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Professor Ghagga Honored By Ex-Rss Covert Sikh


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this same guy (RanJodh) went to see Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji few days back. he also runs "jago sikho jago P/G" & "sikhs in Canada" (with the help of his sister who is in Canada) page on Facebook. these two pages contain lots of wrong comments about Sikh banis.


(has Ranjodhs picture in photos with Bhai Gurbaksh singh ji)

another one called Paramjit singh Sumra talks lot of nonsense. he is also on Gyan Radio.


Undoubtedly many things on these pages are good but these people are deliberately promoting anti-sikh banis and traditions material as well. sometimes they talk complete non-sense like Dhunda and co.

its difficult to judge who is who?

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I think this is a truly pitiful thread raised by an OP who supports the caste system.

Has RSS really infiltrated Sikhs?

= By Sikhs proudly displaying their caste, it would seem so

Professor Ghagga honoured by ex-RSS cadet- so called Ranjodh "Singh" from Mansa. Ranjodh is an ex-convict and a drug peddler. But anyone looking at him can mistakenly take him as a devout sikh. attachicon.gifIMG_1197.JPG

= Professor Ghagga was given this accolade for the role of Gurmat Gian Missionary College Ludhiana in cleaning up the drugs menace in this particular locality.

He has used derogatory language against Sikh gurus along with Professor Ghagga. These people are trying to create a Shia/Sunni like divide in Sikhs.


= No Sikh will ever use derogatory against our beloved Guru Sahibaan. There is no Shia/Sunni divide except in the minds of those who wish to fan such hysteria and hype surrounding new Amritdhari Gursikhs tackling the drugs menace successfully in this corner of Malwa.

Look at his old picture when he was with RSS.attachicon.gifIMG_1159.JPG

= To see the transformation of an erstwhile so-called Hindu into a saabat-soorat Amritdhari Gursikh at the forefront of the fight against drugs in our villages is inspriring or would you rather that Bhai Ranjodh Singh Khalsa still be a Hindu with the RSS?

This is from his Whatsapp account where he has made fun of our gurus. attachicon.gifIMG_1153.JPG

= This is truly pathetic and fictitious slander and I hope Sangat can see through this.

One of his associates Harinder Singh "Hobby" has used extremely offensive and derogatory language against Sikh gurus and traditions. But he also looks like a good sikh. attachicon.gifIMG_1157.JPG


= If you say so, then I'm sure your evidence must be taken as gospel.

what to do?

= How about letting the aforementioned Gursikhs continue to do good work in spreading the message and spearheading the fight against drugs in Punjab.

Both are druggies but sabat-soorat nobody recognizes.


= Former drug addicts turned social activists wholly committed to the fight against the menace of drugs are desperately needed in Punjab to wage the war against drugs and it's highly commendable what Gurmat Gian Missionary College Ludhiana and their parcharaks and village associates are doing in this respect.

Thanks veerji. We need to expose these people who are creating a divide. Please share.

= Everyone can see who is hysterically creating this divide on this thread. It is those who oppose parcharaks for daring to place Sri Anandpur Sahib as the birthplace of the Khalsa Panth as being of more significance to Sikhi rather than yatra's to far flung snow filled glaciers when Punjab is drowning in drugs and alcohol and illiteracy and poverty and infanticide and biraderi discrimination.

= Perhaps we should focus on how to tackle these pressing social issues and supporting Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa Ji rather than creating fake divides.


this same guy (RanJodh) went to see Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji few days back. he also runs "jago sikho jago P/G" & "sikhs in Canada" (with the help of his sister who is in Canada) page on Facebook. these two pages contain lots of wrong comments about Sikh banis.


(has Ranjodhs picture in photos with Bhai Gurbaksh singh ji)

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I watched a video with Mr Dhunda and Mr Panthpreet Singh talking to sikhs in front on Akal Thakt Sahib. Have these people been taken back into panth? have we started listening to them again?

They were talking about Nanakshahi Calender which completely makes sense but once someones been into controversy related to GURBANI he shouldn't be allowed to address people at Akal Thakt.

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    • Because Naamdharis are absolute masters at kirtan. Simple. On the topic of Akal Takht, it doesn't really hold the same authority as it did in the past. Just look at the people running it and you'll get what I mean. Most the panth, outside of stuff like Tankhaya, don't care about anything they have to say. 
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