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Air India Flight 182

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CanadaSingh your arguments are weak and don't hold up.

It won't let me paste links on here ?

Go on SearchSikhism website on how Khalistan can happen but MORE Importantly Why it needs to happen.

How would Khalistan survive economically?

Well, how did India and Pakistan survive after independence? UAE gained its independence in 1971 and it is surviving. Same way Khalistan will survive but it will not be a third world country because Sikhs are very hard working people. Punjab is a cultivated land and it provides most of the food for India. Punjab produces corn, wheat, sugarcanes, sporting goods, clothing, industrial material and many other commodities. Khalistani government will keep this stuff as much as it needs and the rest will be shipped out to other countries as a trade and in return oil and other necessities will be bought. No one in Khalistan will die out of hunger because if Punjab can provide food for 90% of the Indian population then it surely can provide food for everyone in Khalistan because the population in Khalistan will be a lot less than Indian population.
- See more at: http://www.searchsikhism.com/khalistan#sthash.UnVV2Tf0.dpuf

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should of said it better

not all babbar khalsa members were terrorists

their were a few bad apples in babbar khalsa

talwinder parmar and his crew and supporters

now many members of babbar khalsa were not terrorists but saint soldiers

but their were bad apples like talwinder parmar in the movement

and its bin said that talwinder parmar broke off from babbar khalsa and formed babbar khalsa international

terrorist is anyone who targets innocent people

America dropping atomic bombs on japan was act of terrorism

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bobbymann75 the arguments I made are not weak and do hold up

if you study 1947 and why many Sikh leaders stopped demanding a independent country and instead wanted a Sikh state you would understand its cause a Sikh country

in that region of south asia would become an economic slave to Pakistan or india

I know we can't post links on this site otherwise id just be posting links rather then talking so much

independent Sikh country means no ports cause their would be no ocean which means no trade

in order to trade an independent Sikh country would be at the mercy of Pakistan and india in order to use their ports for trade

we would need goods made in the Sikh country to be taken through Pakistan or india all the way down south to the ports in south india to load those goods onto ships and send them to other countries

at same time when it would come to trade when a Sikh country would receive goods once again it would have to negotiate with india and Pakistan in allowing them to use their ocean ports to bring in goods and services

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best solution for Sikhs in Punjab is to have a cultural revolution focused on Sikh philosophy

that way we can start voting out corrupt politicans

and vote in politicians who follow Sikh philosophy of helping the poor and standing up to evil and corruption and trying to improve people's lives

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Best way is to stop being Hindutva India's slaves. If the Kosovan's can have an Independent country so can the Sikhs. The Sikh leaders failed in 1947, and even Jinnnah warned the Sikhs on signing up with India. And history has shown him to be absolutely right.

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Sikhs are the most prosperous community, and some of you think we cannot have a prosperous country that make no sense. Sikh raj of maharaja Ranjit Singh is still a consider an example for other countries. Anything will be better than what we have with India now. Tell people whose families have been killed by terrorist India that Khalistan is not worth it.

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no one is hindutva india's slaves accept for those who are part of the hindutva movement

secondly hindutva movement wants to kill every single member of congress and killed mahatma Gandhi so hindutva and current party in power congress only have hate for each other

lately hindutva has bin trying to take out Rahul gandhi

I didn't say it makes it impossible for a countries economy with out an ocean but does make it hard

Kosovo is having trade problems but also don't have neighbours like a Sikh country would with Pakistan on one side and india on the other

please explain if Sikhs got their own country in 1947 how would they conducted trade with other countries

they would need to use india's and pakistans ports to conduct trade

making independent Sikh country economic slave to Pakistan and india

even today with air planes some trade could be done but then they have to negotiate with Pakistan and india in terms of using their air space to trade with other countries

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acsap how would a Sikh country prosper with no ocean and having to use Pakistan and india ocean ports to conduct trade

I don't think acsap and bobbymann75 understand what type of impact trade has on a nations economy today

when you cripple a countries ability to trade you cripple their economy

irans economy is being crippled by trade sanctions were as countries are boycotting trade with iran

Pakistan and india would make a Sikh country their economic slave

cause the Sikh country would have to agree to pakistans and india's demands when importing and exporting goods and services

and of course Pakistan and india are going to make demands to exploit the Sikh country

siikhs are hard working and prosperous though many of the young generation are extremely spoiled and don't have the work ethics their parents do

hence why if Sikhs take back the state of Punjab from corrupt politicians and elect in politicians that follow the Sikh philosophy

but for people to vote in good politicians they need to culturally change themselves

right now Punjab is being driven by materialism aka what car someone drives how big their house is and how much they spend on a wedding over following Sikh principles and helping the needy and uplifting humanity

Punjab needs a cultural revolution

bobbymann75 do you believe in god

do you believe that god is very powerful

do you ever wonder if that god didn't grant Sikhs khalistan cause they were not ready for a khalistan?

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bhagat singh was labelled a freedom fighter and terrorist but he did not target innocent civilians

Osama bin laden has bin labelled a freedom fighter and a terrorist but he targeted innocent civilians so he is a terrorist

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on topic of air india

talwinder parmar and his crew went around telling people in gurdwaras to boycott air india cause air india planes would fall from the sky

cause of this most Sikhs did boycott air india at the time

bagri said he would not rest till he killed 50 000 hindus

malik financed the group

reyat bought and made the bombs

why did talwinder parmar ask people to boycott air india and claim they would fall from the sky

why did bagri say he won't rest till he killed 50 000 hindus

why did malik finance these guys

why did reyat make bomb

some people say indian govt did the air india bombing cause book soft target

but book soft target says talwinder parmar and buddies did air india bombing but were working for the indian govt

its only funny when people say soft target and that talwinder parmar and his crew didn't do air india but it was the indian government

but the book soft target says talwinder parmar and his crew did air india bombing and made these claims in late 80's only thing the book adds is that they were working

for the indian govt

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All iI'm saying is that parmer was not the mastermind it was rode. Rajvinder Bains who is a human Rights activist has seen parmers confession/interrogation he said rode masterminded and he was fully backed by indain intelligence and both countries were in it.

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talwinder parmar was considered the leader of babbar khalsa international

sukhdev babbar was leader of the babbar khalsa which was in india

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    • Why not ask him ?ūü§∑ūüŹĹ
    • because like USA we have had the slow-witted whipped up into a racist frenzy by the words of the 'leader'¬† of the current government. Basically we are all cursed by the¬† anglosaxon thickness driving the agenda , they think they are a pure white nation under white genocide its laughable but dangerous.
    • Its because theres selfhate in the Punjabi community. Theyll accept the attention of others over their own support
    • Why are these kinds of things always happening in the UK, which has such a large Sikh presence?
    • my parents' generation and my grands generations would have given 'what for ' to anyone disrespecting sikhi, females , family institutions¬† and interfering with their sikhi , I myself fought to keep the whiteys and kaley at bayand their influence¬† but my kid bro and sis are not so bothered defending sikhi , the bro just younger than me is stubbornly sikh in look and behaviour in that he will not trim or allow his kids to trim kesh or allow anyone to talk ish about sikhi even if he is not a gurdwara goer , his Indian 'Rani'(as he refers to her is always on at trying to remove the kids' kesh and dastars which he gives her the big NO!)Thankfully because she has some sikhi awareness she has the mistrust of musley , gorey¬† , sis and her hubby are typical punjabi couple more invested in gaane shaane than sikhi but they are learning , kid bro looks the sikh¬† biz as does his wife but they are major coconuts and look down on everyone else in family as we do not fit their narrow judgey ideas about sikhi¬† but they would be easy to roll over on their prejudices if we were gorey, kaley sikhs¬† where everything is maaf . Remember that yoga ashram in Germany that did mool mantar flooring install on a staircase , rest of family agreed was terrible and needed sorting straight away them two did even bat an eyelid 'it's OK it's because they didn't know ' well the accompanying press release by the owners stated that they knew how important and holy it was that's why they installed it .... Need some major anti-cocnutting strategy of our youth to survive this constant dripdripdrip erosion of sikh values ...
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