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3Ho Mocks With Non Sikh Panj Pyaare

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We are missing the point , what is impropriety in this all act? In our faith panj pyare are gathered on what circumstances? What I gather from my studies so far is - A- for amrit sanchar and B- to consider a matter of religious and immidiate importance . I do not think the situation on this case warranted so .Second panj pyare are always tyar bar tyar( Amritdhari and with full sudhayi) which is not in this case. Hence the local singhs should collect full info with evidence and report the incident to Akal Takhat. As there had been impropriety on many counts

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The Akaal Takht Jathedar was just there. Everyone knows what is going on there, there are books and folks exposing them daily, but when you have the money and the connections, things get ignored quite handily. Half of the Panth is still enamored by the fact that the Western folks have adopted Sikhism and don't know if the other things going on there.

The fact that their "Sikh Dharma Manual" - aka. Rehat Maryada for the Western Sikhs - actually prescribes Yoga; bhangra and giddha being performed by members of their community including Chardi-Kalaa Jatha; twisting Gurbani to make Yogi mantars as confirmed by attendees of the Solstice camps (this supposedly riled some of the Gursikhs that attended the camp; violation of their own Sikh Dharma Manual, which explicitly instructs that the Punj Pyare doing Amrit Sanchar seva should have eyes on the Amrit baataa and a hand on the Amrit baataa and Khanda on the other or both on the batta - instead it is very common for the sevadaars to be using a Gutka Sahib or smartphone to read Bani off of, violating the eyes and hands clause of their own crafted Maryada; having innocent attendees of the camp dancing - some of which was body to body - while Gurbani is played as "background music"; being in Bana and hair loose and dancing at the camps, to mention a very small number of things.

Until the Sikh Panth at large wakes up to their misdeeds, compiles the evidence and puts pressure on the Akaal Takht Sahib, nothing will happen. Don't think anyone at the SGPC/Akaal Takht Sahib will be doing anything on their own.

There are good Sikhs present there as well (some of who do not see eye to eye with the above and other manmat practices), but as an organization, they are misrepresenting, slandering and outright violating many Sikh principles. It is sad, as they are doing Amrit parchar and introducing Sikhi to the world and are effective in starting communities in countries where no mainstream Sikh organization is making inroads (South America, China, etc.). I am firmly of the belief that in some way, this will introduce Sikhi to every nation and corner of the world - but when these folks will awaken to the true representation of the faith and have to interact with other Sikhs, I foresee some trouble. It is not unusual to see the 3HO crowd continue to pull on the sympathy "we get victimized by the Punjabi Sikhs" theme - I call nonsense. The majority of those Western Sikhs living IN the West are something that most Sikhs are already familiar with and automatically give more respect to than a fellow Punjabi Sikh. It's time to have them join, participate and act like the rest of the Sikh Panth and stop with the insular cultish nonsense. And if the comments of victimization are for Indians - well, ANY Gursikh going to India in any sort of Bana is stared at, regardless of color or ethnicity. They have a very large presence and the de facto reference site for Sikhism on the internet - Sikhnet. They also control other websites that are de facto websites - like Sikhiwiki - and can twist and bend Sikhi to their views (like saying Dancing is in line with Gurmat).

At some point, either 3HO will have to separate itself from the Sikh Dharma and clearly delineate the difference between Yogi-ism and Sikhism or make a decision where they lie. It is not a question of being new to the faith - they have been around since the 60s, had interaction with multiple Gursikh jathebandis in India (Taksal, AKJ) and cannot claim that they don't know what Sikhi is (some behave as if the Punjabis are substandard Sikhs and the real Sikhi is in the Western Sikhs - this rather haughty stance is misplaced to say the least - I am saying this with firsthand experience - again, some are very good Gursikhs - others are brainwashed to "Yogi Bhajan is Supreme" mentality).

I truly pray and hope they come into line with mainstream Sikhi and the members of 3HO who pursue Sikhi have an awakening as to what Sikhi says and doesn't say.

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