earl said Young had claimed in his defence he had not wanted a child sex doll and had cancelled what he ordered, which was a doll he 'wanted to look like Dawn, his former partner'. Young was even photographed with former Prime Minister who came to the opening of his company e-Therapeutics     The judge said Young had produced pictures of 'Dawn' during the trial, who was described as a 'small adult'. Detective Constable Alison Felton led the investigation for Northumbria Police and said after the conviction Young thought he was 'above the law'. She said: 'This has been a long and protracted investigation involving the making of indecent images and the importation of a child-like sex doll. 'We are committed to making sure that offenders are brought to justice, no matter who they are or however long it takes. 'Young thought that he was above the law. He has taken no responsibility for his crimes and the jury saw through the preposterous account he gave to the court.'   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10025733/Academic-tried-importing-child-sex-doll-China-avoids-jail.html
    • I'm not sure we could list all the ways they move heroin. I mean. Trebuchet, underground tunnel, boat, plane, car, umbrella, carrier pigeon.  Drugs all but move themselves. You just watch them do so until they come lock you up. And collect that fat revenue you collected for them. 
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