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Air India Flight 182

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Gurfateh Sangat Ji,

I apologise if this topic has been discussed countless times before, I have read previous discussions and done by own research on this but have failed to any real conclusion and am thus turning to SikhSangat for help.

I came across the Air India Flight 182 incident whilst reading up news and facts about the recent incident of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

As far as I am aware, the Air India Flight 192 bombing was conducted by Babbar Khalsa members in retaliation for Operation Bluestar. I am unaware of how true this is and the details surrounding it, but considering one of the men Inderjit "Singh" Rayat has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and to making the bomb I assume this may well be somewhat accurate. As I don't live in Canada, I was unaware of this whole thing. I googled Inderjit Singh and my word, all I could think of was how can a man who looks like that do something as horrible as this! Looks can be so deceiving, he looks like your average Baba Ji.

As a Sikh, I am honestly DISGUSTED if this was done by Sikhs no matter what the reasoning. I admire our shaheeds like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and Sukha Jinda so much, I admire Bhai Hawara Ji and Balwant Singh Rajoana Ji, but these Singhs never went out of their way to kill innocent people. However, bombing a plane and killing 300+ people for no reason is beyond me and disgusts me to the core. It makes me ashamed, it is embarrassing. I can never ever see Guru Gobind Singh Ji condoning this behaviour in any way or form. It is not Sikhi.

Please tell me this was not done by Sikhs. Please tell me it was a conspiracy. Please tell me Inderjit Singh Rayat has been framed, and that innocent looking face isn't the mask of a mass murderer.

How could you even think it was done by Sikhs is what comes to mind. Have you not researched soft target? Not researched the RAW? Not researched the many resources and manpower and motive the GOI has to defame sikhs and Khalistan movement?

Evidence has proved the Indian government colluding with canadian govt carried our air india attack for oil pipeline contract just as the UK colluded with Indian govt with helicopter and other trade deal contracts to help them attack sri darbar sahib in 1984. These evil governments dont care about human rights just about money money money in a rich mans world

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Buddasingh I think you choose to be blind to the facts like people who think 9 11 was done by united states govt or cia

Secondly if I could post links I would post the link from air india inquiry and what the judge said in 2012 to malik

The judge in the case and in air india inquiry shows evidence was strong hence why malik was never repaid his legal expensise by the canadian govt and the judge also pointed out the acquittal does not mean innocence

Why did talwinder parmar say air india airplanes would fall from the sky and tell sikhs to boycott air india?

Who did inderjeet reyat make the bombs for?

Sorry buddasingh I think you have bin brain washed

Question for people why did inderjeet reyat make the bombs and why were him and talwinder parmar testing one of the bombs in the forest three weeks before air india??

Or are you going to say the corrupt govt of india was able to sneak in agents like james bond style who came to canada with fake passports and drugged inderjeet reyat into making the bombs then when talwinder parmar and inderjeet reyat went for a friendly walk the govt agents set off one of the bombs inderjeet reyat made in the forest to frame them

An talwinder parmar was worried that bad weather would cause air india planes to fall from the sky

An bagri when a crowd yelled death to hindus and bagri said he would not rest till he killed 50 000 hindus that was all actors and computer graphic effects

That event never took place it was all computer effects which involved raw and bollywood

So when johal went to the airport the james bonds followed him n went to the airport n made sure their bombs got checked onto the flight, while their suit cases got loaded onto the airplane they boycotted the doomed flight n decided to go to disneyland to meet israeli spies\israeli james bonds and started planning 9 11 and framing osama bin laden cause many muslims claim the muslims couldn't do 911 it had to bin the jews

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Admin could u fix the ability to copy and paste on the threads so I can post comments made by the judge

And post the judgement from air india inquiry

If canadian govt was in on it why wouldn't they charged these guys sooner n appointed a judge to make sure the verdict was guilty

Same time human nature is that the bigger the secret the less likely it will remain a secret n if canadian govt was involved in air india or air india cover up in a democracy like canada's someone would of already rated out the canadian govt or the opposition party would of found the evidence to throw out opposition

Why could the canadian govt take such a huge risk when it takes only one person to destroy the govt by revealing the secret to the world

Or blackmail their govt

Sorry I don't believe in conspiracy theories

And I would like to ask the admin who he or she believes did the air india bombing

And what's the difference between muslims who claim israel n america did 9 11 with sikhs who claim india and canada did air india

Heck the navy seals after shooting osama couldn't stay quite one wanted a book deal right away and another hid his identity left the seals an gave interview to tv reporter

Human nature is unpredictable

Indian govt did anti sikh riots and their is overwhelming evidence that points at this

Theirs no evidence that shows india and canadian govt did air india

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Budda singh singh4peace admin may I ask you three who do you think reyat made the bombs for???

Since budda singh and singh4peace have implied talwinder parmar and his crew were innocent I'd like to ask these two who did inderjeet reyat make the bombs for?

Buddasingh you say this is a whichhunt and imply that parmar n his buddies are innocent

Could u answer who inderjeet reyat made the bombs for?

I don't think I will get an answer who inderjeet reyat made the bombs for from buddasingh and singh4peace

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CS-First, my point was not about Reyat specifically or his innocence. The victims were the most innocent and your clichéd distortion takes us further from justice for those victims. But you want an answer. Start with facts available to you, rather than relying on false and disrespectful “investigative reporting” around a massive tragedy. You help propagate those falsehoods. Here is one very short ‘answer’. Keep reading.

Since you raise it, Reyat very well may be innocent at law. Exploring that properly may lead closer to some justice for those most innocent, being the families that died. Reyat was without a doubt prosecuted improperly at just about every stage. (Edward Greenspan the one of the leading criminal law scholars in Canada says this: “ Instead of engaging in "Enron accounting," the Crown should inform the public that this man is not getting away with murder, because he didn't commit murder.” & Read articles below).

You need to do no more than read each of his cases and very few other facts that have arisen to to conclude there is a very likely miscarriage of justice. People decades from now will be talking about how Canada repeatedly through it’s actions and inaction disowned the “foreign” looking victims and their families while improperly participating in a witch hunt against Reyat.

You ask who Reyat made the bombs for. How crass of you to opine at length on a tragedy of this magnitude and not be bothered to read very basic facts. He did not make bombs according to Crown. The Agreed Statement of Facts with Crown that formed part of the plea says as follows:

In May and June, 1985, in the province of British Columbia, Mr. Reyat acquired various materials for the purpose of aiding others in the making of explosive devices. Mr. Reyat was told and believed that the explosive devices would be transported to India in order to blow up property such as a car, a bridge or something "heavy". Although Mr. Reyat acquired materials for this purpose, he did not make or arm an explosive device, nor did he place an explosive device on an airplane, nor does he know who did or did not do so.

Read the articles below then reread hte following 3 paragraphs.

Even the bare bones in the 2003 plea bargain is in question given the 1991 trial and ultimate lack of evidence in 2003. After reading the below articles one must ask where is the re-trial of the 1991 sham prosecution of Reyat if the truth around AI is so important? Not only was there a blatant non-disclosure of critical evidence that would have resulted in an acquittal, but incredibly an RCMP officer testified at the 2003 AI trial that sealed evidence itself was later tampered with at RCMP headquarters after the 1991 trial.

This is about respect for those who were killed. The political layers of spin re Reyat, Parmar has not helped. Reyat’s case and an endless list of other uninvestigated issues should be of concern to anyone who is concerned about the truth re AI.

Where is the investigation to determine whether this was an abuse of process, malicious prosecution, or criminal negligence? Where are those fearless leaders and media columnists who purport to care so much? Hiding behind you and your ilk, that’s where. Shame!


Reyat lawyers argued first trial unfair: transcript

Blatchford, Christie. National Post [Don Mills, Ont] 18 Feb 2003:

Crown says failure to tell defence about witness statement in '91 trial not an issue

Disclosure problems over critical evidence from a key witness may have been a driving force behind the controversial plea bargain concluded in British Columbia Supreme Court this week with Inderjit Singh Reyat.

That evidence, the National Post has learned, was first discovered by Reyat's current defence team only late last December and only began to be fully fleshed out last month.

On Monday, the 51-year-old Reyat pleaded guilty to manslaughter for his role in gathering the ingredients used to make the terrorist bomb that blasted Air-India Flight 182 out of the skies on June 23, 1985, and killed 329 people, most of them Canadians.

Anguished relatives of the victims immediately reacted with outrage and bewilderment to the sudden deal that saw Reyat given a five-year sentence.

But the answer to their collective question -- why, after almost two decades of painstaking and multi-million-dollar investigation, would prosecutors agree to a deal less than two months before jury selection in the trial proper was set to begin? -- appears to be connected to Reyat's conviction almost 12 years ago in another bombing.

That June day almost 18 years ago, two lethal bombs exploded within an hour of one another. The second was the one that caused the Air-India jet to be blown apart over the North Atlantic Ocean off Ireland.

The first, contained in luggage that was destined for transfer to another Air-India flight, exploded in the New Tokyo International Airport in Narita, Japan. Two baggage handlers were killed.

Reyat was charged with manslaughter in the Narita bombing and on May 10, 1991, was convicted after a judge-alone trial before Mr. Justice Raymond Paris of the B.C. Supreme Court, and later sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Though there was a wealth of damning evidence against Reyat in that case -- cardboard and tape and other materials that matched fragments meticulously recovered from the blast and testimony from several witnesses who said Reyat had been trying to acquire dynamite that spring and was openly voicing his hatred for the Indian authorities over its army's bloody assault the year before on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the holiest of Sikh sites -- arguably the most important single piece was a receipt for a Sanyo tuner bearing a rare stencil.

That receipt, discovered at his Duncan, B.C., home, bore Reyat's name and appeared to show that he had personally purchased the tuner -- which sophisticated tests determined had housed the Narita bomb - - less than three weeks before the blast.

Judge Paris referred at least seven times in his judgment to the supposed purchase by Reyat, and clearly accepted it as fact. In one such reference, for instance, the judge wrote that "records from a Woolworth's store in Duncan disclosed that the accused had purchased such a tuner on June 5, 1985."

But, as Reyat's defence lawyers discovered recently, the Woolworth's clerk who had sold the tuner to two East Indian men had originally told police and later said in the presence of a prosecutor that Reyat was not one of them.

The clerk's description of the buyer never matched Reyat's appearance, either in 1985 or now. Nor did composite sketches of the two men drawn from her description fit Reyat.

Post sources independent of the courtroom -- where until about two weeks ago the Air-India trial judge, Mr. Justice Ian Bruce Josephson, was presiding over pre-trial motions involving Reyat's defence -- say this witness, Karen Smith, always maintained Reyat looked nothing like the two East Indian men in her store.

At some point, Mrs. Smith apparently went to Reyat's workplace, Auto Marine Electrical, where she confirmed that the bearded, turbaned man was not one of the pair who had bought the tuner.

A prosecutor, the Post has learned, was present with a police officer when Mrs. Smith was interviewed before the start of the 1991 trial, as is commonly done to prepare witnesses for court. In that interview, she reiterated her evidence that Reyat was not the man who bought the tuner.

Geoff Gaul, a spokesman for the Crown's office, said late yesterday he couldn't confirm the prosecutor knew this information had not been disclosed to the defence, but said that regardless, "the Crown is confident that any non-disclosure of this sort in the previous trial would not have impacted" the Air-India proceedings.

But the information was allegedly never disclosed to Reyat's lawyers, either those who represented him at trial in 1991 or at his subsequent unsuccessful appeal of his conviction at the B.C. Court of Appeal.

In fact, the Post has learned from sources outside the courtroom, the first inkling the defence team had of Mrs. Smith's statements came almost accidentally just before the court break at the Air- India pre-trial last December, when the Reyat team was arguing a motion before Judge Josephson.

During the holidays, the lawyers apparently did more digging, and by late last month, their allegations over improper prosecutorial disclosure had become the focus of another complex motion. It was, sources say, shortly after three police officers had testified that court broke again, and the first discussions between the prosecutors and Reyat's lawyers began.

These were in the beginning geared at coming to what's called an "agreed statement of fact" surrounding Mrs. Smith's evidence and the disclosure issues, the aim to obviate the necessity of perhaps having to call the involved prosecutor as a witness.

But the talks soon turned into full-blown plea resolutions and the deal that was formalized this week.

Mr. Gaul, however, said the timing was "absolutely coincidental" and the disclosure issue "played no role whatsoever" in the plea discussions or eventual deal. The Post has obtained a transcript of Mrs. Smith's testimony at the first trial, where she was carefully questioned by prosecutor Richard Cairns.

Mr. Cairns is a member of the team now prosecuting Ajaib Singh Bagri, who, with Ripudaman Singh Malik, still faces an array of charges, including murder, in both the Narita bombing and the Air- India one. It is their trial that is slated to begin March 31.

Mrs. Smith's examination-in-chief was brief, and is contained on fewer than six pages. Much of it revolved around the actual bill and the customer receipt and the meaning of various numbers such as the store and product codes. Reading from the bill, Mr. Cairns then asked, "Then it says deliver to, and it's got, R-E-Y-A-T." Mrs. Smith replied, "That would be the name the customer gave me."

"So that information was supplied by the customer?" Mr. Cairns asked. "Yes," said Mrs. Smith.

A little later, Mr. Cairns asked her, 'Now, the individual that made this purchase, Mrs. Smith, can you describe him to the best of your ability?"

"It was an East Indian customer," she said. "Is that the best you can do?" Mr. Cairns asked. "That's about it," she said. "And was he accompanied by anybody?" Mr. Cairns asked.

"He was accompanied by another East Indian," she said.

She was never asked what many lawyers consider the natural follow- up question -- that is, if she saw either of those East Indian men in the courtroom. A little later still, after some questions about another tuner that was used by prosecutors as a sort of control for comparison purposes, Mr. Cairns told Judge Paris, "No further questions, my Lord."

One of Reyat's defence lawyers at the time, Mark Hilford, unaware of her earlier statements to police, conducted an even briefer cross- examination, and pressed Mrs. Smith only once for a better description of the two men. All she could say, she told him, was that one man was taller than the other, and that she had dealt mostly with the taller man.

The alleged disclosure problem with Reyat's first trial, Post sources say, served both to weaken the case against him in the Air- India trial and arguably even to bolster the defence contention that he was only ever a low-level player who was, by Mrs. Smith's evidence, perhaps even set up to the degree that he was identified by the two mysterious East Indian men -- they have never been found or identified -- who were actually in the Woolworth's store and who provided the clerk with Reyat's name and phone number.

Poignantly, after Reyat learned that he was being fingered as the purchaser of the tuner, he actually returned to the Woolworth's store in Duncan in an effort to confront the clerk and say it hadn't been him.

This was apparently held out at the 1991 trial as evidence of what in law is called "consciousness of guilt."

Judge Paris referred to it obliquely in his decision, saying Reyat "apparently attempted to persuade some Crown witnesses that their recollections and records of what he had done during the period leading up to the explosion were inaccurate." The judge noted that these actions were "consistent with those of a guilty person," but then added, presciently, "I hesitate to infer too much from them because in certain instances they could be consistent by themselves (though not in the context of this case) with the actions of an innocent person who was imprudently denying facts which he thought might wrongly inculpate him."

Reyat didn't buy tuner used in Narita bombing, testimony reveals


Vancouver — From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Feb. 26 2003, 1:54 AM EST

Testimony about a possible cover-up of crucial evidence in the Air-India case and about unexplained tampering with sealed information in a police file was heard shortly before a controversial plea-bargain deal was struck with Inderjit Singh Reyat.as struck with Inderjit Singh Reyat. The evidence, presented at the pretrial hearing last month, dealt with the purchase of a $129 Sanyo tuner that police believed contained the bomb that exploded on June 23, 1985, at Japan's Narita Airport, killing two baggage handlers.

One hour later, a bomb explosion aboard an Air-India flight killed 329 people. Police allege the two bombs were placed on the aircraft in Vancouver by Sikh militants seeking revenge against the government of India.

Karen Smith, the salesclerk who sold the tuner used in the Narita bomb, told police that Mr. Reyat was not the man who bought it, Edward Ross Drozda testified in B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 29.

Mr. Drozda, a retired RCMP officer who worked on the Air-India case from 1985 to 1992, also said that the clerk's statement to police may not have been disclosed to Mr. Reyat's defence lawyers when he was tried and convicted in 1991 of helping to make the bomb that killed the baggage handlers.

The court prohibited the media from reporting Mr. Drozda's testimony until Tuesday. Mr. Justice Ian Bruce Josephson of the B.C. Supreme Court lifted the publication ban in response to an application from The Globe and Mail.

Mr. Reyat was convicted in 1991 in part because of police evidence that indicated he had bought the tuner at a Woolworth store on June 5, 1985. The B.C. Court of Appeal upheld the lower court's decision, accepting that "the evidence established that [Mr. Reyat]purchased ... one of only five tuners which could have housed the bomb."

Police linked the tuner to Mr. Reyat after tracing a fragment found at Narita Airport to a stock of tuners at a Woolworth store in Duncan, B.C., the town where Mr. Reyat lived. In August, 1985, police found an unsigned invoice at the store with "R-E-Y-A-T" written in the "deliver to" area.

Under intense police questioning in November, 1985, Mr. Reyat said he bought the tuner and told police where they could find a copy of the receipt. However, Mr. Reyat has also contradicted himself, saying that a man staying at his home bought the tuner and took it with him when he left. Mr. Reyat has said he did not know the man's name.

On the final day of testimony before prosecutors negotiated a plea bargain with Mr. Reyat, Mr. Drozda testified that the salesclerk gave a statement to police on Aug. 19, 1985, about selling the tuner to two South Asian men.

About a month later, she informed police that she happened to see Mr. Reyat, and he was not the person who bought the tuner, Mr. Drozda said. Two days later, Ms. Smith described the purchaser while giving a statement to police while under hypnosis. Her description did not fit Mr. Reyat, the court was told.

However, at Mr. Reyat's trial, neither Mr. Reyat's defence lawyers nor the prosecutors asked Ms. Smith whether the purchaser was in the court room.Although the pretrial hearing was stopped before Judge Josephson ruled on the significance of failing to disclose Ms. Smith's statements to police, the issue came up in court earlier on another matter.

Mr. Reyat's lawyers had previously argued that evidence collected by police in his home in November, 1985, subject to a search warrant, should be excluded because his constitutional rights had been violated, in part, by the failure to include Ms. Smith's statements in the application for the warrant. Judge Josephson dismissed defence arguments about the importance of the failure to disclose the information, ruling on Dec. 13, 2002, that it "appears to have been through inadvertence."

In his plea-bargain deal, Mr. Reyat admitted that he acquired material that was used for the Air-India bomb, but said he did not make the bomb or know who placed it on the airplane. He did not identify the bomb-making items he bought.

During Mr. Drozda's testimony, the court also heard that an unidentified person had tampered with two boxes of sealed documents from the Narita trial. The boxes, stored at Vancouver RCMP headquarters, contained copies of documents setting out information disclosed to Mr. Reyat's defence lawyers during the Narita trial.

Mr. Drozda testified that the boxes were sealed in 1992 after the trial. But on the day before he testified in the Air-India pretrial hearing, Mr. Drozda discovered the seal was broken. Some material had been removed and other material had been inserted, he said. Mr. Reyat has spent 10 years in jail for his role in making the bomb that exploded in Japan. Earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the Air-India deaths, admitting he acquired materials that were used in that bomb.

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so according to the two articles posted by buddasingh inderjit reyat confessed to purchasing the materials used to make the bomb but denies putting the bomb together

at same time he accused the person staying with him who was identified as mr x during the air india trial as the person who purchased the bomb material

yet inderjit reyat masterly forgot the name of the person staying with him

though some people have claimed that person to be rode an indian agent who used these guys to do air india

I still cannot copy and paste on the forums and hoping the admin will help me out here in allowing me to copy and paste material

but reyat has confessed to buying the materials for the bombs as well as helping put them together

as well don't forget the walk in the forest which is believed to be the place explosives were tested couple weeks before air india bombing

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But for the people who attack the cbc documentary I suggested please watch it and point out what you consider lies or misleading evidence in the documentary

as well only thing I would point out left out of that documentary was that the bomb that went off in japan the flight landed 10 minutes early and had it landed 10 minutes later the plane would of bin damaged while on the ground and the flight 182 was running 1 hr 30 min late and had it bin on time the bomb would of gone off right when it landed at

Heathrow airport so their are people who suggested they probably wanted to send a message to india by damaging airplanes owned by the indian govt

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what is your agenda?

You are trying so hard to make Sikhs look like terrorists in this topic, and on the other topic you are trying to take away from Sikh history by trying to remove Bhagat Singh's relation to the Sikh faith.

It's great that you're questioning things and utilizing critical thinking, however sometimes it seems like you are picking at straws. No offense, others here are probably wondering too, what are you trying to get out of these discussions? Trying to make Sikhs look bad from all angles?

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How am I making Sikhs look like terrorists

are their people who claim to be Sikhs that are terrorists of course their are just like their people who claim to be Christian muslim hindu jewish bhuddist who are terrorists

over such a tragedy the Sikh faith instructs Sikhs to seek justice for the innocent lives lost and you have to ask tough questions to get to the heart of the matter

who was responsible what evidence is their that they were responsible

when it comes to bhagat singh im not distorting Sikh history but Sikhs need to be critical thinkers cause that's what sikhi teaches and not follow on blind faith

I have questions about Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji's claims bhagat singh returned to the Sikh faith cause of contradictions and I would like to ask the admin why my topics regarding bhagat singh were deleted??

I think its a good debate and everyone should ask questions

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Only Indian Hindus are terrorists, no body else. Why are we talking about Bhagat Singh, he killed a innocent person, we have great revolutionaries like Harjinder singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh sukha, why waste time on somebody who doesn't even count in scheme of things.

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i think canadasingh is a hindu the khalistan movement is very strong in canada hindu agents trying to make it look other wise

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singh4peace the supreme court judge ian josephson who acquitted malik and bagri also said being acquitted does not mean malik and bagri were innocent

in Canada the legal system prefers to let a guilty man off the hook then send a innocent man to jail

judge had to follow the rules

the system isn't perfect and yes guilty men walk free

ian josephson said the evidence was strong but what destroyed the case were the witnesses

one being inderjeet reyat who ian josephson accused of lieing 27 times

as well as the star witness who malik had an affair with at the khalsa school admitted during trial she had a hard time testifying against him cause she still loved him and couldn't keep her story straight

talwinder parmar who said air india airplanes would fall from the sky

also cowardly surrendered like a sheep and was tortured and rated out his buddies yet some Sikhs want to call him a lion

malik has an affair with another women isn't that very anti sikhi I don't understand how some Sikhs consider themselves amritdhari yet support malik I think their sheep who were to scared to fight for khalistan

bagri said he wouldn't rest till 50 000 hindus were killed

and inderjeet reyat made the bombs

the judge who acquitted these guys also said they aint innocent

Canada America England have let murderers off the hook many times the most famous being oj simpson

singh4peace why did you use the book soft target to try to claim these guys were innocent when the book clearly states their guilty

plus in the trial the roles malik and bagri were accused of were

malik was the one who helped fund air india bombing by help paying for the plane tickets

and that bagri knew about the plot considering how tight he was with talwinder parmar and inderjeet reyat and that he was always with them

look at indo Canadian gang murders and how some of them have bin hard to convict cause the burden of proof required is so high

ron dosanjh and jim dosanjh were leaders of the Sikh youth federation and very pro khalistan and drug dealers

bindy johal a scum bag who got a lot of Punjabi youth hooked to drugs went on the news and threatened to kill ron dosanjh after jim dosanjh had bin murdered

he basically said he would shoot ron dosanjh between the eyes an few week laters that's what happened yet bindy johal and his crack head friends were

let off the hook

the guy basically told tv reporters he was going to murder ron dosanjh and how he would kill him

ron dosanjh got murdered the way the tv reporters had bin told he would be murdered

an still was found innocent so think about that when you think about the Canadian justice system

yes the leaders of the Sikh youth federation were drug dealers who got involved in drug war

You're just a kid, stop reading books and go outside.

Here's a question for you to ponder.

If 80% of the combined army was Punjabi, and 60% of the total Sikh; how would any Sikh country be an economic slave.

What would stop it from expanding?

Also, there is a command by guru gobind singh to not let anyone of another religion rule over you.

If you don't like that, you are free to stop calling yourself a sikh. You are probably not communicated so you can't be excommunicated, but you make all of us look like sniveling, groveling, slave men on a welfare line.

Now, if you have any problem with anything I've said take it up with your masters in hell.


ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ | |

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