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Air India Flight 182

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Yeh...right dude......(as if i'm fabricating this!)..................tell that to one of the victim's families in Canada and see what you get ??

It is a complete fabrication and what does telling them have to do with your lie?

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won't let post youtube link

but youtube cbc air india bombing

and listen to the 4 min mark to 7 min mark

babbar khalsa across Canada was telling Sikhs to stay off of air india airplanes cause they would fall from the sky

its a really good documantry and most ppl involved in air india have passed away

talwinder parmar had surrendered to the indian govt and was tortured by Punjab police till he gave up all the information he knew about babbar khalsa

and then had bin murdered according to Canada intelligence

their are some Sikhs who consider these guys heroes and think air india was a good thing

but 99% of them are sheeps and at heart who just follow what they think is cool

a true soldier with a lions heart would consider these guys cowards for murdering innocent people flying on an airplane while the terrorists sat at the safety of their homes in canada

the real lions and soldiers went to india to fight and would not cowardly attack innocent helpless people

a true soldier with a lions heart believes in taking the fight to the enemy and would not get innocent victims involved

for people who consider air india a good thing

if your loved one was on that flight would you still feel the same way and be happy that only one person has bin charged and convicted with the crime

if you support air india bombing yet wouldn't support it if your loved on was on it then doesn't that make you a sheep just following the crowd rather then having your

own convictions

the first comment about not reading soft target book was intended for singh4peace

sing4peace had you read soft target you would of known the book accuses talwinder parmar of bombing air india but also accuses talwinder parmar of being a double agent

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Hopefully documents will come out on the near future like the June 1984 massacre from britain. Its pretty obvious both countries were in on it. Also parmer did not surrender he was captured severly tortured and executed....indian officials lied and said he was killed in an encounter.

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CanadaSingh NEVER have Babbar Khalsa claimed Air India 182, Babbar Khalsa not Babbar Khalsa International as India calls it, have never had groups outside of Punjab. You can keep spreading lies, are you even a Sikh ? Posting biased Youtube vids on a Sikh site isn't appreciated either. Canada and UK are anti-Khalistan and pro-India to the max.

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dashmesh 1984 according to Canadian intelligence talwinder parmar probably surrendered in order to be captured

I personally believe he did do air india bombing has a sheeps heart hence why he surrendered rather then fight like a lion and go out guns blazing

usually when someone is captured its cause they have chosen to surrender

bobbymann75 what lies have I spread

is mistaking babbar khalsa international for babbar khalsa a lie?

what is so biased about the youtube video I posted??

or do you believe its biased cause you believe the theory soft target offers which claims talwinder parmar and malik were working as double agents for india an did

the air india bombing??

their are only two theories that have bin offered out their that have bin strongly debated

one is talwinder parmar and his group did the bombing

second is talwinder parmar was a double agent and indian gov used him to do air india bombing

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as well the theory of jasbir rode being behind the air india bombing comes from a Punjab police who was involved in torturing talwinder parmar

his claim was talwinder parmar did do the air india bombing but rode was the guy in charge of the whole operation

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The CBC, BBC, NBC and other western Pro-India channels are not going to risk the ire of the Indian GOVT. No western channel will provide an impartial view on Khalistan and any issue related to it. They have partnerships with Indian channels for one. Every Khalistani is a terrorist according to Indian logic and her allies, Obviously if India were behind the bombing, then they would use a ''Sikh'' agent to malign the freedom movement.

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k what was so biased about the documentary

could you point out any lies told in the documentary or misleading facts?

if you are going to claim the documentary is biased you could point out lies and misleading facts provided

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regards to khalistan

problem is corruption in Punjab and in a democracy most Sikhs vote in corrupt politicians in punjab

usually around the world the greater the poverty the greater the corruption

leading causes of corruption are poverty and lack of education

I want a revolution in Punjab but if Punjab became its own country it would be in big trouble

for one it would have no trade routes

theirs no ocean by the Punjab and a khalistan would be surrounded by india and pakistan

india and Pakistan would have the upper hand when it came to negotiating trade policies

if khalistan wanted to export goods to lets say brazil then they would have to go through Pakistan and india to use their ports

and of course india and Pakistan would negotiate policies that would cripple khalistans economy

in 1947 this was actually what led many Sikh leaders to reconsider having their own country

so Sikhs demanded a state with greater amount of influence but Sikhs didn't get that

instead they got a state that was majority hindu in a democracy

reason for that was Punjab was hard to break up even more cause of water issues

so in the 60's after Sikhs fought bravely against Pakistan they got a state with majority Sikh population and the majority hindu parts of Punjab were broken off to himachal Pradesh and haryana

also Sikh political leaders in the corrupt akali party negotiated with the corrupt congress govt to allow Haryana to continue having access to Punjab's water cause other wise majority of the hindu farmers on Haryana side would never allowed Punjab to break up

akalis being politicians and corrupt politicians used water as a way to attack their political rivals in congress and make Sikhs vote for akalis

akalis pretended to fight for Sikhs instead they were corrupt politicians who wanted to get democratically elected for their own selfish need

even though akalis negotiated to give up a lot of the water rights in exchange for a Sikh majority state they used water to gain support

before Punjab was split into Punjab Haryana the congress party dominated hence another reason akalis used sikhi to get a state with majority Sikhs so they

could get into power

it was Sikh elected political leaders who negotiated with delhi to accept money and assistance in setting up the green revolution in Punjab cause Punjab had the best soil and india was a nation starving and full of famines

in exchange for assistance the Sikh elected politicians agreed to terms of allowing india to set the prices for the crops so they would be able to feed rest of india which was so poor that millions were starving

and they had to set the prices low so the poor could eat

but corrupt Sikh politicians who negotiated these terms out in exchange for assistance iin helping create the green revolution turned around and accused india of

stealing wealth from the Punjab by setting the prices

but it was those same corrupt politicans who agreed to those terms but reason they turned around and accused india of stealing Punjab's wealth was to help gain Sikh votes in up coming elections against the congress party

this is the stuff bhindranwale and his followers pointed out about the akali and is why bhindranwale was hardcore against the akalis

cause of trade problems in a khalistan is what kept bhindranwale from demanding a separate Sikh country when he started his campaign

but india govt controlled the media and saw bhindranwale starting a revolution and waking people up to stand up against these corrupt politicans and get people who follow Sikh principles into power

so the indian govt used the media to try to discredit bhindranwale an attack him and his followers

having talked to family members of one of the saint soldiers who stood by bhindranwale before and during operation blue star they said reason their son and bhindranwale and rest of the soldiers armed the harmandar sahib and went into the harmandar sahib was cause it was the only place they could wake up thousands of Sikhs to the corruption around them

cause bhindranwale couldn't use the media to do this so harmandar sahib was the best way to trigger a sikhi revolotion

and knowing that politicans in Punjab were scared that soon their corrupt butts might be thrown out bhindranwale and his followers knew they had to be armed to the teeth cause the indian govt would try anything to try to shutup bhindranwale

now most allied countries have their armies and special forces train each other

considering the indian govt and british govt were friends at the time it shouldn't be a surprise that british and indian military personal trained along side each other and that the indian govt asked for advice

as for british govt being anti Sikh I think that's pushing it to far

read the book a soldier recalls by s k sinha who confirms what the family members said about why the saint soldiers had gone in

its a great book to read to see a larger part of operation bluestar

also in the book it talks about Indira Gandhi govt wanting to teach a lesson and wanting to hit bhindranwale movement hard hoping operation bluestar would end the revolution

what sk sinha wanted to do was allow the media to operate in Punjab and surround the harmandar sahib with soldiers but rather then using violence he wanted to use a non violent way of having bhindranwale and his saint soldiers leave the harmandar sahib which was have the media their to witness the entire event ask for civilians to leave the harmandar sahib and let everyone know that they were cutting off any inflow of food and water electricity into the harmandar sahib

in june in india summer were its hot cutting off water is a big deal and cutting off electricity is a big deal cause all the food would go bad within a couple of days and cutting off food would be a big deal trying to starve people out

Indira Gandhi govt disagreed to this approach and wanted full scale war on bhindranwale and his saint soldiers hoping to send fear into people not to stand up to the corrupt politicans

these tactics were later used in operation black thunder when some of the Sikh militants went into the harmandar sahib hoping the indian govt would attack it again like operation bluestar hoping it would trigger a revolution the second time and all Sikhs stood up and demanded khalistan

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bobbymann75 you cannot point out any facts in the documentary from the cbc air india that are lies or misleading

instead your defence is cbc is anti Sikh so the documentary is misleading and full of lies

yet you won't point out any lies or misleading facts in the documentary

watch the documentary and when you find any lies or misleading facts please point them out

before judging the documentary without watching it

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We know Indian terrorist govt has killed millions of innocent people, and you think they will have a problem killing a few hundred people on the plane to malign innocent Sikhs. How come you are calling Babbar Khalsa a terrorist organization and not India a terrorist organization.

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Nelson Mandela is being remembered across the world (and political spectrum) for his heroic, life-long battle against apartheid and injustice in South Africa. But with all the accolades being thrown around, it’s easy to forget that the U.S., in particular, hasn’t always had such a friendly relationship with Mandela -- and that in fact, as late as 2008, the Nobel Prize winner and former president was still on the U.S. terrorism watch list.


Ship load of awards and honors bestowed on Nelson Mandela from 1942-2014:


Question: What do these "lists" labeling someone as a "terrorist" then mean anyways if a man like Nelson Mandela was on such a list until 2008?

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anyone who kills innocent people are terrorists

indian govt are terrorists

anti Sikh riots make them terrorists

also doing the air india bombing makes talwinder parmar and his crew terrorists

talwinder parmar and his crew claimed to be members of babbar khalsa

they also went around telling people to boycott air india flights cause they would fall from the sky

inderjeet reyat bought the materials for the bomb and put em together

now the book soft target claims the indian govt used talwinder parmar and his crew who called themselves babbar khalsa to do air india bombing

other theory is talwinder parmar and his crew acted on their own

which of these two theories do you believe is true??

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